Bring Back Full Base Skins and “Decorations”

There were times when base skins encompassed the entire base; if I’m recounting the story correctly, players could renovate their bases with temporary, full-scale seasonal base skins, such as snow during the winter, and I believe there was a summer-themed skin as well. Selling more of these in the store, and further allowing them to be applied to the base in full rather than being restricted to the main circle (because the full base matters), would produce lots of revenue, and would do wonders for PG as a company.

I also liked when we had the breath composed of pink hearts throughout February 2019 for Valentine’s Day; I think that things like this should be continued, perhaps with the rune-bats turning into spiders that simply crawl among the bodies of the dragons for Halloween (or all runes becoming yellow, black, orange, white, and red for exotic, mythic, legendary, rare, and common runes/glyphs respectively, basically ditching any current color that is not known to be a Halloween color or one imbued with a “spooky” vibe), or all dragons wearing Santa hats and the main-circle on a base that’s being attacked taking the form of a giant cookie (the buildings being chocolate chips, with the sides of the islands throughout the rest of the base being lined with candy canes and gumdrops) for Christmas.

I’m just throwing ideas out there in hopes that one catches a bite, although it would be nice if at least the base skins could envelop the entire base rather than just the main circle island.


Wasn’t there just a thread about this?

These currently being offered are barely noticeable. We need COLOR!


If there was, I created it, but this is an extension, so it’s technically not a duplicate thread.

Edit: I have not been very active on the forums lately, and completely glossed over this thread, but this one is still asking for more on top of it, making two separate suggestions, so it’s essentially still a “semi-unique” thread. I also wasn’t bluffing when I said that I created a thread on this; it’s somewhere on this forum.

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This thread from August 14th

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