Breeding Progression Proposal: Tear down this (Sapphire) wall!


I personally don’t feel like major changes need to be made, but I do think some changes are needed. Like maybe 90k tokens for legendaries and 150 to 160k for the mythics. Because by the time many people breed sapphire dragons, most of them are useless. Currently sapphires for me are just breeders for garnet, it’s a waste of time to max them out. I will be working on apophet next breeding event, then continue the breeding path to get Jul, which will happen much later in the year


I think I would be one of those lvl 200 players that probably has the same dragons as you do. I only recently found out about the egg grinding options, alwys relied on gold chests for extra eggs before.

I have absolutely no problem finishing egg missions with the event dragons or the lineage dragons, but unless I play really excessively I don’t net more the 150k eggs per month. The dragons are not underpowered in my opinion, but I have been at the current strength for a couple of months and it will take few more until I progress to my first garnet.

Apophet and Hau will be the Sapphires that will make playing a little more interesting again, but effectively there are few changes in the game for me, so it becomes quite monotonous. I really looked forward to Atlas, but I do not expect a new rollout wave anytime soon. Certainly won’t hold my breath.

Building up is one of the few things I can do, I do not see any disadvantage being behind with my drags. I agree that it is a strategy game and you need to plan ahead, but the current rate of progress through sapphire and onwards is too slow. A moderate reduction in token cost or an increase in egg token payout scaled to player or dragon power level could make the game more interesting.


Agreed, having Icicle costing more than an obsidian mythic is stupid. Sapphires and garnets need to be looked at asap


Pg fully ignored this topic




I guess and hope that important changes will be made, as the unbalance at the garnet mythc backbreed showed.

I dont think this topic is ignored, just the work behind is a bit more then usual probably.
Lately it seems that Red adapted her site, that old prices as 143,5k increased over 155k, and sigilar increasement with others as mythics .

Can you share some informations what is planned for next ? Or can you at least say us, that this is going to be or not , or something about ?


Thanks for rising this Red, I am right now climbing that bloody wall and its a real pain to spend so many tokens on unuseful sapphire dragons (pretty much all sapphire legendary). And the worst is garnet doesnt seem to be much better while the price is still increased…

I hope PG sees into this. On my part my elite expires in 1 month or so and I am thinking if I am extending. One of the most fun things in this game is to get new dragons and level them. Since platinum I can only breed 1 dragon each 2 breeding events, with the egg boost.

Besides, all drags are capped (event or sapps) and if i go up in levels to unblock the den I am risking that by the time I hatch new dragons they will not be handy for the targets higher level.

So…are we playing just to get event dragons?

Well, thanks for bringing this up!!


Hey @PGJared

Could you please look over this theme too. it would be kind if at least the backbreed issue would be corrected.
As you saw 2 emeralds from 1 paths breed mythic garnets each for very different prices.

One for 27500, one for 220000, and one for even more, where it get 2 dragons.
Could you please gave a statement about this issue, and the changes for please.



Awesome post! Sapphire Mythics have been one of the most discouraging breeding experiences. I’m not looking forward to Garnet…
This comes from someone who has never bought/played with an Elite Account (I’m lv162, just got my 1st Sapph Mystic). Grinding sucks. I completely understand that players who spend have an advantage, and that’s why I don’t complain about it.
But I think that all players would gain something from a new breeding path on mid-high color tiers, like Red suggested! So I’d love to see at least some small balancing changes :smiley:


@PGCrisis @Arelyna @PGEggToken

I really not want to update this topic meaningless, but i really would wish that about this there is a decision, or information for.

I know during hacker, update 4.0 and other issues these ones seems like falling down, and havent much attention.

But let me say, hoping for a change since this topic is out, i wait as others to choose a better option for myself.
It would be very great if one of you could be helpful about this currently.
After all this one is a real balance issue, and unfair situation… and not just a " give me more " please thing.

Isnt there something to say about ? Thanks for attention.


How was the Dragon Premium proposal by the way. Got lost?

Runic too.


Anything out there? @Arelyna @PGCrisis @PGEggToken


Constantly tagging them isn’t going to do anything for you.


I think a decent way to make the wall more entertaining is to add more ways to get egg tokens than just seasonal events and missions. I just want something that will keep me occupied once I’m done with an event that will actually help me progress in the game. Maybe some larger daily token payout above the 20 hour mission. With requirements that are a little more complex than say “killing x towers” Make it more of a combination of thing. Also maybe add a weekly bonus as well.

Increasing token payout may also make the mission grinding feel a little more worth my or anyone else’s time too.

Then again perhaps Atlas is intended to fill the gap during event downtime


A neat idea would be to do 10 easy missions per day with the same difficulty of the 4h mission, and have a daily hard mission for double of the income of the 20h. And if you clear them all clock would reset. And that is me dreaming though :joy::joy:


Other games have daily, weekly, monthly and story mode quests for example.
Reminds me of the time when PG announced an overhaul of the quest system but all we got was a few ruby rewards every 10 levels… :man_shrugging:t3:


I always voted for doubling up the egg mission payouts.

But this will lead to even faster releases of dragon tiers bc I can tell you it’s not fun to have the same dragons over and over for months at expert level.

Nice try of PG to release harbingers with 1.5bn xp needed to expert a mythic but when you are dedicated like I am you buy two packs only to get rubies needed for the 200% xp boosts and have them at expert in 3-4 days.

And no I personally don’t like to have a non-expert war dragon.


Just like this


We’ve been discussing internally, but I don’t have any update on anything changing or not at this time.


Still an update, thanks for answering!