Breeding tokens

So its alot of help the player from pg which im thankful for example 3x wood production during fort helps alot…no more chipping for tooth picks to build…but suggestion or 2…first how about 3x egg mission payout during breeding event only…second is packs…$9.99 for 10k tokens example but do a 10 20 50 100 pack only available during breeding…yes pg makes money but i beleive its a fair deal compared to some of the packs they sell…at least you know what and why you are spending money on them…opinions are welcome on this topic

For Egg token pack…
Standard value is

  • 1 egg token for 4 rubies
  • 1,5k rubies for $10 (375)
  • 3,5k rubies for $20 (875)
  • 8k rubies for $50 (2,000)
  • 20k rubies for $100 (5,000)

Cost-wise it’s a very good value (min 95% discount)…

Why would you cut the cost in their favor…if you only had token packs no chests timers rubies etc it should be 10k tokens for ten dollars and so forth you are only cutting into extras no rubies no chests added just tokens

No, I used standard “buy token” mechanic and “buy rubies” without discount as comparison.
That’s why I said that $10 for 10k egg token is a very good offer due to over 95% discount.

My apologies i mis read your statement…appreciate the work on you calculating cost

Haha goodness me I seriously hope nobody is buying those :joy:

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