Breeding Progression Proposal: Tear down this (Sapphire) wall!


…err you mean Warrior Pathos haha


Spooky can’t be PlayerJ :frowning:


Hey there, just a small hint:

I would never breed part of a dragon. That simply means you‘re wasting precious speedups to get the first dragon hatched quickly and maybe even spend XP boosts or potions to level it quickly just to breed a partial dragon egg.

I only breed full dragons and let them cook in the incubator for 3 weeks. This saves a lot of speeds and gives me enough time to level them a week before breeding event without any stress :wink:

Also you will most likely always have a buffer of a few 10k tokens to even out different dragon costs. If a dragon suddenly costs 200k instead of 125k, you will have some saved up tokens or mystic frags to afford it because you didn‘t always breed until zero.
Play smart, go for the long run :slight_smile:


What’s more alarming is that she used 150 frags on clearly below Sapphire drags. IT WAS A WASTE @Aphrodite32. I’m sorry to tell you. Below courtesy of @TheRedDelilah


If @Spooky is PlayerJ i will fly to his location and personally strangle him myself :crazy_face:


So if I’m reading this correctly, orange and gold legendaries are the best time to use frags?


Yes I suppose so - but Gold is a bit tricky.

So they’re 250 frags each, and cost 100k tokens. Therefore yes on a cost per frag basis it’s 400 tokens. BUT, they’re usually double breeds, so technically they should cost half if you know what I mean. I actually view them as 200 tokens per frag, except that you need to use 2 frags at a time (one for each Gold) to get the benefit.

Personally I would only use frags on Sapphire legendaries.


Only if it doesn‘t make you skip builder hut eggs.


I was just looking at the points. You are right I did spend xp boost, timers, for nothing because I got half way. Was it worth it… HELL NO :joy::joy: I normally carry over tokens and up until this point I never had a need to use them all that’s how I saved the mystic fragments. I will most certainly not do this during the next breeding event. As far as the speedups go I can’t help it I always speed up the dragon. I commend you on your patience I could never wait the allotted time


No I used them on Anapa. And started seekham


This should 100% be used as a starting point only. Builders hut eggs play a major part especially in Sapphire tier as far as Mystic Frag use.


I thought you suggested not using them on mythic like Apophet because of the builder hut eggs that’s why I used them.


Ah sorry - you said you had 150 tokens (I assumed it was literal!) I guess you actually had 150k?


Yes totally agree Red - I should be more clear! Worth noting that your detailed paths point out when Mystic Frag use is good vs not.


They could also do a “50% more chance” in dragon offspring (sapphire) with the parents like what they did a few breeding events ago


@Arelyna @PGCrisis @PGEggToken

Is there a approach to correct the unbalanced breeding issue with the backbreeds we talked for different pathes ? :slight_smile:

I really think if you can have a meeting about this, people will agree because afterall its a logical request.
So please dont let us wait too long :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


Make it simple. Discount Sapphire (and in the future any other tier that’s 4 behind the top) by 1/3 and call it a day. Not gonna hurt anybody.


instead of saphire, the real issue is at garnet tier.

if you go over mehaten- gloomclaw path, you have to pay later much more for a garnet mythic backbreed A&A.
If you have hauheset-A&A path you have to pay full price for mythic garnet backbreed icicle .

But if you have have the Apophet-icicle way, you pay for mythic garnet backbreed 27500.
That is the real unbalance, where all pathes should be equaly.

Sadly people who choose pathes with warriors are more than arsed, and that really should not the case.


That’s why I was suggesting that as tiers get farther away from the top with new “top tier” coming out, they should be discounted as well.


I think the sapphire tier should be discounted overall since it’s fairly irrelevant for end game.

However, there is another view point that could be an issue doing so without something to balance the change. If they were to reduce the cost of Sapphire or any other tiers, I feel there needs to be some increased level cap requirements before such reductions are put in place or a higher level cap to breed them.

I say this because currently, a lot of sapphire dragons are opened around level 160-180ish (some earlier and some later of course). Now, a sapphire dragon can fly bases level 160 - 200 pretty easy, 200-220 fairly easy and even upwards of 300 if done correctly.

So, the problem is you can’t have players unlocking Garnet and Emerald teirs at level 160-180. This would be a huge problem for higher level plays (not the top of the top, but most) that were level 300-400. It would allow these lower level players to defeat their bases even at lvl 300-400.

I know this because I’m level 233 with Garnet and I have good flying abilities. I’ve cleared bases defended well in the 300’s and undefended in the 400’s using the right dragon combos for bases. I can fly any lvl 300-350 anyday, any base for the part.

It has to be fair both directions.