Breeding Progression Proposal: Tear down this (Sapphire) wall!


Emerald & Obsidian are the top-2 tiers in the game right now…so I understand that being full cost. The older tiers, like saph and garnet shouldn’t be full price for all 3 mythics though.


If you follow a breeding path you won‘t have to pay full price for all 3 mythics…

But seriously:
I wonder if the real problem is the price or the fact that most lineage dragons are totally worthless :roll_eyes:


Well, vs invader bases - unbosted for some, boosted for others, then you have Ursa…


The sapphire wall is a real thing. It has it’s greatest effect on players below Sapphire league level as their egg saving is hampered by tiny daily payouts. Players in higher levels of Sapphire or Diamond get through that wall with ease. Try only getting 250 egg frags a day instead of 1,500 - do the math and you’ll see its way harder for them. It takes months.
While I agree there should be more rewards for being in a higher league, I think the degree of difference in egg payouts creates a self-perpetuating problem of weaker players in lower leagues who struggle to breed good dragons and whose only hope it to get accepted into a higher team.


Lol. I wish I could break through that wall with ease. So do the rest of my teammates (where applicable). Being in saph-diamond league doesn’t mean you get to coast and your daily eggs will carry you through saph and garnet tier.

Anyone with gold tier drags can get into plat league. Anyone with plat drags can get into saph league. Anyone with hau can get into diamond (there will be a wait list). Activity level is more indicative as to which league you’re in and also if you can make the breed amounts. But even that is not going to make overcoming 580k tokens needed to surpass saph wall “a breeze”


The rewards of leagues was NEVER meant to fix anything to do with player progression. I can say that with 100% confidence because I designed the league restructure. The rewards were meant to help deter sandbagging, and if PG finished my proposal, I do think it would make a more significant difference.

This thread is a way to help with player progression in a single part of the massive whole - breeding. I am very comfortable and confident with breeding tables, so I put this together. Obtaining egg tokens is a completely separate part that needs to be addressed.


Well we don’t want too many OP dragons…but yes there are too many worthless dragons such as Ursa


In every tier there were useless dragons, Jura, Volos for example.
They were never as expensive as the sapphire and garnets though. I agree that there seems to be a huge gap or huge leap between the amount of tokens needed for platinum and those needed for both sapphire and garnet. I agree there is a concrete wall you have to carve open with a spoon to sapph and garnet. However I just made my way through sapph, started garnet and I feel it is unfair to just lower the costs. Will my hard work get compensaties? No, this is PG afterall. Never seen any compensation apart from Grogg-sigils.

I think the key solution to this issue should be found in eggtoken pay outs. I know it is a different subject, I wont go into it here.

I do agree that a couple of back breeds would be nice though. To give some more opportunities then we have now.

And what I would like to add to the list is that I find research too expensive to spend tokens on atm. I do not want to lose progress in breeding. 1 dragon per month is an absolute minimum in breeding for me. I want to keep unlocking divines and keep pushing it hard in fort events aswell. I need the token pay outs from prize tiers on every event to make enough progress to be an asset to my team.

The way I look at it from my lvl 210, divines rule the Sky and lineage dragons are only needed to unlock them. There are a few good lineage dragons along the way, but not enough to make them count the way divines count in my roster.


Please try to fix that issue arround garnet.

You see Icicle can breed :

  • Ferga , Kyrule. And this 2 breed together Gloomclaw for 27500 Eggtoken.

Aquileas and Austeros can breed.

  • Deci, Kerbos. And this 2 can breed a mythic garnet too, Icicle for arround 220000 Eggtoken.

Gloomclaw breed .

  • Pyrochis, Slax. This 2 emeralds are not able to breed a new mythic garnet . Only Zaru for arround 20000 Eggtoken, and after it as a normal breed Zaru+Frostbiter = Aquileas and Austeros for arround 214500k Eggtoken.

Thanks to user as Red, Superman, Salamander or others before we see the huge difference , and that is a bit too big if you ask me @PGEggToken .

1st way to new mythic garnet after getting the 2 emerals from the last = 27500 Eggtoken.
2nd way “…” = 220000 Eggtoken.
3rd way = 234500 Eggtoken for 2 dragons, so no direct breed.

I hope it wont be much work if you can adapt these 2nd and 3rd path as the 1st was. That way it depends on player what he or she like, and still can take a “warrior path” without loosing for example.

Really wait for your help about this soon ! :slight_smile:



What’s the net cost of each tier were the proposal to be implemented as shown? Trying to get a sense of the before (which you listed) and after.

edit: Also is this built around one of your breeding paths more than others? Does it favor the A&A start over the Icicle start for example?


I’ll get the numbers for you when I get to my computer here shortly. This proposal would fix everything breeding path I’ve ever built.


That’s awesome. Really hope they impliment this. Getting new dragons once you hit sapphire isn’t easy, especially if you only spend on Elite.


So what about the people that managed to overcome the “wall” already. Personally it was annoying but hardly impossible.


Less then 200k for Plat then jumps to a half million then very next Tier basically one million only to lower in the final 2 tiers…Why? Because breeding got so Expensive in Saph and Garnet they had no choice but to lower it?

Something like this to me would make more since…

200k Plat

350k-400k Saph

600k Garnet

700k Emerald

800/850 Obsidian


Nothing happens to you bc u got the dragons early


If there was a failure, people need be happy for the other community if this will be undone.

And to be honest, the icicle way was known , and many took that cheapest path, its just a help for the other 2 path which are unfairly unbalanced.

Beside that… people who really got the dragon when it was the only tier, then there was no backbreeding so no need for other to speak against it like, " when i got it half year before, i hadnt this" or something.


@PGJared @PGEggToken @pgEcho

Will you balance at least the emerald backbreed part for this next event please?
Or is it to hard to adapt this week the 2 breeds with the 2 emerald dragon, to be able to breed the garnet mythic for 27500 as the other 2 emerald dragons can.


Some would rather it stay broke!

Thinking I had to struggle past it, everyone should :roll_eyes:

Something definitely needs to happen especially around Sapphire/Garnet breeding the game damn near comes to a stop for a long time :pensive:

I’m pretty much past it too thankfully but I’m sure more then a few players have quit just because of it…

At the very least they should up the token missions past a certain level…


I’m just saying people make it sound impossible to overcome…it’s not


I would assume PG has analyzed the numbers to see if it would be more profitable to make it easier to progress. If it was, wouldnt they have done it already?