Brilliant Idea: Recycle Towers instead of giving FREE STUFF AWAY


Quite incorrect parameters than I have in my head :joy:


If you built out a full long base then that’s quite unfortunate. As you keep getting bigger and bigger in level, mistakes naturally get smaller and smaller. Caveat is just don’t keep building them up and being dumb about it :grin:


Oh ok so you’re saying you only want a tower swap/recycle thing if it suits you and not 90% of other users. Awesome idea, make sense now thank you :slight_smile:


You have a way of complaining to make it seem like you are a victim eh? Ever notice that?


Not just full long. Even a full
Short prior Flaks is a lot of wasted towers. 10-15 level 35-45 towers is a lot of
Wasted timers and RSS. Towers that weren’t nessissarily mistakes at the time.

As for your comment towards YoYo We are playing a PG game, we are all victims.


:eyes: mind to share it?


I don’t think I can.


Do it anyways


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