Breeding this week. No thread yet?

Ha ha… sorry, that’s the hard truth. We can’t have enough. Lol… that’s how these chests comes handy pays back.

I am pretty much looking for the discount period to open all chests and few on breeding event.


Whale for the win

  1. So what are you breeding?

Have 6 breeding stages this time…starting with Rizar and ending with Sek and Scor in sapphire. With extra tokens I might go back and breed Dodopyr

  1. What are you looking forward to most about AFTERMATH?

I would love to get an Invoker so I can learn to fly them (also NEXT breeding I will have Hau)


Research eggs :heart: (It’s actually what I look forward to most as opposed to breeding new dragons)

ALL OF IT! :smiley:


Just getting IKTi this event, seasons with 4 breeds get tough at the end :grimacing:

I’m actually pretty excited Axi is coming back, I’ll probably get her even if just to have her in my den :heart_eyes: As always though, a new season is something a bit more fresh which is super exciting!


…because dyslexia :slightly_frowning_face:


Look at that, I am a bit dyslexic lol. Good catch!

cheap Ikti (33,5K), 25 Garnet research eggs and 19 Emerald eggs

All for 254k event points

About Aftermath, im excited to know the spells and details to be honest…


I’m not sure yet if I should breed Bilge and Medusys or dump 500k tokens on research and partially breed Bilge. I’m so close of the +1 hunter ammo (harbinger) and I want it so badly. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

And I’m looking forward for the mythic hunter


Are you done with this season? If not, then spend tokens on dragons. Closer you get to end game tier easier to hit max base. Research is very essential but you could happily do it when you are one lesser than End game tier


I’m done with the season at this point, but I have a feeling PG will release an exotic glyph/rune this week, so I may need some extra sigils. I guess I’ll decide after event is live

My take on this is that you should wait on most research for when you catch up. Research is for adding power, but going from legendary divines to mythic divines you’re going to be able to hit higher leveled towers harder than +1 ammo would help you do.

Also, research gets cheaper every time a new tier is out and new discounts are applied. So if you think you’ll eventually catch up, then research will be cheaper at that time than it is now. For building research we all just saw how earth flak research is now useless compared to the C.O., so that’s another reason to wait until you’re close to end game.


I totally agree with you, the thing here is I cant even evolve my divines to (legendary) abyssal tier until I reach lvl 442 (lvl 461 for mythic abyssal), so breeding an abyssal mythic at this point won’t help my divines to get stronger. I’m level 437 right now and I won’t reach lvl 442 until next fort, and lvl 461 two forts from now. That’s why I’m considering investing on research.

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In that case then yes, I’d suggest going with the research. As long as it won’t set you behind, which it sounds like it won’t, then it seems like a helpful investment for now. Planning ahead is really going to help though, mythics from abyssal on are insanely expensive.


If you ask me what I’d be wanting is all of it. :joy::joy::joy: all of abyssal now and all of Aftermath :rofl::rofl::rofl: but we all know how that works out almost all the time if you aren’t a whale


Lolss I just tried that this season (Celestial Rift)! Thought I’d try a different approach than usual & opened every branches & claimed up to certain lines with keys where sigil costs are (somehow) cheaper! I only completed the Mission bonus while the rest are almost if not halfway! I wanted to check if I could unlock a Mythic in a weird way! I did & got Xul, and still have 1 event left for this season so that means extra sigils for me that I can freely use claiming for rss for next season! Lolss I won’t definitely recommend my approach I just got lucky to have managed everything! Oh well the goal is to unlock & get a Mythic (if not both)! :joy: :sweat_smile:

Next season, Im not getting a mythic for sure sadly! That’s why I’m focusing to only 1 branch (maybe?)! RL is calling back again & gotta to do lots of work there! Sigh… I’m picking Ikkumma! I wanna experiment with invokers until I get tired of them! Lolss


EVERYTHING. Bring on the new season. :tada: :partying_face:


Research eggs until the new tier drops. Gonna go back and do the obsidian research I skipped over and probably some vanguard eggs also

Im hoping for a season to be excited about again. I really have not been overly excited for any season since last summer. Celestial Rift was especially disappointing and wasnt very fun. I want to be excited again.
I want Kinnarix to be good but I know better at this point.


Unfortunately abyssal dragons are not particularly powerful so the only use for them is to evolve divines. I’ll go with research for this time as it won’t set me behind on breeding. Thank you for your advice!


Maybe you should go to a better team in a higher league with better castle payouts to maximize your daily bokens. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

On topic: Breeding research eggs and eagerly anticipating the arrival of the mythic ice hunter.


Just research cause it’s gonna cost a fortune to change path