Breeding Progression Proposal: Tear down this (Sapphire) wall!


Yea a most of my tokens are from events, I’d guess unless it’s breeding week I probably maybe get 1k tokens a day. Getting 4K a day seems like way too much work and a lot of health potions. I already limit my potion use trying to level drags let alone missions. I currently have 116k tokens but, like I said before, that’s because I’ve had like 40to60k left over from the past two breeding events. During events I typically get the 450 sigil maybe a little less than half the time but almost always at least get the 250. I might not reach 250 once per season. However after this season I will probably be a non spender, as this season I’ve spent way too much saving rubies for super sigil weekend. I expect my event rewards next season will be noticeably less.


I had zero tokens at the end of last breed and 2 events later I’m now sitting on 85k. Not impossible and I’m not a spender. Chests in PvP give more tokens than Fort, and keep doing those missions - I don’t even grind missions, just speed up a few now and then. :man_shrugging:


Yup im at 83k right now too, from zero. I need to start grinding hard with my 20k rubies though over the next little bit or i’m going to be way short on my icicle breed :confused:


That really means you need to focus on your zeppelin mission. Do you have the +100% token bonus line from season prizes? If not, go for it next season it really helps. You can easily earn another 6k per week just doing your normal missions and it is what makes grinding for tokens possible with a half decent rate of return.

Use ember level 1 for your missions, or another low level fast healing dragon who has cheap spells. Narrow your roster down, take towers off your bases and make it happen :slight_smile:


I’d rather not say how much time I spend on the game lol but at the end of last breed had 130k and now have 213k. I’m only up to Platinum epics til next breed though so it looks like a ridiculous amount because I don’t have anything expensive to use them on…they will be zapped quick once shit gets real :joy:


Keep hold of them and don’t get tempted to use some to “get to the next prize level” or some such crap. :+1:


Mystic fragments count! I have around 400 sitting there😂


Haha yep I’m already prepared to not even get the 4.0k sigil prize haha. My next 2 breed events are gonna cost 64k each. Thanks for keeping my eyes on the prize (or off the prizes lol).


Not everyone has a level one ember. I will probably do the token bonus next season as I’ll prob be going after the discount drag. I wouldn’t finish a line without spending if I went for the egg bonus otherwise


Depends on how much you invest (not money) on the beginning. I went for tokens and finished it almost by the end of first week. Opened 10 or 20 Goldie’s too. Then on the 2nd event I got still Leo’s discount and now I have 5,5k sigils and on last line of him. It means I would still be able to get one of the others If I wanted. Tolkien boost was the best divine this season :+1:


I agree … I have a line up of capped dragons waiting for garnet drags… I am not ready for garnet drags yet, but can’t level others until I get garnet! It is crap!! It is just PG’s way of forcing you to spend far to much money for drags no stronger than sapphire :rage::rage:


That just means that you leveled your base too high for your dragons right?

It’s a way of gating the players and making them focus on both dragons as well as base to keep their powers in check. This prevents people from completely disregarding tier dragons and focusing strictly on divines and their base which is a GREAT thing.


Sapphire isn’t end game, it isn’t even close. That isn’t the proper place for a gating mechanism imo. The gating mechanism should separate diamond players from the rest of us. There is a huge number of players around Sapphire dragon levels even in Platinum IV. These are casual players who will never catch the long time spenders no matter what. Why do people want to make them wait for 2 months before they can breed a dragon? What is the point?

There is a reason it is so easy for people to over level their bases once they get into Sapphire. What happens when you can level your base two den levels but can’t breed a dragon in the same month? Why do you all hate balance?


There are gating mechanisms the ENTIRE GAME. Why should it be removed at certain levels to appease people who over leveled?

If i’m getting to a level where my divine dragons need the next tier to keep upgrading, i typically slow down my base leveling and wait for my breeding to catch up. You don’t need to upgrade your base every event right? And you can put more effort towards token missions rather than raiding for wood during fort events.

I’m 100% in favor of keeping the gating mechanism, but the costs to actually breed the dragons should be looked at to ease more players into being able to achieve this desired balance.


Uhhh…that’s exactly what this thread is for and the point of my last comment. I keep seeing people being told ways to earn more tokens, but that isn’t what this thread is for. If you want to help, then you have seen the best way to do so with the 4.0 rollback. Community consensus. Anything else looks like you are arguing against the proposal.


Thank you for you answer, it helps alot if someone from staff just give news about :slight_smile:

There are probably pros and contras … like some paid much, some less , depending on path they choose.

I hope you can talk for adapting at least the backbreed for the mythic garnets, that it is balanced, as icicle is getable for.

Thank you again Arelyna , hopefully soon you can take a part decision maybe :slight_smile:


Yes, hopefully before a full cost Gloomclaw my next step :woman_facepalming:


Haven’t spent beyond elite and have 81,900 tokens, 132 frags, 11,800 rubies, 7 gold and 320 bronze chests. All but the frags are just since last week’s pvp. I don’t open any chests during fort or breeding, only pvp so I maximize my inner fires and energy. This past event I missed almost an entire weekend day of gathering chests, normally I’d be close to 400 bronze.

I stop at the 450 sigil prize for fort and breed even if I can go higher (normally, this time I went to 1 million) to save tokens and timers.

Do grind a LOT though. It is doable


There should be no change. With the introduction of double tokens in events there is no Sapphire wall. There is a way round it, making double tokens, in effect halving the cost already. No more need be done.

These backwards price reductions are resented, just like the bad cheating of all that had done most green research. With no compensation. Complaints run any from by changing the forum.

The easier they make progression the less spenders will need to spend. To put it in terms PG may appreciate.


Time to embrace The Warrior Path™