Breeding Progression Proposal: Tear down this (Sapphire) wall!


Oh I agree, if it works for you, awesome (well, unless you are on a team and you are screwing them by being overleveled, which I have never been, so I dunno).

It’s a game, enjoy it :man_shrugging:


First, I’ve never said the play style was maximizing fun, and I agree most shouldn’t play this way and maximize fun. However, I do disagree that most of the players in this game deserve sapphire-garnet tier dragons at levels in the mid 100’s, which is basically what some are requesting with major cost reductions and not implementing in level limitations. I’m saying this because “most” players probably see Sapphire in the mid-high 100’s and garnets in the high 100’s to low 200’s. Any reduction would just lower the average level people obtain these dragons.

I do also feel players shouldn’t be in sapphire-garnet tiers pushing level 300’s, which is the case for many players that feel super “weak”. This is why you gotta figure out a way to balance both, cap people from getting them to early, and make it easier so people aren’t still in these tiers near level 300.

However, I disagree that your level helps you perform any better in events. Your dragons help you perform better in events such as PVP and bases have nothing to do with it as you don’t get defense points in PVP. A stronger base helps you perform better as a team, if you decide to defend other teams (but still this doesn’t affect your points in PVP).

So, unless I’m missing something, how does your base level, help you in an event? Again, your dragons help you and by putting a level cap before you can reach them would make people play the game the “fun” way by leveling their bases quicker which is what you originally said was a better way to play.


True, your dragons only help in 2/4 monthly events. Doing better, or decent, in fort means you do decent in 3/4 events, getting more season prizes, etc, to do well in the 4th event, breeding. Basically, you do well in all of the events, get more prizes, make more progression, and the game doesn’t seem to stagnate as bad as it would if you said, well, I’m level x, I CAN breed Y dragon here, but I don’t have the tokens, resources, or whatever, so I’m gonna sit here until I do.

To me personally, if you keep things flowing smoothly, a smooth progression, then the wall doesn’t seem as bad. Oh it still sucks, it sucks hard, but I could not imagine sitting below 150 waiting to breed a Garnet. I’d have deleted WDs months ago…

The wall needs to be shortened some, the costs do need to be reduced some. Not drastically, but if you are a daily player, do well in events, finish 2 or more lines a season, there is no reason you should not be able to breed a dragon every month through at least Garnet, which you currently can’t without spending a lot of money. I’m ok with Emerald being every other month, but that’s just my opinions, as all of this is.


Did you mean currently CAN do?


Ok, an average player can’t breed a garnet a month without spending quite a bit. I know you aren’t an average player, neither am I.


Yeah I work my butt off to get one a month without spending.


Every other month :wave: it’s boring :confused:


Maybe I’m missing the point here but for me leveling during fort means I’m using wood and if I’m using wood I’m hitting bases to get (most of) said wood.


Oh my i put one comment then down leave for 6 hours lol.

I apologize for stirring the pot. It’s the way i play, i like to be able to surprise significantly higher levels than me with my dragons and flying in wars while having a good base setup for defending against the same level players typically.

I am a very low spender (elite) so i’d rather focus my efforts and rubies directly towards tokens. This means i speed up zeppelin missions instead of buying gold chests. Therefore i have way less timers than the average person, and my fortification is held back because of it. So I have ACTIVELY chosen to stay behind and focus 100% of everything i do towards dragons and i feel that this is a viable play style. My teammates blow past me in base levels every event to be honest, but my dragons are mostly staying up to par with them or only falling slightly behind the medium spenders on my team.

This may not work for most of the people out there, and it doesn’t have to work for everyone. It’s the way I choose to play the game and have fun and you are entitled to level up as fast or slow as you would like. I would NOT recommend it for lower or even average activity level players, it takes a ton of extra work to get dragons leveled up (i did this in parallel with experting all dragons) so i was up to 50-60 multiplier runs per day at the height of it not including event runs. Then extra runs to get my best up to speed for the next events. There were even times when i was leveling Iteru in 24 hours at a very low level, doing 140 runs that day just so i could go on to the next dragon.

In conclusion, I have a very different play style then a lot out there, so don’t get offended by my post please :slight_smile:


Yea, I think the entire context of my message was missed too. I wasn’t disagreeing that the Sapphire Wall could be removed some by lowering token cost, increasing tokens earned, better egg ratios, etc… however you want to get it done.

I was simply arguing that there needs to be some other type of mechanic/wall implemented to offset things so not every level 150 is flying garnet dragons. Even though it sounds fun for the 150, it would be hell for the 250-350 players that get defeated by them all day long.

There are two point of views usually, top end players and average players. I have a Diamond team and also a Plat 1 team mini so I can see the difference as my mini is played much less. I do feel the issue with the Sapphire tier on my mini much more than I did on my main.

My mini is played daily, but very limited. I usually reach the 450ish sigil in all events, and I always spend my rubies during each event when I get enough for 10 chest. I never hold back in events when it comes to breeding or fort and the progress was decent up until level 182 (current). I’m currently finishing up Haun and my next dragon is Frostbiter.

This is where I’m starting to see the major slow down. I’m only earning about 50-75k tokens between each breeding… which isn’t enough to complete a sapphire/garnet dragon. I understand it sucks to not be able to breed, even just one, dragon each event. This is where I 100% AGREE the sapphire wall sucks. Average players fall off so quickly on progression at this level… If I don’t stop leveling my base it will outgrow my dragons because it’s going to be forever before I can finish breeding the sapphires and garnets needed to move to emerald and further only earning about 50k - 75k tokens.

I do feel that leveling my base to 182 was not a slow feeling for an average player though. I didn’t hold back on events or by anything to get to 182 (Never paid outside elite on this account). This is where I think the level limits to breed sapphire/garnet could increase. I never felt I needed garnet dragons for my current level as my sapphires can kill bases up into the mid 200’s easy. (crappy divines too… Spindra and Zamarok lol) So why would it be far to let my mini get garnet quickly when I can already clear bases much higher? I certainly didn’t feel I needed sapphire and garnet dragons at level 140.

By all means, REDUCE the cost of getting sapphire and garnet eggs, but INCREASE the level requirements needed to breed them. This would encourage the average player to continue to build their base up during events and not worry about out pacing their dragon progression. Once a reasonable level is reached the sapphire and garnet progression would feel much smoother with a reduced cost and the dragons would still be very relevant if you couldn’t max a sapphire until 180-190ish or a garnet until 230-250. A player level 230 with garnet divines is very relevant in the game.

P.S. - These walls don’t really matter for the dragons in tiers as most of the main dragons suck anyways. These walls/limits need to be in place to control the power curve of the divine dragons at lower levels.


Sadly the topic says saphir wall, but in real the problem is at garnet. As numbers and details shows.

Good morning all.

So to clarify…
Mehaten - Gloomclaw ( Warrior way) gives you Pyrochis and Slax
-> With them you backbreed Zaru for 20000, with Zaru ->A&A for 220000 = 240k

Hauheset- A&A way let you get Kerbos + Deci
-> with them you can breed Icicle for = 220k

Apophet - Icicle way gives the last 2 emeralds, Ferga+ Kyrule
-> With them you can “Backbreed” Gloomclaw for 27500… = 27.5k

In fact just only 1 way allow the “useful” backbreed. The other way is just a option, not a help.

@PGJared i really missed you for some days here :slight_smile: . As you see here it is a "unbalance "
If you choose a hard way, you even need more to pay.
I understand in past some paid more some less, some could be angry about or not. But as with all “issues” about balance, there should be made a cut.
Am i wrong ? Would like to know your opinion about. Somehow this topic felt down after the Atlas, Hackers, V4.0 and more issues. Please keep that up !


@EmrahT Jared is out of the office. I appreciate your posting and wanting to solve this, but honestly content updates and tags won’t help. PG has seen this, so now we have to wait.


Thank you @TheRedDelilah :frowning:
I just hoped they react since over a month about . At least these days Jared would be back, as he mentioned mid februar.

However i loose hope about … just thought i could wait for it for breeding , but still …


There are still a myriad of ways to participate in fortification events without leveling the towers that give off a lot of xp. Unless farms are maxed those can be done, as well as main island upgrades. And once there is nothing left to build or no speed ups left, whichever comes first, hunting for/with teammates allows for a good amount of chest drops. Not to mention that daily multis still need to be done.


My only comment to this is that your max XP is significantly lower than it would be if you leveled both base and dragons in a balanced way. I don’t remember the numbers but I can say life got much easier leveling dragons once I started getting almost 200k xp prior to elite or other boosts.

I’m not on the intense path, but it is still a marathon, not a sprint. I don’t really care about end game or harbinger dragons as I am content at my level and my dragon’s abilities. I only open chests and spend rubies that I hoard during the PVP events. I’m currently sitting at 72.9k points in the fight pits without spending a dime. The only reason I will keep pushing is to benefit my team. I have used zero mega coins but have used between 100 and 200 energy every round. It’s a grind but not that hard since energy costs reset every 6 hours. I haven’t missed a round yet, I do the beginning of the round before I turn in and am up in time to do the end of the next round.

Over all happy with the pace


Im just curious, after how many months after your registration (and maybe $ spend) did you reach lvl 140 or 190?

Because ive been playing for 13 months now, reached lvl 140 last fortification event and will breed my 3rd legendary saphire tomorrow, but no garnet dragon is somehwere near…


Started playing July 26 2016
Frostbiter hatched Sept 21 2017 (~14 months)
Ferga planned for Mar 14 2018 or April 11 2018 depending on how this next few weeks go (20/21 months)

Definitely slower progress then lots of people out there, and i have gone the pokemon route for all dragons up until and including platinums and i have 8/9 sapphires as well to my shame and disappointment. :disappointed::disappointed:


I think mech bought a $20 pack once. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: the spender


That is definitely faster progress than I’ve made :laughing:


If i wanted to be as fast as you, i would have to speed up breeding or fly 24/7 for the duration of the event :D, to make my dragon breedable in time… guess i wont be making it, but im not sure. Still you are damn fast, compared to most others whom i play with (some are lvl 180-200 and havnt bred garnet, nor mythic saphire)