Breeding Progression Proposal: Tear down this (Sapphire) wall!


I got my first Garnet at 142 (frostbiter) and should have my first emerald (ferga) before 190.

The problem isn’t when you can obtain them, it takes a ton of self control to be able to stay this low and obtain dragons especially without spending an arm and a leg. I think the problem is with emerald tier’s expert level being 190. This is dreadfully unbalanced and should be well into the 200’s to more align with the tower levels.

But honestly, i’m excited of the idea of being a 190 rolling around with an expert Ferga in a month and a half :slight_smile:


Part of what I find fun about War Dragons is breeding all the dragons, and trying to make them all flyable within their appropriate ranges. Yes, a lot of you will say this is a waste of egg tokens and time, but it is not a race to be at the top for me. One thing that I do find irritating is that some of the old Divines, Samnite, Thraex etc. are nearly impossible to come by. Thus making others that would be really cool to fly (like Dimachaerus) also impossible to come by before they won’t be strong enough. Yet the breeding castle always says they are “Now Available”. But . . . then again . . . Who cares about such weak dragons, when it is always a race to the top.

Long live the lineage of flyin chicken nuggets!


I agree Mechengg. I got my garnets and sapphires very early and always have my dragon capped.

It’s not that you can’t reach it early, but it’s not very many of us that do or honestly, even less reach emerald at 190. Can you image how frustrating it would be if 90% of the player base had garnets at 142 and were attacking your lvl 300-400 bases… leaving you almost zero revenge ability because of the gap.

Lower the amount of egg tokens, increase the level caps or something to offset it. This would encourage people to build to keep up with dragons too, versus not building to let dragons catch up.


A very very very small proportion of players play like you and mech. So not really a problem imo :man_shrugging:


I agree. I’m practically 158 but I’ll be finishing my second garnet dragon when breeding rolls around. Not many players have the discipline to stop early in fort events (or practically sit them out altogether). As well as condinue to grind the heck out of those egg token missions. It’s a lot harder if you’re just an E2P player. I’d hate to imagine what the sapphire wall (and those that follow) would be like without elite.


I’m not looking forward to sapphire :weary:


you’re missing the point I think. It’s not a problem currently because very few players do play like Mech and others like us.

It would be a problem though if the value was lowered so that almost everyone had sapphire/garnets early, versus very few having them.


I am with @Grumpybigbird on this one. Need to take a look at when folks are breeding Gold let alone Platinum dragons. The minimum-level rockstars are definitely in the minority.


It takes a lot of discipline to keep your self lined up with the “Rulith Intense” column on Red’s Dragon check in :laughing:


That’s what I’m trying to do :stuck_out_tongue: Gonna take a while to catch up on it, but I’m in no hurry. I just wanna enjoy the ride ^.^


I do want to clarify this was not supposed to be the only idea to fix costs, just to allow more freedom in paths. I have other stuff cooking for costs >_>


Is it really practical to play in such a way? I’ve noticed that things seem to get easier to obtain the higher you get. That being egg tokens, xp, etc. So why limit yourself and consciously make it take 10x longer? This game is all about reaching points that lead up to an end. I think minor changes to dragon breeding for Sapphire and Garnet should be done, with some pit stops to force people to balance out a little bit, but apart from that keep it as is. We all got through it one way or another and lived to tell the tale.


A majority of players having to “sit out” during fortification to keep from overleveling when they aren’t even halfway through game progression sounds broken imo.


For free players, yes. This means ALL of their resources goes to breeding instead of building.


Yeah, but when you’re a lower level you can actually get your dragons strong enough to get your max xp a lot sooner. I only need to kill about 50% of the attack towers in the 312 base for max xp. Was able to start doing that at lvl 20 with Avyx when I flew him carefully (granted he needs boosts in order to get there). If I were higher level, I’d have to rely on my team a lot longer to get my dragons up to running themselves.


This statement is pretty inaccurate. The only thing you directly benefit from is xp earned.

You don’t get increased egg tokens or other items from levels. If anything, you get MORE items playing this way because you get more chest on runs attacking higher level bases.


Thank you @TheRedDelilah and @LizDrakemoor, it was a genuine question because while I’ve seen this playing style, it seems to put too much weight and pressure on building events when requirements with level need to be met with leveling dragons or storage.

And Lethal, I didn’t say that you get extra egg tokens, but that they become easier to earn through events and Atlas. I would say that your statement concerning chests isn’t completely accurate, leveling during fort events doesn’t determine how many bases you attack therefore how many chests are obtained. The two hardly correlate.


Sorry then. Your comment about this “play style”, I thought was referring to playing the game this way, nothing to do with fort events specifically.


Actually, I agree that it DOES make things easier as it allows you to perform well, maybe not exceptionally well, but well enough in ALL of the event types, Fortification included. That grants more sigils, which grants more season prizes, more stuff, more progression.

I originally started out forcing myself to expert every dragon I bred, even the useless breeders, several of which are called to be experted in some “guides”. I purposely didn’t level much in some events, couldn’t breed what I had tokens for because I was stuck doing Xp run after Xp run on a dragon just to get him to breeding, and all so what, I could be a level 125 (or whatever it was, it’s been a while) flying Garnets? Why?! The game came to an almost standstill.

Yes, the Sapphire, Garnet, and Emerald walls suck the life out of you. But they are EXTREMELY worse if you stop leveling and progressing and just sit and grind Xp at barely 1/2 of what used to be max xp.

The best thing I ever did was blast to, what was it, 184? Since then, sure, I’ve calmed wayyyy down on leveling, but find everything is much easier, especially when you have 200+s still flying Platinums and I’m happily playing many less HOURS a day grinding, building up tokens to breed my last Garnet and move into Emerald.

Purposely sandbagging events to stop progression is absurd, provided you at least have a decently strong roster. Oh, I guess I should add that I’ve since felt the need/impulse to spend a lot less since I let the reins loose and leveled a bit more. So I dunno, to each his/her own I guess. What is “right” or “recommended” for some may not work for others…


I agree with you here. That being said, there’s lots of play styles and people play for different reasons. Mech wants to have expert emeralds at 190, good on him! Others want max seasonals and key dragons as early as possible (that’s me) so we play that way. Yet others only focus on seasonals so they play their way. No right or wrong imo as long as you’re enjoying this game (stressed as a reminder that it is just a game! :joy:)