Breeding Progression Proposal: Tear down this (Sapphire) wall!


Dont sell me short Red. I’ve bought at least one (it may have even been two) $0.99USD special deal packs before. They are definitely worth the money :+1:

And i do have elite too :sunglasses:


Scrooge "Mech"duck! :joy:


Pace of dragon, my two cents worth, well I think it was kinda balanced after the introduction of different leagues and league bonuses. As I had got my first obsidian, noctua at level 232 then.

However still struggling with green research, not to mention gold if I get pass green by spending more tokens on it. I would think that backbreeds from green/gold onwards should be looked at, instead of reducing the cost further. Just my take so no offence.


Did you mean backbred get as a mean to get research eggs?


Yeah sure, seriously I think a lot of players are still stuck at green research. I think they had done something to the greens if I not wrong, but issue will arise again with gold onwards


I guess for this breeding event its really hard to say … but hopefully for next one.

@pgEcho could you help about this maybe, Jared isnt here , and it would be really great if this theme could find a good end.
Please help Echo! ^^


More frags needed through tiers, so just cost should be lower. With so many eggs needed to breed from sapphire onward research is just a building.
Now we just need to hope the new faction goes well with pg and this topic as well as others will be taken care of. The problem is already too well known :+1:


Dear PG Team @PGJared @PGEggtoken @pgEcho @PGCrisis @PGMichael @Arelyna

This Topic waits since 2 breeding events for a decision. Beside that everytime other topics are arround too, so it would be very great if you could make a decision about, if something like this will be worked on, or if not.

Please let us now as soon as you could talk about this as a Team.
Many of us are waiting even now to plan forward, help us please.


I do understand your frustration as I feel the same crossing against same wall. But as it has been said before PG knows about this and it will be reviewed. I am sure there are other pressing matters that will come first, the ones that affects most of the spenders, and I can understand it to to be that way till some point.
I hope the new faction will have a pinned posting with things that are currently being discussed, that way we have some enlightening as well (with no promises). Just waiting for now…


As @EvilNat said it’s certainly something that will take time and it’s something PG is looking at.


And what about the people who already paid the full price of low tier dragons and have Obsidian or Harbinger dragons right now?
A better solution is to increase tokens in events rewards, daily payouts and missions. So it benefits everyone equally.


I never said how PG would do anything.


That solution by itself is only partial.

Should prizes scale, I think so–especially if costs continue to rise.

There are many ways to “solve” the problem of progression. Some help all players, but not all equally. Some help only certain player populations.

There should be balance in whatever the full solution is.

With the full roster of seasonal dragons now available, backbreeds alone are not sufficient. With a few exceptions, the seasonal dragons make getting to the next tier as quickly as possible the only logical choice. But having to get into the next tier (or two tiers) before a backbreed becomes possible makes that dragon useless except as a breeder (which is boring and feels like a waste). But breeding right now, once you hit sapphire, has essentially one path forward. If you get the dragons while they are relevant as weapons, you still pay full price, as though there were not 4 more tiers beyond. If you wait, you pay fewer tokens, but you severely limit your options.

A game like WD shouldn’t be about economics (some strategy and planning, sure). It should be fun, and progress should be real and attainable in a reasonable time.


The problem is, when a dragon tier firstly come out, you pay often much more then people with backbreeds.

But for this issue there is a “unbalance” , means a very wrong situation as mentioned from many sides.
As with other balance issues, there is no compensation for other players. Wasnt when tower balance firstly started a year before… wasnt with research center , and wont with other things.

The thing is, there is something very wrong made, and that is what should be corrected.
If you use the path with icicle , with strongest dragons probably… you pay much less for things… then you do with Warrior path over gloomclaw… and that is not just a bit… its extreme …

That extreme situation is something what PG should know how to correct. I hoped to get answers , but i wont have a benifit from that how it looks, but i hoped Jared will clear that when he was back. So i thing all is known about this, but waiting for a “yes we do”, or "no we wont do "… thats all i would like to know.


I know dear Red, but sadly there isnt even information if something will or wont.

For me it makes a real difference to take A&A2 or A&A3…
I really feel hopeless too when i bump this topic often , many times, … its nothing what i wanted but i hope there is a step to us.
Actually i think it is very logical …

PG just need check 3 pathes,… Icicle, A&A and Gloomclow … The breeding curve of your helpful guides, and there is nothing to be unclear.

Icicle way allow a cheap backbreed.
A&A not , Gloomclow not…
So change all to have a balance on as icicle path , or say no… I am sorry , it makes me sad seeing it going down and down as it did.


No, just no. And what about us who have Obsidians and Harbringers… I don’t care if you can now get gloomclaw cheaper than I did. He was crap then too.


there will be always people who only care about their onwn benefits…

so just ignore them…


that was ment for airforce…


@Michiiyy I am sorry i thought it was about me, i deleted it :slight_smile:


This topic fully ignored by pg