Bring back the old banking system

There are only few hours I got the update and new banking system is horrible . I am the leader of the team and we had all our castles assigned in couples Governor/Banker which worked perfectly fine so far . The new system is just a mess , all rss touchable by whole banker/governors. We can never control all the ppl and it wouldnt be fair if someone just takes more rss than put in . It would just bring into more chaos to the subject . So please PG this is an official call and I expect major support from the players , bring us back the old banking system cause we never complained about it . We massively hate it .

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A firm “please don’t” on that from me, the new bank is working great and already saving a load of bookkeeping. Don’t even miss the 100% tax option now that we’re not limited in the number of simultaneous donations anymore. Please keep it and just improve the ledger a bit.


You can donate more than 3x? That is awesome, they may want to up the amount (of gold) from previous but that’s really cool to hear


Yeah not sure if there’s a limit, but it’s higher than three. Suspect it might be the same 3*(bank count + 1) used for outgoing transfers.

Bigger portions would still be nice though.


The old system was much better than this one, I support this initiative!


Hate new banking system.

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Bring back the old system


This new system means more work for officers and leaders. Now we need to watch all transfers


Yes we’re talking about transfers to the bank though, which weren’t mentioned, but have changed too.


Bring old back this is not a good direction at all imo

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To be fair, that’s totally different from being able to send more than 3 shipments at a time INTO the bank. Which is what was being asked about… I think…

My god yes, please bring back the old system, this change has completely ruin the banking system for my team.


:scream: Oops, my bad.
Even with the old bank system, we’re limited to 3 though

The new central bank is horrible. It makes it harder to track deposits when you’ve 50 to look at instead of 4 or 5 per castle. You really need to change it back. It’s going to make leaders and officers spend more time looking at who’s put what in than playing the game. CHANGE IT BACK BEFORE YOU HAVE TO RENAME IT TO BANK WARS


Yeah but the new system isn’t limited to 3, one of the many improvements


The weekly ledger is pretty easy to keep track of. They just need to add the functionality of showing WHO transfers were sent to (instead of having the info show up next to the officer or banker who initiated the transfer). Then it would be perfect.


I like the new banking system also


They just need to work on the ledger system. That doesn’t mean that they should just throw the whole centralized bank out. I think the centralized bank is an excellent improvement.

Make the the ledger downloadable to an excel file. That way it is easier for leadership to look at it.


From the sounds of it the new banking system sounds horrible but I wouldn’t know because they still haven’t fixed whatever they screwed up with the android update :roll_eyes:

i can donate gold max. 5 times instead of 3