Brilliant Idea: Recycle Towers instead of giving FREE STUFF AWAY


So with the revelation that PG is giving away max towers and vangaurd dragons away to people who have left the game … presumably BIG SPENDERS to entice them back in and get them hooked again…

So here’s a brilliant idea… WHY NOT JUST LET US RECYCLE OUR FREAKING TOWERS??? Why give free stuff away to a small group of select people? Why not give everyone the ability to recycle their towers to keep them from getting burnt out and annoyed to the point they quit the game? Why not be proactive???

These people have spent tons. They have level 50 and 60 cannons and trebuchets and a dozen lightning towers. Why not give them the opportunity to cash in their existing stuff?

I’m a big spender and I have accumulated a lot of useless junk. Why not let me and others recycle our towers? I know it’s been asked a million times but enough is enough. Want to keep people really interested in the game? Let them benefit from all their past hard work instead of letting them walk away and giving them freebies. That’s just a slap in the face to all your other players and proof you are clueless.

—/-- Added —/–
Just charge rubies to scrap a tower. Give them virtual wood, virtual shards, etc… no points to use in fort event… and use those virtual rss to build something new with zero timers. You keep the same level you’re at but you get new towers instead of old. Charge like 35,000 rubies or something to scrap a level 60 trebuchet — that’s basically like $100 so the cost would be steep and PG could still profit (because we know they will never do anything if there is not profit in it for them) … but it would be worth it for many people.


Well said brother!


Thanks… and if they are really worried everyone is going to cash in everything in 1 shot and stop spending for the next 6 months… then make a weekly cap or something for how much can be recycled. That way the user feels like all their junk has value and they keep playing the game for many more weeks and hopefully longer. Problem solved. Everyone is happy.


Exactly! And give it all in packs too… so u can save it if u want for hard times :grin:


I agree but apparently to those of the PG does not seem to give a shit.


Why not bump up the other 100 threads that all contain the same information? Right now there are hundreds of discussions going on and keeping things in LARGE threads just seems like a better idea so they are easy to reference


What about the ones that built right in the beginning that dont have extra or useless buildings to recycle? lol. How does this help everyone? :thinking:


You’ve been as sassy as I feel the last few days. :rofl:


I wanted to officially register my suggestion in the suggestions section :smiley:

Ps hope you don’t end up leaving the game before I do lol


PG Answered this, but I’m too lazy to find the link in the 1000 other threats on the exact same suggestion… so let me paraphrase.
Players earn prizes for building during fort events. If players are allowed to recycle towers, this would create an infinite loop for big spenders. Build an Ice Flak, Recycle an Ice Flak, repeat…


But if you ask the same question for the 4,936,765th time, maybe, just maybe, they’ll say yes, just this once.


That doesn’t make sense. Build to recycle ratio obviously won’t be 1 to 1. So you’d be wasting tons of materials and timers, both rather scarce to gain points on a single event at the cost of progress in general.

If someone wants to make that high-lvl progress even slower by wasting shards and timers on fortification drain loops, let them enjoy their 1200 sigils in peace.

Also: new towers devalue old towers and inflate defence numbers for older players. Letting them recycle brings defence stats back to actual base strength which can then be used to fix god damned Atlas mechanics.

So yeah, yay recycling!


Honestly they just need to give the old towers some enhancments, research it, somethin


If you don’t know how PG works…
If PG introduced recycling, and even if you got just 10% back, PG would offset everything else by the same amount.
10% Recycle = 10% higher point requirements in Fort, and 10% higher xp requirements to level, and …


Yay another thread about it.

Question to @SirYoYo

What do i get back when I cash in a tower?

Wood? Embers? Timers?

What happens to the base xp? Will I lose my levels?

Will I fall from 388 to 360?

What happens to the dragons who needed lv 387 to be expert? Will they lose levels too?

What happens if I build wood towers in event and recycle them right away? Will I max events with building lv 1 ice and fire turrets only?

Questions over questions.

Looking forward to your answers


That’s only relevant for towers that are build and in storage right now. You implied a feedback loop with ‘free’ points. Those points won’t be free, they’ll make your progress in general costs X% more timers and rss. The worst that happens is that they give those with a lot in storage (long time players/spenders) a one time present. That sounds very much like PG to me tbh. Small prize to pay for getting an excuse to keep developing new towers that people will want to spend on.


Good questions, but not unanswerable ones.

  • You get 50% timers
  • You get 50% resources (both arbitrary numbers, just easy numbers)
  • Recycling substracts 100% original XP
  • You can’t recycle if it will delevel you. Meaning you’ll first have to build up some XP within your current level if you want to recycle.
  • Other points regarding levels are void
  • You’ll gain +50% point efficiency during fortification and -50% progress efficiency per timer spend. Seems like a fair trade-off to me.


So I can Max fort event and never level up.

There’s just so much wrong with that…


Why? Seems like a choice very few people would make. Would you give up progress for reaching max season rewards in Forti event, something that’s quite reachable without recycling?

Or idk, lets make it even easier: You can’t recycle during fort. Non existing problem solved?


The system, even as broke as it is, is fairly balanced as it is now.

You get stuff for doing well in events. Downside is you level up. If you level up too fast, you outpace your dragons. You outpace your dragons, you stop building. The system is designed to encourage even, balanced growth. What you are suggesting is a way to circumvent that completely. Oops, I overleveled my base for my dragons. No problem, I can be a level whatever forever, it just costs me timers, which depending on my level, I can earn far more of than I need to expend to max fort events.

Just no.

Enough already with the dumbass ideas for one night.