Breeding tokens cost

Hi…autobreeding and instant breed cost same tokens or any difference.

Same cost in breeding tokens for both. Only difference is that one is instantly finished, the other one you have to wait and watch the egg tokens being spent (usually in batches of 20 eggs/egg fragments—not to be confused with 20 breeding tokens—unless you are breeding one egg at a time).


I was under the impression that there could be a very small difference in breeding costs either up or down with auto breeding?

(Due to RNG rolling for each egg vs pre determined outcome doing it in one go assuming you have eggs to complete in one go)

Cost the same :white_check_mark:

Just be careful when the amount of tokens you have is less than what they ask for, as it will make up for it with rubies, and you can go broke in a second :cold_sweat:

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The cost can be different, it’s just a matter of like .5%. The margin of error really isn’t going to get any larger than that. Still, I would not want to sit through 15 minutes of auto breeding lol.

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Especially if its 0.5% not in your favour!

I’d much rather spend an extra 1k tokens than letting the app sitting for 15-20 minutes. :laughing:


Actually auto-breed is the option that costs 0-380 extra tokens… Instant breed is basically a very fast autobreed that also stops at the exact right spot, even in the middle of a page.


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