Bring back the old banking system


Why should they? They had a change imposed on them. This might have been discussed with the GPF or whomever in secret but many more players were not consulted.
Personally, while I like the ease of a centralized bank, I’d also like a hybrid system where access can be restricted.


Couldn’t find you in game, was interested to see what team you were on and how successful you were in game. Obviously you think your way is right and everyone who disagrees is wrong. Which of the top 3 teams are you on?

Or is it possible that people who feel this new system is disruptive to the success of frankly better operating teams than yours whatever it is, might have a point?


The answer is no.


:rofl: be careful what you ask for…


Bit confused by the “no” answer, but don’t think rulith is the best example of a well run team personally.


:joy::joy::joy: Everyone is entitled to their opinions. As much as I wish he was, Gox is not on my team. He is, however, on a significantly better team than you. My “no” was to your:


Someone hasn’t done his/her research :joy::joy::joy:

:thinking: or perhaps Gox is the one who is sneaky (changing his ign…)


I never said I was anything, simply observing Gox, who doesn’t appear in game, ridiculed people for expressing alternative views.

The judgement of me is interesting given the information you have information you have to hand, I personally find it unhelpful to make judgement without adaquate infomation. Each to their own I guess.


Your name is fitting. All I’m gonna say :rofl:


Do you actually know what team Gox is on? It’s kind of a big deal. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


:thinking: that’s really interesting that you claim you don’t make judgements without adequate information, yet made a judgement on Gox’s team.


P.S. it’s pretty darn obvious what team Gox is on. Pretty darn obvious. If you haven’t worked it out by now then… :man_facepalming:

Clue - this statement is true.


:thinking: I guess Red’s post is a better clue…

:speak_no_evil: Oops!


Yeah - he didn’t get it then. So maybe the second try would do. Apparently not though.


He obviously needs it blatently spelled out :joy:


Just a question since it sort of loosely relates to this. Seeing as how all bankers are now all capable of transferring resources from “all” banks (hurray!), can something similar be applied to Tower Scholars? It’s a pain when only 6-8 people on your team have the power to enfeeble a Primarch at a specific castle and none of them happen to be on but the other 19 Scholars are on and can’t do anything.


It can be restricted. It’s only for officers, Governors and bankers.


It’s not a judgement. It’s a fact. His team is better than yours. Especially if you’re going by which teams is ranked higher is all she meant.

I don’t think he’s ridiculing people for having oppsing views. Seems like he’s just stating his points and analysis and flaws of opposing ideas.

I,however, am. You’re an idiot.


Since you don’t seem to know Gox, let me tell you he is one of the most unbiased players in this game who happens to play on a top team who can quite literally say they are more successful than everyone else. He often fights for changes that balance the game but did not favor him or his team.

If you shed emotional ties to how you have worked so far, and think about what is best from an engineering perspective, I think you might find the new system is far better for the game than the old. That isn’t to say it couldn’t use some compromises, or that it shouldn’t be further adjusted going forward, or even that some teams who were fairly successful on the old system won’t fail on the new system.

Fact is the old system wasn’t better (you could argue equal, but I would disagree) and many teams were unduly burdened before and in the most neutral argument I can muster, let’s say you enjoyed a good run of the old system and now it’s time to put the shoe on the other foot. And it’s no more fair or unfair than before.


In my view the new system has great potential, but is making things hard for a lot of teams due to the weekly ledger omitting a summary of how much is sent to a player. If it did this it would probably allow most teams to adapt it to their current way of operating without too much of a rethink.

This discussion has been mainly related to how diamond teams deal with it as far as I can tell, as well as to a certain extent sapphire. From what I can understand this change is a bit of a nightmare for the majority of teams (platinum).

Im sure the majority have no idea who this Gox fella/lass is either, but anyhaps it would appear that anyone new to the game, or relatively new, as I am, should be ridiculed for not knowing who few established members who have the certainty of knowing they are right and use that knowledge as justification to ridicule anyone who disagrees.

I hope that PG continue to do their best to recognise the value in considering the need to constantly attract and hold new players and teams, as they have with the various recent progression changes. As for banking, personally I think they took something that wasn’t really broken, and broke it a bit, at least until the ledger is amended.

Anyhaps that’s my view, which I know doesn’t count as I’m new and pull up establishmed forum members for being rude.

Play nice kids, I think i’ll leave this forum stuff to those who know they know best.


You can like the new banking system but you cannot say that the old one was broken. it was just more dedicated to micromanagement; now we are obliged to come back to manage the entire Atlas situation…

one thing that is very clear to me is that PG took this decision speaking with some teams, top teams.

now I hope that everyone agree on the differences between top teams and lower leagues teams:
they are more focused on the game, for sure thay are not “casual gamers”. It bring on the tables other differences: their preformances are between 90% and 100% lets say, it means that every one of the 50 members works for the team and actively contribute.
so this new banking system is perfect…no doubts…

now we should consider the others 99% teams, that are not at the top level in this game: the members performances are lower (as much as you go far away from diamond league as much less performance you will find); you will always find someone that perform as 90/100% but you will find also 70/80% (still good players) AND 50/60%. This last “category” of players can run down their performances because of a busy personal period or whatever other reasons, but at the end of the day does not contribute as much as the other members…
deploy a new banking system that remove any kind of segregation made internally by the teams, without provide at the same time any tool to review the performances of the players, is a customization that penalizes the middle leagues (Sapphires).

IMO if you like this new system you are in top teams (so you don’t need to segragate due to the same level of performances of all team members) or you did not manage this aspect of the game in any case (so probably you are in low leagues)

anyway I repeat my thought: they should had improved the ledgers before the new banking system.
for those rocket players that are in a close relationship with PG and can threat the forum with a new resource type…well…PG made the game for the users, all users, if the community does not like a new features, you will not solve the problem with a threat…