Breeding tips for platinum tier and further

Hello Guys,

I went through red and superman breed guides. Appreciate creators effort for putting it for the community.

At this moment I’m ready with Kelvin,Kaiju and Kulan in breedable lvl.
I should be around 230 K token + 500 mystic fragments at breeding event.
XP Potions - approx. 4 M
Base level 114. 126 lvl is planned in next fortification.
Max XP for solo run is 21.3 K.
Elite account+100% token boost
Approx. 200-300 bronze chest farming during 5 event days

I considered time in incubator, research discount and making dragon breedbable till next breed event and also optimal use of speedup. I always make sure that castle and incubator as final fortification towers upgrade in order them to be ready at breed event time.

Need some advise and comments if I need to improve anything.

Breed 1
Pandi+Kelvin Necura 40K (Hatch ASAP)
Sekorons+Necura Vulcan,Rizar 64K (Hatch Vulkan in 5 days, Put Rizar in Incubator)
Should I use fragments for Vulkan as Rizar will be available later in Breed 3?

Breed 2
Kelvin+Vulkan Sekham 125K (Hatch ASAP)
Kelvin+Kaiju Anapa 125K (Hatch in 14 days)

Breed 3
Anapa+Sekham Apophet 200K (Hatch ASAP)
Anapa+Apophet Quetz,Rizar 64K

Breed 4
Kelvin+Quetz Chompa 127K
Rizar+Quetz Iteru 125K

Breed 5
Apophet +Chompa Renard 143K
Apophet+ Iteru Jul 143K

Breed 6
Jul+Renard Hauheset 28K
Kaiju+ Quetz Gorgonous 127K

Breed 7
Hauheset+Gorgonous Ursa 143K
Ursa+Jul Icicle 231K

Have a nice day reader.


You’re basically on Red’s sek/khrysos path:

Once you got rizar and Vulcan you can switch to any of her sapphire paths.



No, you should not use fragments. You want to use fragments when it will save you the most amount of tokens. Using frags on a plat legendary only saves you 160 tokens per frag. Using frags on saph legendaries save you 250 tokens per frag. If you want to see it broken down, see the below shared folder.

@Lutrus I have a question regarding platinum, well I need advice. I went Sek & Con for Gold leg. I have Kulan, Kaiji and kelvin but Kelvin still isn’t done incubating and I am a level 102. I can’t really breed anything that I need during next breeding event. Do you have any suggestion for going off path. i would like Quetz or Rizar because I know they are main breeders. I just can’t sit this one especially with the new season, even though it’s nothing to be excited about… yet

I can’t in good conscience recommend going off path. I especially want to discourage getting quetz as a straight up breed, bc you’ll get him as a back breed for <10k tokens vs 64k. You’ll get rizar and Vulcan in 2 breeds (step 38 of the sek cons path).
I would honestly say save your eggs. I don’t know how many eggs you make breed to breed, but if you look at the saph paths, each breed is 125k, with 200k for the mythics, and there isn’t a whole lot of opportunity to save tokens on top of getting your saph dragons. So I’ll put it this way, you can sit out this breed, or you can sit out later breeds for not having enough.
One possible legitimate option is to look at how many tokens you need for the next 3-4 months, see how many tokens you make on average each month, and then and only then, determine if you have enough for research eggs. Would highly recommend the green rage and hunter ammo.
I remember when I was where you were at, I would have to jump 12 player levels just to be able to make drags able to be breedable. After 136 you can slow down on the leveling, but it’s kind of intense till then.



NEVER go off path, unless it’s to a better path.

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I really tried to push myself to 108 during this fortification I was at 91 but I ran out of timers. I usually make 90-100k in token in-between breeding events and I have the token boost now which I’ve never gotten in the past. So, I should be getting more. Since I am in Platinum do you recommend me going for Oche or just spend a few tokens for research eggs? If you recommend egg token which are the best parents for green? How did you know I was still in green :eyes:

There aren’t any guides better than yours lets be honest. It is the only one clear enough for a rookie to read and understand. I’m not saying that because I am talking to you directly I’m being honest. i recommend your paths to EVERYONE!

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I would just save those tokens babe, you’ll need the excess when you get to mythics (200k+)

:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:Okay I’ll sit out. Thank you for the advice.

My opinion, based on my experience, is that platinum tier flies by, what maybe 2-3 months? Then you have saph drags and divines making your plat drags except for rizar and kelvin obsolete. I would be very opposed to getting ochre and in the long run, those eggs would better spent in research :slight_smile:

Aren’t we all? xD

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That’s right :smile: I’m going to sit out during the next breeding event I have no choice you guys raised some good points. I just don’t understand why there is such a large gap, 91 or 92-108/ Then at 108 you can breed a few levels. I’ve done so well with keeping on task. That’s why I’m in this situation, but I don’t want to start straying now.

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You don’t have to sit out completely. Look at the token prizes on the individual tiers and you can actually make some tokens by spending a little. You should be able to get a couple hundred sigil for a relatively small loss in your token count. And go for research eggs as it was pointed out breeding certain dragons now gives you no benefit if you can breed it for cheaper later on whereas research is always the same cost.

And from there you need to weigh the token cost to the next sigil tier and decide if it’s worth the egg tokens. Just remember tokens are gold from here on out, spend wisely.

And if you are having trouble weighing the cost in tokens, think of it as spending rubies by running egg missions over and over. Put it in ruby cost so you don’t think you are losing tokens.

This is an old breakdown as you can use ember to reduce the heal pot consumption . . .

I appreciate the spreadsheet. Thank you for your option. I’m weighing a lot still. I think I’m going to push myself to 108 so i don’t have to sit out. It is only worth doing this if Kelvin and kailju are breedable and they currently sit at 8. I just got the token boost for the first time so I will see how that helps my amount. Someone else on my team also recommended the research eggs. He said if he wasn’t always playing catch up he would use some tokens for research eggs.

I recommend not using tokens for research eggs unless you have left out some important research in orange tier or have too many tokens. You will get some spare eggs even while breeding what you want, which i recommend to use.
Unless you are close to next event prize or too important a research, don’t ever spend tokens for research over breeding.

I can’t breed that is the problem. Well, I can’t breed anything I need to move further through the line. I don’t think I’m going to go the research method anyways. I was hoping there was a way to bypass. :sob::sob:

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