Brilliant Idea: Recycle Towers instead of giving FREE STUFF AWAY


These seems to be useless towers are useful for those higher ups, as they need a large amount of exp.


Yea truthfully I’m not sure why anyone really even attempts at suggestions to help the game… honestly if it’s not a suggestion regarding what the senior players want or issues that have been beat to death with still no results… they want no part of it and only have negative feedback to offer…whether it’s good or bad it’s just instant shoot downs… I feel if most of these senior players that are so negative if they dont wanna indulge new ideas and focus on all the old…why not just make your own game as it seems “some” of these seem to know way more then the people who actually make the game… or so they make it appear :joy:
I say if u really want change get advice from the newer player base as much of the older one has either stopped spending or is fed up with the game…

Probably best to delete the forums and go back to just playing the game tbh for as long as it lasts…
Like Odin said in a previous post… most of comments on forums focuses around the negative sooo… adios :metal:


That will be up to each individual to decide.


I said you implied it. Might have misunderstood but you talk about spenders, not about spending. And about an infinite loop, which means recycle > build > recycle > build ad infinitum. That would be free points right? Except that you won’t retrieve 100% rss and timers from recycling so it’s neither a loop, nor is it infinite.

But let me get it straight, semantics aside. You are afraid that big spender, people that shouldn’t really have a problem hitting the max prize during fortification, will hit the maximum prize during fortification?


This is the suggestion subforum. Someone made a suggestion, someone else reacts with arguments, I suggest to alter the idea to circumvent those arguments.

  • Argument against recycling giving trouble with levels. >>> You can’t recycle when it delevels you. You’re lvl 300, and are 100.000 XP into lvl 301, you can only recycle towers worth up to 99.999 XP, problem solved.

  • Well you still gain some % of timers and rss back, basically ‘for free’ (not rly since you alrdy earned them) that will help you getting the XP into things that have actual vallue.

  • Firstly, yes this will allow for correcting fort mistakes. At a rather high cost I’d say (50% of timers and rss lost). But what’s bad about that? Also most players, at least at first will recycle towers that PG has rendered obsolete. They’re not fixing their own mistakes, it’s fixing PG’s lack of game mechanics.

  • You’re right, it doesn’t. Just inflates level. My bad.


Do you ever read the forums and see one player arguing a point of view, and every other player tells them they are wrong, but they just can’t see it, and they argue and argue, and try every angle until eventually everyone else gives up and they end up the last poster?
It’s not because they’re right, it’s because they’re insufferable.
That’s you.


Isn’t even my suggestion :sweat_smile: I don’t care how many times you’ve demotivated other players with your faulty objections. You said something that doesn’t make sense and instead of defending it and explaining it further you throw ad hominems. You do you buddy.


I’d be on board with this. But I’m not severely overleveled. So any move in this direction will just make bases harder without giving more disciplined builders much benefit.

Edit: wouldn’t benefit disciplined builders until whatever replaces flaks comes out.


I just wanna ba able to see the team chat in the event page. Is there another thread for that…:joy::joy:


I’d take cash, $1 a tower


Try search, or create a new one.

As I’ve said before.
With such low max level, it doesn’t have any purpose other than fixing too long base, which I don’t really agree.


Such a good idea, wonder why no one has thought of it before :joy::crazy_face:


Personally opposed to the whole idea every time I see someone propose it.

If you built a tower it’s your tower. So you have a lot of junk in storage. Who cares. Build better ones and keep leveling up with better ones.

I don’t have many in storage and every fort I keep leveling the same ones. It isn’t broken and doesn’t need fixing!!!



Sure, let’s answer these without breaking the system.

Create a new type of wood or consumables. Maybe virtual wood or bamboo or something. This can not be used in fortification events, only for actual building. No timers needed to use the virtual wood (or whatever you call it). No impact to XP. You get all the equivalent wood back BUT you have to pay (dearly) for it with rubies, so there is a big disincentive to recycling towers… like for example to recylce a level 40 tower it would cost 20,000 rubies. To recycle a level 60 tower it could cost 50,000 or more, whatever the math works out to, but at least it’s an option now and that would be a game changer and one way to make the game fun again while also giving PG the revenue stream they need in terms of rubies to make it work for them as well.

And to help assist in the high cost of rubies to recylce towers, maybe let us recycle things like ice and fire shards and other consumables for rubies as well.




Can i direct you here:


I still think they need to slow down, take a step back, and simply release enhanced/ special ability features for the old towers with several options or paths to choose from… like a rider where u cant unlock everything and gotta play smart. Would provide balance at a more reasonable cost as well as promote player individuality/ creativity


I believe i answered all your concerns with my proposal (2 posts above)


I see this as WAAAY over complicated. “Salvaging” is already a thing in this game. You salvage runes to get a fraction on the rune dust used to enhance it.

Salvage a tower in storage:
0 timeups - A tower can be built by waiting, so I don’t see why u would get any back.
A small % of upgrade resources spent (Embers, Shards, Lumber Packs) - maybe 10% of last upgrade, or 1%(.1%?) Of total cost (I’d have to do some math but couldn’t find a building level detail spreadsheet quickly)
No impact to xp or player level - you built it, too bad

No need to try to solve all these player issues. Just give us a way to get rid of things in our storage and a little bit of building resources back. Simple.