Bring back the old banking system


Simple put…nope.

Much prefer the new system, only thing PG hasn’t got wrong recently I.m.o


Ledgers definitely need to be improved. Overall that SHOULDNT be too hard. That being said, if they update it…something like half your towers will stop working is also very possible.

But saying the entire system is broken because the ledger has a few issues is like saying your car doesn’t work because you used the wrong air freshener.


100% agree. I think everyone wants this.

Oh I strongly disagree with that. We sponsor one Platinum 3/4 team and I know very well the atlas lead on another Platinum 1/2 team. This has reduced workload greatly for teams. The only hard part is telling the officers/bankers to not touch the last X gold. However, even the most basic of deposit systems for gold solves this.

I was not ridiculing you. You, however, were trying to use your teams own station to belittle Gox’s opinions and statements. That wasn’t okay. Don’t make assumptions, basically. Don’t assume someone’s team is better or worse than yours unless you actually know, and don’t assume one team isn’t highly organized and carefully run if you’ve never been on it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hmm. The ledger yes, of course. The old system I think was being used too much for “personal banking” which PG has blatantly stated they don’t like. Nothing should be entirely protected. The old system was also hell for tracking and resource distribution in teams that chose a more “whole team resources” approach due to the limited number of people who could access. It wasn’t the worst thing on the planet, but I do strongly prefer this one and I think this will be more helpful for lower teams who don’t have someone to manage a spreadsheet for them.

Everyone is welcome to an opinion. Established forum members jumped on you because you were rude to one of the hardest working, unbiased, intelligent members of Atlas groups simply because you thought your team was better than his (which it’s not). However, I recognize text has the ability to be read in so many different ways and perhaps we lost your intention behind your assumption of Gox’s team.


Ehh. I think folks who don’t like new system argue that more successful teams use the old system, but the reality is that teams with more castles are perceived as being more successful, and having more castles is what causes people to use the old system more so than being successful. In atlas being a diamond team has little bearing on success, and having more castles can be good or bad.

While I agree it’s simpler to delegate into disjoint pieces that are allowed to individually succeed or fail, without team resources being managed as a team rather than as disjoint pieces you cannot achieve the same synergies and agility that managing from a higher level can achieve.

Teams who recognized this were doing extra work to aggregate and manage across banks, so they could outperform teams who didn’t do this.

While it’s true that teams full of players focused on their individual goals rather than the teams goals may not be able to function well without a system that allows them to continue to be individually focused, that doesn’t mean their system was a better or more successful system.

Gox posts on the forums a ton. A simple search would allow you to see for yourself. I doubt many people who read the forums are not familiar with who he is, unless they are brand new and have made little effort to read past postings. I’d be suspicious of anyone’s judgement who finds Gox to be unworthy of the benefit of doubt. I’d recommend you familiarize yourself with his work. I’d recommend his atlas strategy guide as a starting point.

I don’t see it as broken. I see it as changed. If you play strategy games and can’t cope with change, I dunno. When something that favored you shifts it’s favor, it’s not breaking… maybe it would be better to provide more warnIng.

I agree they should be concerned about onboarding, but I don’t think this change has much to do with that.

I do think ledger improvements should have ideally come with central banking, but there is absolutely no use to lament on the past. We can only make the best out of what we have.


I never mentioned anything about my team, you checked me out and as I don’t hide, know my team, i’ve not mention if it’s bronze or diamond, and if it was either of those it’s irrelevant to the points I’ve been making. I enjoy the diversity of the different methods different teams use to work together in this game, there will never be correct or incorrect ways to do things for teams, I just felt that one way was being given a push in favour of others, which probably does not benefit the majority.

Not every platinum team is mentored, the chances are that the best new management ideas will come from a few teams that have to think entirely for themselves, as they will have a fresh take.

I will now mention one thing about how our team is affected, since you mis assumed why I feel a sent summary in the ledger would be useful, we didn’t use the % system for tax, all are set at zero, we simply used one bank as a tax deposit bank, and quickly ran down the ledger once a week to check. This allows total equality for tax and made tax paying a being part of the team thing. So a ledger modification would be to compare tax payment at the simplest level, nothing to do with the private banks that are objected to.

When things are changed with anything, unforeseen knock on effects happen, my point is as others have mentioned, this banking system appears to be the result of discussions between pg and some diamond teams, who obviously find it easier to bank now, the knock on effects to many teams, who had perfectly fine strategies for banking within the old system, now have to adjust to a system designed for other teams, who I’m assuming couldn’t work out satisfactory ways to deal with the old system.

So my point is that banking has been fixed for a few teams at the expense of many imo.


Or…just fix the ledger? I feel like this is a forest for the trees moment. Anyways, it is what it is. If they would fix a few other things like removing glory scaling, then we wouldn’t be stuck on things like banking. We could focus on more fun things like the combat aspect.


:raising_hand_woman:‍♀ not in diamond, never have been, never will be and I prefer the the new system. Speaking from experience of having been in a plat team with 5 castles spread all over the map. It was a ballache having to jump between castles to check rss levels and send out appropriately, it was a ballache to have to send gold between castles to upgrade something because team mates deposited gold in different locations.

I believe that ledger changes will come because they are needed to add more clarity but the new central system is better right now in my opinion.


Yep, it is better on many levels, as appears the concensous on this thread, just fix the ledger and get on with more important stuff, like getting multitouch to work!


Must be my own misinterpretation of your words then. I thought you were trying to say that your point was more valid than Gox’s because you have a “frankly better operating team”. We lose context without speech, however.

I will also challenge you to think about the compromise that must be made. Nothing is ever 100% for the players, PG must see the value in it for them. If PG didn’t like the ability to easily have “personal banks” for whatever their reasons were, we weren’t going to have the ability to easily have personal banks. They may feel this way because they see too many higher ranked teams holding onto T2 land just for bank #, or truly any number of things. The players don’t have control over anything, we can simply make things as best as possible with the constraints given to us.

I said sponsored, not mentored just for clarity. Difference is I stay out of their team almost entirely. The only thing we really do is got them in an alliance, help them scout and buy new land, or give them our lower level land directly. Their leadership is not mentored by us except on very specific cases (which usually aren’t atlas related). They have some amazing and fresh ideas for how they use the bank to encourage activity. For instance, they have “incentives”. If you get a Trapper out before X day, you get an additional 1m wood from the bank on fortification. Things like that. It’s very clever and the incentives work great for her team.

Lots of ledger things can and should be done, for a variety of reasons. I agree. We also used a specific tax system (100% at one bank) for people who wanted to use the rest of their gold Multis but didn’t need the gold themselves. I think the diversity of taxes is something I’d like to see too. Because we all do come from different teams, I think creating a list of different ledger things we’d like to see would be in the best interest of all of us.

Again just wanted to reiterate that players do not have anywhere close to 100% control. Constraints are given, and players who are intimately familiar with Atlas make suggestions on how to fit in those constraints and not screw us all over.

At least we can still store wood and food and gold there. That’s all I’m saying.


I feel like this would be a very PG thing. The ledger probably broke the multi touch. If we go back to the old system we can’t have multi touch ever again.

So see, you WANT the new system. Or no multi touch for you.


I will say, I think it’s terribly optimistic to assume that PG is actually going to fix the ledger. I truly don’t see them putting the effort into that. How long have we been asking for the ledger to be fixed? I just don’t have any faith that they will do it.

I’m used to the new bank already but a decent ledger would make it a lot less work.


This is why I say I think it will change


Ah I must have missed that. Something still tells me that they are going to avoid this completely (wouldn’t be the first time PG has been “working on something” that never came to fruition), but I hope I’m wrong!

  1. None of the “focus groups” are represented by only diamond teams.
  2. Said focus groups have no sign-off authority. PG does what they want with feedback from other players.
  3. Perhaps the change is due to other upcoming features.


Oooo spoiler alert. :stuck_out_tongue:


Carnquin’s post two posts above mine goes to an official PG post about it :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh. Feel free to ignore me then. :rofl:


wait till they nerf more aspects of the game


I can survive the rest, just bring back the separate tax rates.

I cant set the 100% tax rates on my castles now as that would cause major uprisings(lol) within the team.

PG, you can keep the rest. Idfc about the rest. Just BRING BACK THE SEPARATE TAX RATES!


I am the banker for our team with multiple castles. I was skeptical when it change… but I don’t like to make decisions before I actually try things out. Anyway, it was much easier and time consuming to record everything. Don’t get me wrong, the ledger could still be worked and to be able to look at last weeks totals without being on at the rollover would be awesome! A few other things too… but it is a step in the right direction.