Bring back bonus meter!

Seriously. This cant be the first thread to touch on this topic because EVERYONE WANTS THE FREAKING BONUS METER BACK! WHY WOULD YOU TAKE IT AWAY?! I’m a low level so I’ll just address the topic; the higher levels have a better understanding of the game so they will do a better job of explaining it than me.

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They are adding back a version of the bonus meter that just needs adjusting.

Wildfire is NOT a bonus meter. Seriously. 80 flames is 16 attacks at best, and if you stack inner fires, that’s 26/27 attacks, and over 100 energy for a free 5x bonus is nothing compared to the bonus meter.

understatement of the year reward goes to… RED!!!

Holiest, i think you missed this operative phrase here. It needs adjusting, she didn’t say the magnitude required.

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The Wildfire attack has promise on the basic concept once they adjust the numbers. It isn’t influenced by mega or super attacks, doesn’t require you to grind for long periods at a time, and it can be built by free players using energy.

Obviously the numbers on it aren’t right yet, but thats what we should be focusing on instead of just saying it sucks or asking them to scrap it.


You’ll likely have more luck getting PG to iterate on what they’ve already introduced than rip it out and replace :see_no_evil:

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