Bring back necroth

bring back necroth. It is my favorite dragon from a few years ago and I cant level him up anymore

We dont need anymore old, useless dragons coming back at premium prices. Leave the dead alone


Use old models, make spell kits actually viable. That’s what I think.

Its still resurrecting them, and yall aren’t using time on old models because assets are already there, you’re just not making them a waste of time for the players.

With the new season structure, giving new players actually decent dragons (which the models they likely wouldn’t have seen anyway) seems like a good idea to me.

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If resurrection must stay, I’d rather see another dragon themed after existing one.

Like how Noctarn was themed after Noctua.

Yep, instead of resurrection make it a reincarnation or reborn dragon. Change the name and color and give it a new spell set so it at least has a chance to be viable on current bases.


That was a very fast edit. :open_mouth:

I think I wouldn’t be opposed to just revamping all dragons spellkits when they are resurrected so they have relevant abilities, but also I kinda like some of my favorite dragons to be immortalized in my memory how I remember and loved them…so idk there’s not a great solution.

On topic: which ones necroth again?

Think it’s the one that needed separate eggs to evolve, different from evolution stones.