Breeding tokens not giving points

I have bred using tokens as well as using gems to get more points but afterwards when checking to see my points I haven’t received any points for the tokens and gems used! I can not access the “help” in game so I am unable to send a ticket… Anyone else have the same issue or advise on what I should do?

Sometimes it takes a little time for your score to catch up, I’d try rebooting your game. Why can’t you access the help? Or what happens when you try, I mean?

My points have never taken over an hour to show up, so I’m sure something went wrong. When I click on HELP it just says “can’t connect”
I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling and still the same.

@PGJared I think is the one I’m supposed to be tagging?

Thanks, this is the first time I’m using the forums as I couldn’t send a ticket i was unsure of who to contact or what to do. Hope someone can help me.

If he’s not the right person to tag, he’ll at the least come make fun of me for tagging the wrong person, and hopefully also tag the right person. Hope your problem gets resolved soon!

Get your support id from the gear > about tab, then open a ticket via

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You can also use Either link will work. Just use them in a mobile, tablet, or desktop browser.

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