Breeding Plan (Question)

Owing to the ennui that I’ve felt with being too weak to hit the bases that I’ve wanted and needed to hit to perform at my best, and the fact that I really could have more potential if my history with forgetting an old password had never happened, I have spent weeks on end creating and scrapping numerous catch-up plans for breeding (and not only that, but fortification plans as well, along with a chest-grinding plan), and after a bit of surfing—hopping from the forums, to Neon, to Red’s Breeding Guide—I think I have my finalized plan.

My question is whether or not it will work, and if I interpreted the information listed in various sources correctly; e.g., as long as I have met the level requirements (both player level and hut level) and bred the parents of certain dragons, would I theoretically be able to jump between Artisan, Monarch, and the upcoming Radiant tier until all dragons have been bred? You’ll get a further view on what that means as I go over my plan. By the end of it, you may or may not see that I tend to take things a contrived and much more complicated route rather than the easy way whenever I’m desperate.

I broke my plan into two different methods, which haven’t been reviewed or chosen upon yet: one deals with the path to Monarch, while the other is a direct jump to Radiant (whenever it comes out). I’m currently 20 levels shy of the level requirement for Radiant tier, so no problems should arise there along the way. Note that, again, I’m a level 540, I overleveled (deliberately), and I’m finishing Lumestry before entering Artisan tier.

Here’s the plan…

Path to Monarch

  1. Finish Lumestry.
  2. Breed Washi; backbreed Ornithox.
  3. Backbreed Helminn.
  4. Breed Quilleth.
  5. Breed Ralen.
  6. Choice between Kechuri (Monarch) or Charpent (Artisan).
  7. Breed Charpent (if chose Kechuri), or breed Amaruhk (if those Charpent).
  8. Breed Narmak.
  9. Breed Zahhak (Monarch).

Jump to Radiant

  1. Finish Lumestry.
  2. Breed Washi; backbreed Ornithox.
  3. Breed Kechuri (Monarch).
  4. Breed Novarrion (Radiant).
  5. Backbreed Helminn (Ornithox + Asuri).
  6. Breed Quilleth.
  7. Breed Ralen (Monarch).
  8. Breed Solarius (Radiant).
  9. Breed Narmak.
  10. Breed Zahhak (Monarch).
  11. Breed Ren (Radiant).
  12. Breed Charpent.
  13. Breed Amaruhk (Monarch).
  14. Breed Ammak (Radiant).

Used the following breeding pairs…


  • Washi (Ornithox) = Lumestry + Asuri
  • Narmak = Any Artisan/Any Arcanum
  • Charpent (Helminn) = Ornithox + Asuri
  • Quilleth = Helminn + Caligos


  • Amaruhk = Ornithox/Helminn/Lumestry + Charpent
  • Ralen = Ornithox/Helminn/Lumestry + Quilleth
  • Kechuri = Ornithox/Helminn/Lumestry + Washi
  • Zahhak = Ornithox/Helminn/Lumestry + Narmak


  • Ammak = Washi/Quilleth/Narmak + Amaruhk
  • Solarius = Washi/Charpent/Narmak + Ralen
  • Ren = Washi/Charpent/Quilleth + Zahhak
  • Novarrion = Charpent/Quilleth/Narmak + Kechuri

If I’m understanding correctly, those slashes indicate that I have a choice of which primary parent I want to use with the secondary parent, meaning that I can proceed as long as I have met both the breeding requirements and the level requirements to do so, and also that I could jump back and forth between tiers until I’ve bred everything altogether as long as I’ve met level requirements (and I overleveled; I’m right where Monarch qualifications come in) for each tier that I’m jumping between. Am I correct?

Addendum: what gave me this complex idea was the uniqueness of this tier system compared to the tier system that was in effect pre-Artisan.

Haven’t looked at your paths in detail, but you can input them on neon yourself if you want and see if you’ve missed any requirements


Just remember as far as the radiants and monarchs go you won’t be able to hatch them until you’ve breed and hatched all of the previous tier first and upgraded your incubator.

(To hatch monarch you need to have hatched all 4 artisan and for radiants you have to hatch all 4 monarchs before you can level your incubator respectively)


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