Breeding progression not working?

Not sure if its just me or I missed the memo somewhere, but the progression doesn’t seem to be working.
Last breed I was getting the 30% discount but this breed its back to full price for egg tokens required.
Is it because of the cadence we don’t need progression scaling anymore?
Sent a ticket but seems the phones were unplugged-no response after 20 hours.

What tier are you breeding?

Platinum legendaries

Which one?


What dragons are you trying to use? Just trying to figure out what could be going on here.

cerbero and mune

Screen shots of which dragons you’re using to breed and what it says when you try to autobreed would be helpful.

Kinda hard to do when you finished the breed, I only paid attention to totals-old system was around 60K in tokens required, new system was supposed to be 44.800.
Also last week it was 14/16 tokens per breed, this week back to 20

You can manually select cerebro and mune to breed and it’ll show you. I don’t have mune breedable but all my others are 14 tokens per breed:

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I used Rizar and Pandi to get Nosfer and it cost 20 per breed, but that is because Pandi is Green. If it was 2 platinum parents it would have been 14, correct??

Hmm, well seems to have fixed itself, egg tokens are back to what they are supposed to be, system glitch maybe with the display? Problem solved I guess, seems it was a sync error of some kind, this can be closed, sorry for the bother.

I was looking at Jagra for the egg tokens required as thats all that was breedable still but realized his parents are gold so obviously would be 20 breed tokens required duh.

Yes, it’s bc of the green, also correct if it was plat or plat and saph you would have gotten discount.

Alguém tem tabela de progressão de reprodução?

I think you asked for a breeding guide?

Muito obrigado…

What’s happening? Are you hitting high enough for your egg missions to count?

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