Bring back the old banking system


Its hidden in the A hole…


I egree. The New system can be chaos in My Member!!!
All Governor is useless to manage the castle. Because when anyone banker/governor/officer transfer rss to any member, that outgoing transfer is visible in all castle and decrease all Storage


What exactly are you trying to say…


I already posted in the other thread, but after living with this for a couple of days I just want to say that I’m still very happy with the change overall. It’s not perfect, but no system would be. Yes, we desperately need ledger updates, but we have needed that for a long time.

This makes things so much simpler. Everybody is concerned about moochers (even my team) and it’s true that this does give bankers access to much more. But at some point you just have to make some rules, trust, and then verify.

I love the clarity of knowing where we stand as a team (with regard to RSS levels) and not having to go search through every bank for one with space to deposit, etc…
Plus, as far as accountability goes, for me it’s easier because you can see everyone in one place. I can’t imagine how the officers did it before with having to check 22 different banks.

Now if we could just get those ledger updates… :slight_smile:


I would like for all of those screaming about how banks were are supposed to be used. I know this is probably a bit hard for you to comprehend. But…


People talk about their bank and how they or a small group of people ran it. Well, what about the teams that only had one or no banks?

The new system scales for any team with any condition. I know saying, act as a team is completely ridiculous though, but try to keep up

I agree about the ledger. That would help a lot. But I find it hilarious people want their own banks. You have your own bank. It’s called your storage. You want to have things all to yourself because it’s all about you? Well guess you probably don’t need a team then :man_shrugging:


I’m not sure why you tagged my post in this.
There was misinformation going around about new atlas teams getting banks.
I was inquirying on behalf of my team as we are new to atlas. I was hoping the rumour was true so my team would be able to store gold before we took our first castle so we would be able to build right away.


Lol. What I can’t understand is why any one person was looking at all players on multiple banks in the first place, instead of delegating it out to smaller groups to keep track of? Looking at 6 people (or 2-3) on one bank versus 50 in multiple (or even 50 in one) is just less work. But sure, for those who were doing that, then I can see how this is easier, because on the whole it’s a nightmare (my team used to do that before the wonders of small group tracking).

Not related to that reply, some people keep screaming that others just don’t understand that banks are supposed to be team based blah blah blah, as if there is an objective measurement by which banks are used by the team, as a team, rather than that meaning different things for different teams, which are, despite the ridiculous idiom that there is no I in team, made up of pretty much all Is (individuals). If your team runs like The Borg, I’m super happy for you. Mine is made up of humans though (well, mostly). And my humans have no interest in being forced into The Collective.


The new banking system now puts more work on leadership to figure out which build to do next. Where the other way those tasked to work on a castle were responsible for those builds.


I really don’t see how it makes it more work.

“Hey we need to level up (insert infrastructure here), it needs (amount of gold)”
“Sure, let’s do it” teamwork commences


Your leadership doesn’t decide the path forward and the most efficient upgrade routes for the team? You leave that to players to upgrade their own infrastructure in Silo’s without a common goal?

Sorry but that’s just inefficient in my opinion. Leadership should be making 100% of those decisions so that everyone moves all in the same direction towards the end goal


Your joking right?

The same ppl that was assigned to the castles can still make the same decisions. The fact that joe random decides things the leadership should is worrisome


We tell them what to do. Some move faster than others. So now we have to look at which ones to do first. Bring back the old system


In addition to improving ledger, hope they give us an option to view all current upgrades instead of going through each castle to see. Easier to put timers.


Upon further reflection based on this thread. I have found a solution to what a lot of the people think. We should just remove all teams and everyone can play solo like they want. Problem solved :sunglasses:


In recent weeks I’ve seen two very different banking methods and there’s one thing I can confidently say. Both methods will benefit tremendously if you just fix the damn ledger.


I agree Under the old system it allowed reponsible management of each bank The new system is chaotic The bigger transfers are nice The limits gone or raised is nice But I can donate millions of gold and have it removed by a banker from a different castle and if I speak on it it sounds as if I am anti team I would prefer to have better control of resources Specially when some give way more than others


After having new system for few days , I have to tell you that I hate just as much as I did very first day or even more. I understand that people that actually proposed this system now defend it very hard in this thread.
I also understand that teams that run by control freaks maybe like this system as it easier for them .
I was ready to rage quit this game, new banking system, very bad implementation of it, reduction of hat regeneration rate, I am not sure that this game goes the course I like or ready to accept.
I feel like PG doesn’t have a vision for this game. They jump on whoever opinion is louder at the particular moment and that is bothers me the most.


Good bye.

All kidding aside…everyone thinks they should have their own bank…so, what happens if you lose an island? Did you just lose your bank? Is it your responsibility to go get a new island for yourself. I can see why none of these “teams” win anything. It’s every man/woman/child/other assorted animal for themself :man_facepalming::joy:


This may be off-topic, but I remember when this was a game played for fun.

Banking, ledgers, tracking deposits and withdrawals, worrying about whether players can be “trusted” with resources… How is any of that fun? How is any of it REALLY worth worrying about? And how is any of it worth wasting so much time and energy crying about here?

I have to admit, it’s been entertaining to read some times, but seriously folks? It’s just a game…

Of course, that’s just my opinion. I could be wrong…


I share your sentiment.
I try to balance “casual stress” with “having a good ol’ time” when it comes to my games. A couple of months ago I was SO INTO this game, and now I’ve (sort of, in a way, kind of) toned myself down because that shit ain’t healthy. But it’s the satisfaction of seeing my planning efforts pay off that makes me the happiest despite that small amount of stress. I’ve said this before:

And I stand by it. I have found a very comfortable niche in my relationship with War Dragons (never thought I’d say something like that, but here we are) and I have exactly zero issues with spending a teeny bit on it, because I enjoy it, damn it, and I can make my own decisions on what makes me the happiest.
Alas, I’m getting a bit off-topic.
I can see the flipside of my experience as well. There are people who spend thousands on this game; there are those who are ridiculously dedicated, too; and there are people who are both of these things. I don’t condone spending a Ferrari’s worth of money on a bunch of pixelated flying lizards in a game that doesn’t work half the time, but that’s how some people live and I’m not going to stop them.
Therefore, I can see how this sort of change can disrupt people. The banking system is a really big part of Atlas for every team with a castle. Every team works differently. Some may not like this change because they liked their way of doing things and their way worked for them; I don’t blame them. Other teams may like this change because it makes their life easier; I don’t blame them either!
At the end of the day, I just like to have my fun and occasionally sit back and watch the chaos with a bag of popcorn. I’m generally content with my decisions concerning my War Dragons experience.
I also just woke up from a few VERY vivid dreams, so I don’t even know if I’m awake right now. I’m preaching too much. Maybe I should take another nap. :t_rex: