Breeding Progression Proposal: Tear down this (Sapphire) wall!

Last fall, I made a proposal on the old forums as to how I think we could improve the progression of breeding at the “Dreaded Sapphire Wall”. This is one of the biggest issue in the game for progression due to the immediate lock in options and the inconsistencies of breeding in these higher tiers. What I have done is put together some breeding pairs that will lessen the strain on the players.

Note: I do believe that token missions need to be addressed, but that is a subject for a different topic.


  • Create more breeding path options by opening up Platinum Legendary true backbreeds
  • Remove the need for superfluous breeding after one gets a mythic and a legendary of the following tier
  • Keep the “basic” full breed costs - 3 legendaries and 1 mythic per tier.
  • Create logical backbreed openings as new tiers open up
  • Still make it more efficient to breed with a breeding path over “willy nilly” aka random breeding.


Here are the current costs to get through a tier, from start to top rarity, using one of the most efficient breeding paths I know of - Red’s Best Breeding Path.







To get more Gold Breeders for Platinum






Again, I 100% believe token missions need to be scaled, but we need to approach this progression issue from more directions than just one. Thus, I wanted to make this proposal.


Now I have been making breeding paths for a very, very long time and thus I feel that my point of view is a little skewed in that direction. Thus, if you feel there is a backbreed we so desperately need that I did not address, please bring it up! I especially found myself struggling in Obsidian with this proposal as, well, most of obsidian is pretty trashy. Pretty, but trashy. I would love some “I really think we need a backbreed for X in Obsidian” thoughts especially.


Typo: Apop and Jul should give Chompa and Iteru.


PG…Attention @PGCrisis @PGJared @PGEggToken

And completely off topic…but obsidian is spelled incorrectly lol

I completely agree with this post and it needs to be addressed. Egg Token missions being scaled from the builder hut is 100% needed too but start with the saph wall! Sapphire isn’t the most powerful tier anymore. It’s too expensive.

Yeah keep it 1 mythic for 3 legendaries and I would like to see unique spells for the mythic😁 just like hau has time shift…


Sapphire has long passed for me now, but I do think things like this need to be tweaked. The backbreeds look extremely enticing as well.
(Thanks for moving it over).

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You the bomb Red. I’m mid-Sapphire tier right now and I totally agree. Though not the topic of this post, also definitely agree with some changes needed on the Egg token missions.


Thats a problem , thank you that you brought it up red.
Think about times where we was struggling at gold, when a legendary drop from a goldchest was 5k!
When i was able to get much breeding tokens out of bronzechests, like 10k inside that weekend with extreme activity…

Stuff got decreased but things went up, thanks to PG later daily amount got increased aswell, but i am not sure if it compensate the difference.

Anyway i have a problem that the ways arent balanced… For example the icicle way is the cheapest overall, after it the A&A and at last Gloomclaw.
Inside the Icicle way you can breed with Ferga and Kyrule ( dragons from icicle) a other mythic garnet for 27,5k…
But this isnt going for A&A or gloomclaw way…From A&A Deci and Kerbos can breed icicle ,… but for 220+k… a difference of about 200k… just because one allow it to be backbreed a other mythic backbreed, the other not.

For Gloomclaw path its even worse… There the 2 emeralds from , Pyrochis and Slax cant even breed a other mythic garnet which could help… its there gloomclaw itself… The only thing you can is breeding Zaru as a cheaper backbreed to get A&A after it… Thats even a higher price…

I dont say to use that or this way, but here you see that the mythics should balanced aswell… If someone like Gloomclaw or Mehaten… he shouldnt be “arsed” to choose them, its should be a fair balance for this too.

  • From the numbers we see something very bad… and that is after saphire the garnet tier… It shouldnt be that expensive compared to others.

What solution can we have here ? For example to reduce the frags need for a legendary from 700 down to 550-600 , and the mythic one down aswell… So that garnet is not that extreme…
Or to improve some chances… there are ways like increasing chances and let the breeding as it is… or change the breeding options to still get eggs if that is what important is.

At least i even hadnt enough gold eggs for a single research and had to do extra breeding gold eggs for example.
So it is up to what is important ? Having much unneed options , or better cheaper options … problems are very clear.

The thing what PG forgott , or couldnt manage was to adapt the game … the game changes aswell. Times where gold was the wall, or saphire or garnet the final tier are over…
Now a new tier over obsidian will appear and for this issue people need look for…

Again , i told this since Joseph was here… For newer players atleast things need to be adapt in there favor aswell… means helpful decreasements aswell over time , easier pathes for older dragons.
Sadly everytime some jealous person appeared to speak against it without understanding anything, good that we saw us two times in life then to tell when this kind of people have issues with things.
I hope here we find a solution for longer ! :slight_smile:

edit: Ah just read after posting that Red wroted that chance issues right of the breeding path :laughing: Then this is atleast a agreement to the clear problems about ! :slight_smile:


couldnt agree more with red!

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This needs to continue to be at the forefront of the discussion here, because breeding dragons is the most motivating-- and subsequently deflating-- aspect of this game.

I was so excited to breed a garnet dragon and finally uncap a roster full of divines. Three minutes later I was floored to learn that I was only able to go from 35 to 40 before they were capped again and I had to breed ANOTHER garnet to get them to 45.

That’s another 250,000 tokens to go back and breed another sapphire to open up a breeding path to one additional garnet. One.

On top of which I’ll STILL be stuck at 3/4 sapphire eggs to upgrade my builder hut.

Seriously PG, fix this. It’s super discouraging and defeating, and puts what is arguably the best feature of your game out of reach for all but the big spenders.


Please look about this unbalance between the different mythic pathes.
It shouldnt be that much difference with 2 emeralds from a mythic garnet where once a backbreed is allowed for cheap, once a direct breed for normal price, and the last one not even allowed, just give a dragon which one you can breed it normal after.

Hope you find someone in PX Team who have a idea about it and see the issue . Thanks


Well done. Pg hire them


Rationale is very clear as this has been discussed so, so many times!

Better progression=more enjoyable game=less disparity=more sense of achievement=more players join and stay=Yayyyyyyyyy

Sugar, yes please!


Tony, I love you!

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We have the relevant folks with eyes on this. Thanks, @TheRedDelilah!


Really? OMG yes the saph wall is being looked at😉

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I am shook, really? That wall has a real good chance of coming down😱

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Let’s not count your eggs before they hatch, everyone. Balancing is important to us, but making sure not too much of the game is disrupted all at once is important too, especially with all the other initiatives going on.


As red showed here the “sapphire wall” isn’t even the problem it’s the garnet tier which is super expensive with meh dragons.

Once the so-called sapphire wall falls ppl will run in an even uglier garnet wall.

So when you balance the tiers and add backbreeds or add some extra dragons on some breeding pairs don’t forget garnets.

The felt progression will end soon otherwise and threads with “tear down the garnet wall” will pop up. Same crap in a different color.


I think the biggest issue is for sure in Sapphire and Garnet with the need for superfluous dragons being the culprit. Emerald has issues too. If each tier is limited to 3 legendaries and 1 mythic at full cost this will make a donut isn’t improvement, though not entirely fix it.


Thank you :heart:

Counting eggs is all a lot of us are able to do…

And they hardly ever hatch…


Anyone who just got excited bc they said they will look at it has not been around very long :joy::joy::joy: