Breeding - Some Questions

Hey Guys,
I’ve got decent points in breeding events (I spend around 80k-160k tokens per breed give or take) so far following the path strictly and pre planning and saving up tokens beforehand. I have a couple questions for the experts.

  1. Is there a good way to get tokens fast? Like using rubies to refresh balloon missions. How do you guys farm tokens when there are steps that require 200k+ tokens?
  2. I am flabbergasted looking at the point requirements. To get the 150k point achievement (450 sigils), do you guys use 3,000,000 egg tokens?

I do apologize in advance if my questions are dumb and I’m wasting your time. And thank you for any responses.

  1. Ruby for speeding up 1h mission, only Ember + Ryuu in Roster, and easy towers (e.g. 1 archer, 4 Farms/mills). @mechengg is the expert in this case.
  2. Currently, it’s 1 egg token for 1 points / 1 mystic fragment for 400 points. Never think about ruby breeding.

You could get quite a few tokens doing Atlas missions by using riders. For missions you either need rider with gear (the better gear, the higher mission can be used, which will give more tokens), or “tickets” - items with stars from Atlas seasonal branches. To start mission using a ticket, you don’t need any gear on your rider. Atlas seasonal branches are yet another source of extra tokens by itself.

Up to 3 missions can run simultaneously, each of them lasts for 12 hours. Note: once you start a mission, the dragon to which the rider is bound will be unavailable for 12 hours. So find 3 spare riders, bind them to blue or violet dragons (not red, since they are useful for quests like "join 10 times using warrior), and use them for missions. Or use decent riders with gear if there is no need in them at the moment.

Do buildings in your base also affect the egg missions?

Only building appeared in your base (except maybe Archer Tower) will appear in egg mission. The number of the building also affect how many you need to destroy.

Yes, I do use 3 spare riders with random gear for rider missions and use my tickets whenever they are available. I’m glad I got something right by only doing egg token missions and not the other 2. :smiley:

Oh I did not know that. Thank you for the information.

Also something I had all wrong by taking 20 tokens for 1 point… :sweat_smile:

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Since we are at seasons end did you go for egg boost? Flying ember is tedious so at least the 100% is good.

However there are cases when you might want to skip it, like mine in this season: as an E2P I wanted UVS and my breeding would be slower as I was in middle of obsidian and 80lvls until lvl 300 to breed harbs. I only bred 1 per breeding and scored 180k points each. And still have 240k eggs with all the gold boxes opened at beginning

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Yes I did go for the 100% at the start of the season.

If possible, (and you’ve reach your main target), complete until the last prize before 125%. Might help for next season (especially PvP).

Okay, will keep that in mind. Since the next breeding is going to be at the start of next season, this might actually be what I end up doing. Getting the 125% at the start and then save up till week 8 for all the paths to be revealed.

I think depends on next event (the last of Winterjol.)
If it’s Feeding*, most likely the following event will be PvP (followed by breeding).

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That answers a lot of questions. I did not notice the Geek out X button till today. Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

I would hope not, they have done this twice before in history, but you’d think they have learned not to break the normal cadence for no reason whatsoever after the debacle last fall.

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