Breeding Sapphire Question

Breeding question… Since tokens are discounted on this event, what should I get first?

  1. Chompa and Gorgonus to breed Mehaten (for my Perch) or
  2. Breed Apophet
    Thanks for any input… Always valuable…

You’ll get Mehaten for free if you followed Red’s Icicle path (when doing Kyrule)

Tks… that would be Icicle 1 or 4?


This part confuses me… What discount are you talking about specifically for this Breeding event? Did I miss some announcement? I didn’t feel I spent less tokens for my breeding (not Sapphire tier though) than Red’s paths estimations… :thinking:

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Usually breed once is 20 tokens, right? Now is 7 tokens only… or am I mistake?

Oh you just entered the Tier discount. This is a permanent discount for the tiers onward, not just this week event :wink:

That’s normal then! Enjoy your discounted breeding costs! :blush:


Ahhhh… even more excuse to get apophet rsrs

Just as a FYI, as you approach the most recent tiers (closer to endgame) the discount will decrease gradually, so don’t get surprised when your breeding suddenly cost a bit higher.

For instance breeding with Harbinger parents is currently at 15 tokens/egg fragment. By the time you get to it though it is likely you will breed them discounted a bit further.

Good luck with your breeding!

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Another question arose… I’m close to have Iteru breedable… so Looking at icicle, I also have the option to breed Hauheset this event… any guidance please, because I will probably have the tokens for either Hau or apophet, not both… tkssss

In my opinion Apophet would be better as it gives you Sapphire eggs for your hut, so you uncap your towers for next fort. I depends on whether or not your base level is appropriate for your breeding and on your tower levels.

Both are nice to get early, but I’d get Apo.

:warning: Don’t use mystic frags! You need 12 eggs for your hut and 1 for your blimp at least! Extra for research. :warning:

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I’d go Apophet for builders hut eggs unless you are really looking forward to playing around with Hau

Tks for all advices… Went with Apo, specially for the eggs… right now down 400 out 1000 lol

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Both are very enjoyable dragons for different reasons. Hauheset is one of the best dragons of the gsme, but very tricky. Apo is great with a nice combination of spells.
I’ve enjoyed Apo a lot. Still enjoying in Temple Raid
Saph was a good tier

Kardul said it better


Tier-based discount, what else? :man_facepalming:t2:

Considering the person they quoted said “for this event” - it was a valid question to ask what discount, since tier based discounting isn’t event based.


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