Bring Back My Hunters



So I felt like this needed it’s own post. I have heard many people tell me about how their Hunters can no long do the same amount of damage with regular shot as before the Spell Scaling patch. We were told that nothing would change with them and that is completely false.

Please everyone share your stories about this so that we can force PG to right this wrong.


It’s all in your head man.
This was taken before updating:

This was taken after updating:

0 difference.


All the hunters I fly these days act just like they did before, that includes my two divine hunters.
I’m level 170 with garnet mythic.


My Pathox’s Crippling Chill deals less damage than before.


Old news.


I feel all the hunters were nerfed. A good example in my hand is the reduced damage by Aibrean, he can take a invader tower by one shot before but now it takes 2 shots.
Such unexpected changes made me re-think about the whole game…


Normal ammo or with his havok ish spell ?


Only one I noticed a difference with was Ferga seem to take more shots to take out my Invader base but I was also really tired which I am not as quick to shot when I am tired, He seemed to be fine today.


People seem to be forgetting that Havoc, Autumn’s Reap, Chaos, etc. are all spells. I think that Nep (with very strong gear) is the only dragon I ever have had that one-shotted my invader towers with regular hunter shots (now that I’m well past 333, he probably can’t anymore). Many were able to do it with their boost spell though (Aib, Fom, etc.). So, as people have pointed out in other threads, it seems like the problem is that the damage buffing hunter spells aren’t working correctly anymore, not that any change has been made to plain hunter fireball damage


You use normal shots with ferga? :thinking:


What do you mean by normal shots? lol


I meant that when I would tap previously I could tap twice and take out three towers, now I was having to tap more to take out same three.


Ferga has GO and HM and I used to run invader using only those spells haha; that’s why I asked about using normal shots with ferga :upside_down_face:


I use emerald fomhard on invader base. before the update, when I activate autumn reap I can one shot tower but after the update I can not do that anymore, the tower is only near death state (10% hp left). I havent level up, unless the spell get weaken or the tower are getting stronger


Spell got weaker; used to do 1.85x normal shot, now it’s doing 1.65 x normal shot damage.

However people are missing the flawed purpose of this post.

OP is saying that the normal shots of hunters have gotten weaker post update and that is false. I’ve posted evidence here and haven’t seen any to the contrary; just spell talk.


There might be something to it.

I definitely have some guys who used to be able to one shot invader towers with fomhar and his blue spell, which cannot anymore.

Possibly reinstall fixes though.

But I’ve observed folks having issues with Avyx and Aibrean too.

Mine on my account seem fine…

Yeah it’s all spells. Only main attack impacted is with damage amp spells.

And largely hunters are unaffected since they rely less on spells to do damage.


If the Chaos/Havoc type spells took a hit then that’s not really leaving hunters alone.
I’m not sure why they would say that but then again it wouldn’t be the first time they say something only to turn around and do the opposite :roll_eyes:


I will submit and say you are right. So it is ok for them to nerf the spell shots then? How much sense does that make? Why not just make the original the starting off point and go from there? Just seems like it is making a situation overly complicated not to mention making people have to use more boosts than before. Oh that’s right they are going to “make more of those available”…uh huh I’ll believe that when I see it.

And oh by the way THAT’S A NERF OF THE DRAGONS.


I have noticed this too with my obsidian Fohmar on my invader (when flying unboosted, haven’t bothered testing boosted). Now I don’t even bother activating the spell unless I need to recover some HP to keep the health bar from falling below 75% or so. Regular shots take 2 taps, and spell assisted shots take 2 taps :woman_shrugging:t2:


Same thing happened to Aibrean. I have just retired Aibrean by removing his rider and putting him in closet. Sigh a lot efforts were put on him but now just a waste.