Breeding Progression Proposal: Tear down this (Sapphire) wall!


Thanks @arelyna for the update.


I am just starting this Sapphire wall and no matter how I play this, use rubies for egg token mission speed up or get gold chest I can’t seem to find a way to get a few of these dragons in a month due to the 200k egg tokens needed. This last breeding event i had 130 mystic frags and 150 egg tokens I got 1 drag and and a little less than half on the second. This is crazy I went from getting 2-3 drags a month. The sapphire wall can easily push people away not pull people towards it. Please try to find a way to break through the sapphire wall.


Eh the sapphire wall is okay…1 dragon per month is actually not too bad. Yes it is more expensive but the dragons are better too. :smile: trying to look on the bright side.


That was because I’m at Anapa but when i get to Apohet and others that cost close to 200k i won’t even get 1. This is a huge problem. it’s like a drug addict you _incorrect text_can’t fill them up then say ok going forward you will only get 1 MAYBE!! The mystic frags were because I was hoarding them for sapphire but now they are gone and I have to almost solely depend on tokens.


I can get a sapphire mythic in one event, maybe even another legendary. For me, tokens are not a problem…grinding xp is boring but must happen. Speedups are the real problem…incubation time is a lot but I manage.


be happy atlas gives over 300 more tokens a day with land.

and you will now save timers since you only need to insta hatch one, instead of multiple. and grind grind grind and save chest. i am in same boat as you but looking at either hau or apo. ground out 125k tokens since last breed and have over 1000 bronze chest saved farmed since then as well; as well as an entire season branch to spend sigils on so a few gold chest.

its possible, just gotta grind and rethink strategy


Well god bless your soul that is amazing but just because you can doesn’t mean everyone else can. I bet if we did a poll we will find many people quit around this time because it seems like progression stops or dramatically slows down, depends on perception. I’m not asking that sapphire drags cost 25k egg tokens I’m asking there be more options they are no longer top dragons.


Lol…that is what this post is for! PG said they are looking into it.


You do know the dragons you are hatching even though just one cost about the same timers as a gold or plat? I know it is possible you are correct many people with amazing determination have done it and I applaud them knowing what they went through and some people had it worse then us.


Hang in there, you’ll soon have Frostbiter in your incubator (13 days left on that since last breed).


Thanks Sparky I appreciate the support you know how dragging it can feel. I felt like the king of the world with a ton of new drags!! :joy::joy:


Hope you are better at hau than I am. SMH… I drown my enemies in my dragon’s blood




How the hell are any of y’all averaging one sapphire drag a month? Obviously not a mythic, but still. That is a lot of very boring and tedious token grinding.


i am using the timer comparison where you say you went from 2-3 a month to 1 sapphire. That is a reduction in timers regardless if a lower tier.

i know i may be a minority, but i like the sapphire wall as it separates strategy players and spenders from those that just coast along. i would concede garnet mythic as being a little steep since really they sound like garbage. but i like the sapphire one as its a good gating mechanism.

my worry is that if you lower the cost of sapphire mythic the post about hau may have more credit as there will be more players with a useful dragon beating bigger bases as there will be a larger player base (sure there will only be a few really good flyers, but more than currently) and then PG may feel like they need to nerf spells or change dragons

i do not think that the average player should be able to reach end tier dragons, thats for big spenders.

this game is already getting further and further away from strategy and just seems a pay to win stuff…

but that could just be me…

  • Stockpile tokens/frags from before Sapphire
  • Use mystic frags on 125k token sapphire dragons to save tokens
  • Grind until you go insane + seasonal token boost and chests during PvP
  • Spend


That just sounds horrible, I spend a little but I might get 60 to 70k tokens a month. Right now I have more because I spent way more this season and have had leftovers from the last two breeding events but still. 100k tokens a month sounds brutal


It doesn’t have to be a constant grind.

When I log in for the first time, I have all 3 missions ready to go. I try to combine them if possible, but if not, I keep doing the 40+40 and speeding it up with rubies until I get all of them done. Then throughout the day if I log in for 15 minutes here or there, I speed the 80+80 (assuming it’s under 2hrs left), and I keep speeding the 40+40 until I complete that and the 80+80. I will occasionally speed the 40+40 between war runs and hope I can complete it while doing my war or backing. Rinse and repeat.

I spend $5 on elite, nothing else, and I average about 4k tokens/day doing this. Granted that includes event prizes, but it’s not TERRIBLE to get 100K/mo if you’ve got the egg mission boost and speed them up at the intervals @mechengg outlined. As long as you can resist the urge to spend all rubies on gold chests, you’ll find you can very often work them into normal raids and wars, so it’s not THAT MUCH of a grind (some grinding IS required though).

Not to say that sapphire costs are not egregious, because they absolutely are.

How to Fix War Dragons(prepare for a long read)

Also do very well in events… a lot of tokens in achievement prizes, team achievements and final event prize


Really the big ways to get tokens are:

  • spending
  • extreme activity (log on every hour to ensure missions get done
  • doing well in events for personal achievements
  • reside in a high league
  • seasonal token bonus
  • speeding up missions for rubies

Combinations of the above increase their effectiveness

EDIT: This is my generic token calculator in which i filled in pretty standard information. Shows that you should be able to get there, it also shows that zeppelin missions do make up the majority of your overall tokens :wink: