Bring back the Dungeon

Might you bring back the option. To play dungeons. As it’s nice
To have a fun aspect without have cost. :kissing_heart::sparkles::kissing_heart:

not sure if that’d be a best option for pg to bring up with the current sh1tshow…


Perhaps to supplement breeding next week?

For now it may be called Doomgeon.

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Go big or go home! Dungeons for the Draonaggeddon!

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I really liked it and thought it was a FANTASTIC addition … I’m quite disappointed we’ve only seen it twice

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If u check the WD tracker u will see they are working on a feature already for dungeons .

Is everyone here on crack?
Do you not remember how Dungeons broke the game? To such an extent that the consequences are still here. Super shots firing rate on undefended runs, the slowness on turns, the hit boxes screwups, not being able to hit monuments on Atlas runs…cant remember them all. I repeat Some are still with us.
Not to mention the phenomenal prizes of 11k shards or so for time investment of 3 days (this may be an exaggeration).
Anyway, dont bring Dungeons never again in any shape or form.


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