Breeding-PVP-Fortification-PVP is boring cycle

please add a surprise event, we cant be like this forever. i suggest feeding :blush:


3 minor events in a row was so obnoxious. Minor > PvP > Minor is good, we just need better PvPs. I’d suggest brutally murdering Kingdom Wars and bringing back the Assault event


Yes please…

No please…


Surprise event to replace a PVP :slight_smile: One that is NOT breeding :upside_down_face:


Did you not get the memo that feeding is flying away? :roll_eyes::man_facepalming:t3::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth: please use the search button next time :slight_smile:


Feeding would be great, anything is better then boring pvp events


For the love of dragons, please, please, PLEASE let this not turn into another bring back feeding thread. The horse is dead, let it go.


:man_shrugging: Why was it ever 3 minor? We have enough PvP events.

Edit: not to be in the cycle, maybe once a year around Christmas/New Years break period, but something new.

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even if feeding hadn’t been axed…it’s not time for feeding. bit early peeps

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What about Xp event? It would be a great event to level up your dragons and get points. It also won’t be a “Get-don-in-30 minutes-and-wait-for-the-next-event” type thing either. (Logically speaking because things could get messed up) You also get more time to save up for breeding or fort, though three weeks is a pretty long time.



Sounds amazing, and interesting. I’d love to see it!


There is no money to be made from the xp event, so it will never return.

PG can retain xp transfer mechanic to monetize them

Greed over customer satisfaction? If that’s PG’s game then so much for the player happiness initiative they floated…

Feed event was an easy event for rubies and other goodies. The only players that seem to be complaining about it are the big spenders who dump money into any new dragon leaving nothing for themselves during a feed event. Too bad, so sad.

I hated feeding because of the artificial strain it put on the food economy. People getting “easy points” by feeding breeder dragons and perches made it that much harder to find food to feed useful dragons. It was, in my opinion, a useless event that was neither fun nor particularly useful toward game progression.

The ONLY reason people wanted it was to get easy siguls for the damned seasonal dragons, which are TRUELY what have ruined the game.

Of course, that’s just my opinion. I could be wrong…


How about using something different?

Perhaps a medal count event within leagues. You could either have it as existing medals or just use the underlying system for an event rebadging the event medals as ‘War medals’ or something. Have to be taken in league.
Or a ‘flames’ count. Neither are taken from other players so don’t disappear after the first hour like food did or lumber does. Feeding was a rubbish event.

Of course it would be ruined by the need to monetise, probably by only counting when using energy, IF for double, and riddiculous megas.

If you are a ‘newsness junkie’ you’re tired of the game. It can’t do new stuff, just shuffle about the same old dragon flying against bases.

True, one COULD still spend rubies to transfer xp, but I don’t think that counted for points in the old version. Pretty much the only “expendable” players needed to buy would have been heal potions.

People could spend rubies to buy the 200% increased Xp thing and that costs a good amount. They could also add something that’s like energy in pvps but instead it’s like a Xp multiplier like the daily ones, but it would cost something like rubies or something that could get them more money.

If players saved their best dragons for feed event then they were doing it wrong. I would never save my useful dragons for that event. The best way I found to use feed event was to save the crappy dragons I would never actually fly in battle for the feed event. On the other hand, I constantly fed my fighting dragons every chance I had.

It was not a difficult event and for those with atlas, shouldn’t have been a huge strain on food resources.

PG got rid of feed once before only to bring it back. It will be back again.

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