Bring Back Lumber Bonus


Given the hectic start to events recently, I believe many may be reluctant to begin fortification right away. I humbly request that the 3x lumber boost we have had in previous seasons be returned to the next fort, in order to alleviate the need to build right away.

UPDATE: It is entirely possible this entire thread is a lie…


I fully agree.

When was that removed? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Did they say somewhere they were removing it?


There is plenty of lumber throughout the week , why the hurry


More timers would be better :slight_smile:


We’ve had the 3x lumber boost for every fort since it was introduced, for the past year or so. So I have little doubt that this fort will have it again.

Not sure what you mean by “Bring Back” though, it was never gone.


I was pretty sure we didn’t have it the last few times. If we did, mine was broken. You notice these things when you don’t have a castle. :eyes:


lumber bonus pls lol i am not going to take from bank i am not going to use the bank i am going to try to earn wood for a event i have nothing to level haha

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Usually when people think it’s broken it’s because they expect a “x3” somethere, or a +300%. But the fort event boost increases the base value, compare the white base number to to see if you actually have the boost (after the usual hoops of restarting the game after the event has started).


Yeah I know. I always compare with my food generation though. Last fort I was generating more food than lumber.


Timers I agree.

  • Bring Back Lumber Bonus Boost
  • Nah I can farm as much wood as i can
  • I’m just here for the results (as always)

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But the bonus hasn’t gone…
Looks like not working for particular player(s).

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The workers were on strike.

I had the same feeling, I didn’t check the numbers though

I didn’t have the bonus for lumber one fort before the last one, as well. My BF too.
Luckily I didn’t need to build much.
Checked 100%, and the whole matchmaking was totally empty for 4 days, which doesn’t happen when bonus works fine.

another survey lol

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It was working last fort event… Also it’s your own fault you don’t have a castle :roll_eyes:

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I guess lumberjacks aren’t essential. :cry:

But they are OK.