Breeding plan and Research eggs question

Serious question here, kind of long and confusing so bare with me (or ignore it haha) - obviously breeding is a tough situation for me (and pretty much everyone else)… and I find myself always needing additional research eggs (except in plat where I overlooked the frags are “good to use” dragons because I had enough tokens) so I have nearly 1,300 frags - and I keep thinking eventually I’ll be glad I saved them when I hit higher tiers.

It doesn’t seem like it would make sense to spend frags to get research eggs - so should I spend tokens to breed research eggs and fragments to breed current dragon even though that means missing out on some research eggs from those breeds?

Kyrule gets me 4 more sapphire eggs which I could use for research, and some garnet eggs.
Ferga gets me garnet eggs which I don’t need for research YET (and I don’t need for hut).
Then once I get to obsidian I need those garnet eggs for research and emerald eggs for hut.

In general it seems there’s usually a cheaper way to get research eggs so perhaps it’s better to use fragments on say Kyrule and just spend tokens to breed some sapphire research eggs? And then plan to breed research garnet eggs when the time comes if needed?

OR, since breeding progression seems more important for me now than research perhaps I just not try to get those extra eggs yet and just keep saving my fragments for a rainy day? Haha i just don’t have much more to research at this point.

Appreciate all input :slight_smile:

Looks like I’m close to a couple sapphire eggs with breeding Apophet with sekh and anapa so I could get some there…

I just don’t know when and where to use frags because it seems I always need more research eggs so far haha

If you have the patience to play the really long game, it’s worth hanging on to the fragments until you get to the low/no discount range of dragons, there they are the most efficient, in that they replace the most tokens.

But more realistically, it only makes sense to hang on to them until about obsidian. Partly because there is no research past garnet yet, end there might not be any for years. By the time emerald research does come, various discounts may have massively reduced the cost of the research eggs already, so getting them early is not very interesting.

I wouldn’t worry too much about research. Obviously you never use fragments on breeds that get you eggs that you need for your builder hut, but once that is covered you can spend them fairly freely. They can be very useful to round your event score up to the next price, since fragments give far more points than the corresponding tokens do, especially at lower levels.


So I’ll probably do Kyrule and Ferga for about 130k points (I think) and the rest on some Gold eggs for research (cause I need a few more) to get to the 150k prize tier.

I have the resources to get to 250k prize, however, I would have to do a lot of research eggs breeding because I don’t think I will be able to get Ferga AND Kyrule to breedable in order to continue on the breeding guide.

You can’t spend mystic frags for research eggs, only tokens, so there’s that. But I didn’t read through your comment fully (too confusing).

So I’m going to move this and the response to a new thread with a placeholder title (feel free to edit it to your taste) since it’s a whole new question unrelated to my post (which was just a personal request for advice lol).

Edit: moved :wink:


My bad haha I tried to sneak my own personal advice - thanks for making a new thread :slight_smile:

If you need research eggs then Apophet + Sekhem is your cheapest sapphire combo. I see no reason to use anyone else

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Save fragments until you get to like. Harbinger+ honestly. Even then, that might change in the future. Using them on anything lower than mythic Harb is generally a poor investment.


On rhe other hand, in many of the higher tiers breeding you can’t use because you need the eggs. I use it strategically to get the latest fragments when I’m tired of grinding, in example. Use your judgment, if you meed the eggs for hut or the secondary dragon use frags just after getting those to finalize it. Following Morreion is always good though, mine not much lol

Or the easiest solution, look at reds breeding guide and she will tell you when is best to use fragments :+1:.

I found myself with getting way too many harbinger eggs in the past tbh, and when it came time to breed oni, I decided to go with frags cause why get 12 more harb eggs when I’m in vanguard hut :woman_shrugging:.

It’s all in reds guide though, just look at it and it will show u the way :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Yea I use it - my problem was most of my upcoming breeds aren’t ideal for frag use so I was debating if I should use some or just keep saving.

I decided to keep saving for now.

I’m done with breeding (I think haha) - I got Ferga, Kyrule and Mehetan, and some gold eggs to hit 150k points :slight_smile:


Good choice, believe me they will have a much larger value per Fragment for you in later tiers. Keeping this in mind my advice is “poor to use” until Obsidian/Harbinger transition.

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