Breeding Vulcan

While breeding Cerbero and Nosfer, there are 2 legendary eggs. Which one would be that will hatch Vulcan. The 400 legendary or the 250 legendary??


The 400 is Vulcan. :t_rex:

Thank you Hellraptor :smile:

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You can look it up at (forum link for ref).

This is Vulcan, which shows “Fragments: 400” at the top, as hellraptor answered :slight_smile:

Nice. This dragon Manager is of great Help. Thanks forScience! :smile:

Hint. Tap the egg, and it will show the title of the dragon…


You can also tap on Vulcan’s portrait in the breeding castle to see what his egg looks like so you can be sure to incubate the proper egg.


this pair also give kelvin as legendary platinum

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You should make sure you are following a breeding guide. I know it has helped in figuring out what i am breeding.

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