Bring Atlas Back to Platinum Teams

I would like to start a petition to bring atlas back to platinum tier teams. There are so many teams currently they have atlas which puts new teams in a great disadvantage when it comes to higher attack dragons more powerful defense riders and the fact that no one wants to join a team that does not have atlas. Any serious player knows that atlas is a great tool and a major turning point when it comes to a growth Of your War Dragons account. Please help me bring this this to PGs attention .


Join or merge into a team that already has Atlas?
I hear there are plenty of spots avail today.

Heck, Abandonallhope is auto accepting right now before PvP starts.


I have an amazing team mostly all the team is active and we have worked very hard to get to platinum I won’t give up on them​:blush::kissing_heart:


Then you will not have Atlas. PG already floated the idea of removing teams from Atlas. Not the other way around.

I suspect they’ll give up on you when they realise the only way to get Atlas is to join a team who already has Atlas.

we are strong :muscle:t3: and I have faith in my team. :blush: if we all band together we can make a difference in this game.


This is why we are here to change that. Thank you


Please be sure to let me know when you succeed and how you accomplished this task. Thanks.


No problem my friend thank you


I appreciate your enthusiasm but atlas gets to be a laggy mess when it hits the fan as it is now. There are still teams without castles and stagnation is rife. Adding more teams without castles isn’t going to improve those things. Don’t get me wrong, if these problems can be fixed then absolutely I’m down for it. But I really don’t think it’s that simple.

I do think non-atlas teams should get things like the invader base as standard outside of atlas though.


Yes they are many things to consider. Ithe invader base is a good idea as well. But more importantly there should be a requirement to keep atlas. Or at least a special event to qualify for Atlas.

While I agree invader is nice and easy do, but I miss the days of practicing on bases like AndyK, Empress (which is still around) and a few other xp bases. Allowed you to test your skills and learn your dragon. Sure you can do that on any other base but having set bases to do that in was nice.

I think invader can be dramatically improved for all. IMO having an invader base where you can select options would be great. I think the options could be simple. One option would be exactly how invader is now (Classic Invader), the second selectable option would be mages (no more than two per island), and an option to include flaks (could even have separate flak options, like light flak usage or heavy flak usage) and flak use can not exceed the restrictions that players have in regards to building them


I love that idea :bulb:

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I agree with you we must have equal atlas opportunities in platinum

If you guys can get enough “demand” for it, PG might push it up the list, talk to other plat teams and get them involved.


Thank you very much for this suggestion

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