Breeding Week 9 Lotus Bloom

Festive ? Eldritch mythics ? We have no idea yet . What are u breeding this week ?

Credits to : @PoseidonPQ for this poster hahahaha


Per the twitter post… Eldritch mythics are coming this week (at the very least) info on that tomorrow :wink:


Tuktu, redrian and maybe some (meth)alex :smirk::woozy_face:

That is great to hear lol , I might need to get readyy to update my breed path

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This is what pg said

I know I have that in the excel file already but with Nameless drags lol


“Tweet tweet”


Vexa (though won’t be able to hatch for 2 months)

Would be nice to see the prices for the mythics. Guess it will be a bit more than the abyssal mythics…

Maybe over 1 M tokens :joy: my guess is always wrong tho

Finishing Caeryss and Caldur but wont be able to hatch them until after next fort

Legendary costs were same as the Abyssal legendaries so I would think the mythics will be the same cost as the Abyssal mythics (without discounts)

Err research eggs this time.

Because although I went all in to reach 435 (and did it) I still can not bread, because no spare timers for incubator upgrade, then speeding up two Abyssal eggs I have to level them and breed the other Abyssal.

Any reason why info wasn’t released on them at least when their normal stream times would’ve been last week. I’m sure the info on them would’ve been pretty locked up by then. It seems as of late the info is given last minute.

@PGGalileo @PGLawson @PGrdm in case you all would like to comment on that.

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The info always comes out the week of release. They dont do the twitch previews anymore so we havent gotten any pre-blog previews on anything since the start of this season

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We will be starting up Twitch previews again as soon as we’re all allowed back in the office, so hopefully it’ll be more obvious when we’re releasing new content in the future.


That’s great to hear. Will you be doing the streams or will someone else?

Whoever does them, I’d suggest having a sign that you can hold up. One said saying “submit a support ticket” and the other side that just says “NO!” for the 20,000 times you’ll be asked if Feeding is coming back or if past seasonal dragons/evolution stones are coming back.


The previews stopped because of the current pandemic with the stay at home requirements. But they could’ve still released the data prior to this week on the days the previews would’ve taken place.

Finishing Lucian :smiley:

Then Oculex but lvl locked as well

Breeding Mythic Eldr this event maybe some research if possible.

It will be me!