Bring back the old banking system


I share your sentiment.
I try to balance “casual stress” with “having a good ol’ time” when it comes to my games. A couple of months ago I was SO INTO this game, and now I’ve (sort of, in a way, kind of) toned myself down because that shit ain’t healthy. But it’s the satisfaction of seeing my planning efforts pay off that makes me the happiest despite that small amount of stress. I’ve said this before:

And I stand by it. I have found a very comfortable niche in my relationship with War Dragons (never thought I’d say something like that, but here we are) and I have exactly zero issues with spending a teeny bit on it, because I enjoy it, damn it, and I can make my own decisions on what makes me the happiest.
Alas, I’m getting a bit off-topic.
I can see the flipside of my experience as well. There are people who spend thousands on this game; there are those who are ridiculously dedicated, too; and there are people who are both of these things. I don’t condone spending a Ferrari’s worth of money on a bunch of pixelated flying lizards in a game that doesn’t work half the time, but that’s how some people live and I’m not going to stop them.
Therefore, I can see how this sort of change can disrupt people. The banking system is a really big part of Atlas for every team with a castle. Every team works differently. Some may not like this change because they liked their way of doing things and their way worked for them; I don’t blame them. Other teams may like this change because it makes their life easier; I don’t blame them either!
At the end of the day, I just like to have my fun and occasionally sit back and watch the chaos with a bag of popcorn. I’m generally content with my decisions concerning my War Dragons experience.
I also just woke up from a few VERY vivid dreams, so I don’t even know if I’m awake right now. I’m preaching too much. Maybe I should take another nap. :t_rex:


I second this


You are wrong.


It’s not about having a private bank. It’s about putting teammates together to work towards a common goal. This system will turn people lazy. Bring back the old system. We were racing to see who could get certain infrastructure higher first. Great way to get teammates motivated and fun. So if you truly think this is about private banks, your dead wrong. With this new system if you lose a castle you lose gold.


Maybe, but I’m happy. I’ll take that any day.


I’m sorry…then why do people keep saying my bank? Out of curiosity, you seem to think you have the best system…what is your team ranked?

Maybe you’re right. So wouldn’t a good solution be, disband your team and then just make a bunch of small teams with the people you want on them? Problem solved.

I could be wrong. You can technically still use the old system you were using before right? Just assign people to a castle and they’re responsible for it. Keep an internal ledger if you so choose. Don’t want your greedy teammates stealing all of YOUR rss :joy::rofl:


Nope not about stealing rss. If a teammate asks for rss we send them whatever they need. That’s what being a team means you help each other. Teams are assigned to castles and given build instructions. It’s called delegating tasks. Not sure how your team is run, maybe your leader is a dictator ours is not


This. My team doesn’t have enough castles for everyone to have a personal bank, that’s not at all why we liked the old system. It was about delegating tasks and making it easier on leadership so we/I don’t have to do everything.

It’s a moot point now because I doubt PG will change it back (and if they do I’m sure they’ll break the game again :joy:) so I’ll have to get used to it. But for my team it’s not a positive change, just an inconvenience.


I think you’re mistaken in how some other teams run things differently. I would say the only thing our atlas lead does is give us a list of what should or should not be upgraded. Even then, she makes this list based on what will get us to the next bonus tier or based on what the team votes for (refinery order). Everything else is purely done by the team as a whole. No “dictatorship” needed.

I get that you don’t like the new system. Totally fine. Everyone is welcome to their opinions. I did find it odd that people who like the new system are automatically considered unorganized or lazy or dictators by many, when that’s not the case.


Can you give me a list of the pros and cons with the new system vs the old?

I would like to see what your thought process is


Each castle was maintained by a group
They followed a list to build

Now we have to pick and chose which castle to upgrade and which item.

Pride in helping the team achieve goals

People with their hands out
Upgrade mine first

Not sure what you like about this new system but for the people and teams I know, we don’t like it


The new banking system is perhaps the only thibg that is working.


Hmmm. For us, picking which castle to upgrade first has never been an issue. Our best came first until they were defensively maxed, and down the list that way. Timers were donated until we maxed. After that, each castle has an upgrade going constantly, as gold for the team has never been an issue, so there is no “do mine first”. The only question is which piece of infra to do first.

I still think our team feels a sense of pride in doing this. There is no competitive pride, true, but there is certainly still team pride.

I think what I like most about this system is consistency and ease with resources. If one bank or set of banks went dry, people (no matter their timezone) could access the resources with the banker online the same. This has also eliminated the need for “gold laundering” as our atlas lead calls in. To track easier, we’ve always done donations and two banks, and then have had to move the gold around. This as simplified our lives greatly and made everything run so much more smoothly. Granted, we don’t have a system for wood/food that “you only get what you give”. Everyone is welcome to a similar (max storage) transfer a day until a mass free for all (in fort). Perhaps that is the major difference?


So now I’m going to list some features and my opinion

1big ledger vs individual ledgers-

1big ledger is nice to be able to evaluate who on the team is donating without having to do unnessesry busy work of looking at all the castles individually

Individual ledgers- this was nice because we could designate places for people to do gold withdraw request and keep it separate from weekly/monthly team donations

Rss all together vs separate(at each castle)

All together- more pushes a team environment, like this is what we have as a whole vs oh this group of the team has this compare to another group or even personal use
This allows for bankers of all time zones to be able to access all the rss, unlike separate only allows them to access a portion…

Separate- more personal banking(not super team oriented)…
if a team used incentives to push infrastructure, like assign 25players 1 castle and the other 25 another and say first to get all infra to a lvl gets _______, May be a pro…
Easier to track for individual us/players gold storage request

As I think of more I’ll be editing


Only pros of the new banking system that i see is no need to shuffle rss when you want to upgrade certain infrastructure.

cons are: inability to select own taxes, or set home in neutral and do runs without taxes when you massively build troops or lv up primarchs. Gold is not a problem on our team.

Now leadership have to monitor and coordinate withdrawal of the rss, when before it was done on castle lv and between 2 people that were assign to that castle.

10% gold loss across all castle is absolutely ridiculous, now if we chose to give castle to smaller team , we lose gold , if we conquer castle to help somebody , we will lose gold when we give it to them. It’s already happened.

If I have to look my ledger for a week , I have to scroll through 50 people to find myself, not big deal but irritating…

Before is I had plenty of rss in my home bank I can send it to whoever needs it without seconds thought, now I can’t do it, as we now have withdrawal quota.

Definitely more cons with new system.


I thought some teams in lower leagues had the same system,and they supposed to be N1 at least in their league,but they are not
I guess it’s still about team power and spending lvl and other factors
I think every team coming up with strategy,which they are comfy with
We,personally,don’t care which ranking he have,as long as our teammates aren’t quitting the game and living happy)
We were happy and less stressed,being responsible for separated island and growing it up for team
As long as this island belongs to my team,I guess we are free to treat is in a way,as we like
Aka…we let ppl own those islands and grow them up
Same as they were responsible for upkeep
So offiers needed only get extra gold from bank if it’s full,that’s it
I personally grew up multiple castles from 0 to 70% of infra
Some ppl grew up them from 0 to max by themselves,because they needed biggest banks,because of their lvls
I never treated it as mine bank,in a way,that I love to own castle or whatever
But it was comfortable to have some privacy and be responsible for your part of the work
We worked,as a perfect chain growing out intra for team,and enjoying fast ate easy banking.
Now with this “one week”ledger it’s a pain to track rss
Like…I have no clue how much i donated last week
So what I supposed to do?
Make notes?
I’m not seeing any specific teamwork in new system
More,like going back to primitive
Plus a lot of headache for leadership
Because PG’s weeks starts in a different time,then event will be up
So… I might donate 10m food and wood in week 1
Person X might donate 0
In week 3 we will have rss event ,with no ability to check old ledger
And then ppl will just take away rss,which they donated earlier,but ledger will show it as 0 donation and X windraw
Which makes everyone confused
And it’s not a question of trust
I simply don’t remember how much I donated for the last 3 weeks
We can put limit per person,but then we might have situation,where person A been farming day and night,while B donated 3 m
So,basically,we will melt person A work for person B
Or… to avoid this situation we will need to make officers do weekly reports of donations/transfers for everyone
And then make calculations for the whole team,to apply it to rss event
It doesn’t look more simple,as it was in past

For my mini team it’s also all same
Maybe middle teams can feel the difference,where governors can be more helpful,since they have access to “all banks”


@DrunkenBulldog well when I want to see the pinnacle of excellence. I’ll be sure to check out sapphire II to know how it’s done. You’ve taught me so much. I am absolutely sure you’re right and that’s why your team is absolutely dominating both Atlas and the core game


I totally agree the ledger needs to be fixed. But that’s a sub issue in the greater architecture of centralized banking. Ideally the ledger should even show how much of each rss each player received versus how much they sent.

Yes, every team will ultimately have to come up with the their own version and maybe giving each person their “own” island works. To some degree that can still work but it only works under certain conditions, some of which aren’t available for all. What people seem to be mad about is that this broke their interpretation of how it works when at the core of it, it was likely always meant to be team oriented versus small groups/individuals doing their own thing in isolated cells. I could be very wrong but I do think if PG was nice they would distill the mechanics and strip away all glory scaling. I bet if everyone had to fight on equal footing suddenly people wouldn’t like the concept of it being their bank versus the teams lol.




Yeah,it’s not about owning castle by itself,it’s more about having improved ledger.
Will be great to have it more informative and,maybe,be able to set daily transfers limit to help control transfers,when needed
Hopefully,they will check feedbacks and work on improvement


The same ppl on the same castles can still maintain it and follow the same list

They can still monitor themselves

They can still track what rss they put in and just use that if thats your model

It is a very inefficient model, but if thats what you prefer then nothings stopping you except excuses.