Breeding should be a tree like research


Not sure if it’s just me but wouldn’t the breeding system be easier to understand if it were more like the research tree. Where you could see quickly what dragons/levels it takes to breed another dragon. Right now it just says you don’t have the parents. But doesn’t tell you what parents you need? Also the “breedable” level designation is only viewed under training for each dragon. Would be nice to have it all under a single place.

Even just make a chart to open and look at all the levels and info? That should be simple…

Just a thought…


Part of the fun is trying to figure out what is needed for the next dragon. The only reason there are breeding guides was due to players putting the information together for other players. Its not supposed to be simple.

Why does everyone just want the “easy route” these days. Whatever happened to playing the game and making the discoveries for ourselves.

Not to mention many dragons have multiple options for parents. It would be extremely hard to list all the variations in a tree format. imo


there are several combination to breed a dragon. all you need to do is to find a breeding guide to help you get the next best dragon faster. And remember, you don’t have to get all the dragons in the same tier to proceed further.
@TheRedDelilah @RedStash could easily narrate you through one of her breeding plans


What you’re asking for is literally a breeding path like the ones I make.


Didn’t you literally make a breeding tree in the old forums to illustrate the sapphire wall? Put that on here and see if he thinks that is easier to use than your breeding guides xD
Edit: found it! This bad boy:
Edit 2: link is broken :confused:


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