Bring Back Cookiepal

Actually the only “hack or glitch” required is the ability to store farms. The XP formula applied is standard after the changes made about a year ago. It is based on the base level, not the amount of damage points done.

I cannot see anything morally wrong with creating or using a base like this. Maybe a regular player with enough motivation could build one from scratch, by not building farms, and getting all resources from packs and raids.

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Not possible. You can have them at a really low level but impossible to be at 0

Really low level farms are also good enough. An XP base of this type is really useful for baby dragons.

You can’t, the storage requires a minimum food/lumber production capacity to upgrade. And without a storage, you can’t build enough towers to level.


Ah, that’s the catch…

Not even if you keep building low level towers and then merging them?

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At some point you’ll need to upgrade your builder hut. And for that you’ll need eggs. And for that you’ll need a breeding castle leveled.


Yeah, I guess that caps the maximum base level given some farm size, even with production boosts to help unlock a few storage upgrades. Might still get to a usable size for beginner players.

I just feel sad about people saying “you’ve been exploiting a glitch, be happy you are not punished”. It is not like some unkillable dragon hack, just a small grinding shortcut, which is one tiny arbitrary feature away from being legitimately available to all base builders.

so all we need is another test.

make a level 999 base with no towers whatsoever.

and keep testing the base until the end days of war dragons. :rofl:


But I love cookies!!!

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Isn’t that the maxed level Dread can go to?

Now that the replacement base has been mentioned in another thread PG will be shutting that down under the pretense of it being a test base.

Lol what pretense? You think farmless high level bases are just a natural occurring phenomenon?

Or could it possibly be more likely someone at pg needed to test a few things, added a high level base with the proper dragons or whatever they needed to test, and then forgot to clean up?

I’m amazed with the kind of conspiracy nuttiness people can come up with when not hindered by any relevant knowledge or thinking.


I have with an alt circumvented this in certain circumstances by using food boosts (wood not needed as already boosted in fort.
I am guessing the boost would not be enough to get very high hut I am curious.

As in it was an account used by a QA tester.

I’m not aware of that being pointed out, but yes you’re right that it should have been taken down much sooner.

This is pretty much what happened. Someone brought it to my attention and I asked for it to be nuked.

See above. Account used by a tester, not a test of “what if we gave everyone an easy base to run”.



I’d like XP bases but everyone likes nuking whoever says hey XP free cause they like bullying their own opinions


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People are like free stuff makes you quit even dang XP

Your past two sentences make no sense, but I have a chart of xp/mission/etc bases that have not been banned because that’s very rarely, if ever, a thing.


Podrías desirme en privado una base para subir xp facil

Como se mencionó anteriormente, esa base estaba destinada a pruebas.
Si estás buscando bases de XP (alternativas) en el juego, puedes marcar esto.