Bring back the old banking system


So sounds like you want to punish only some players by taking all of their gold :thinking:

Why would you want a 100% tax rate ever? I for one would not do a run until it changed if that was the case.


If you want the gold to go to the bank anyway or want to accumulate a lot before spending, you could use tax to send it direct to the larger, safer storage of the bank, unlimited by the normal storage-to-bank transfer limits.

Players could easily choose their tax rate by changing their home if the tax rate varied between castles.

I guess PG felt it was too complicated, or difficult to preserve while preventing tax dodging, or they didn’t like the use of the feature because they wanted gold to be risky.


For when you’re being farmed.


Aka to avoid any real risk. Which like it or not is unhealthy for the game

While I think Atlas Elite does introduce undue risk for a premium feature, that doesn’t mean 100% tax is the right solution.


I meant for when you’re being actively farmed. The non-stop kind that lets you know you’re the center of attention for a special kind of psycho. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Let’s say we have just conquered a new castle, and feel the urge to upgrade the infrastructure as quickly as possible. With the new system using all the stored gold is not a problem, and gathering some more is even easier with 100% tax.

This is what my team uses every time we have something urgent. Naturally, without proper communication it couldn’t work.


Heh, I guess you’ve been answered already.

But to clarify a bit more, I’ll give an example.

My team had -still has- multiple castles with different tax rates before the new banking system.

People who were eager for their team to grow faster preferred to farm for gold on castles with 100% tax rates, especially after they have farmed gold for training/resurrecting troops or leveling up their primarchs depending on the on-going atlas event.

Others had set their homes at castles with much lower tax rates. (E.g. 0%.)

Except for some teammates who were busy with their works or lives at the time, most of my teammates would farm for gold for themselves at castles with 0% tax rates, when they first logon after the multiplier reset, for training troops mostly as gold for primarchs were usually handed to them straight from the banks so that they wouldn’t have to take risks for golds being stolen.

Then they would move their homes to the castle with 100% tax rates to get rid of their gold mine multipliers.

I am pretty sure that was very common for the teams with multiple castles, including mine.

It still is pretty common to have 100% tax rates especially for the teams with 22+ castles as 22 castles is the minimum number of castles you can make everyone of your teammates a governor or a banker excluding the leader and 5 officers as they can take the resource out of any of the castles the team owns.

My team only has a half of the said number, yet we don’t complain much about haing high tax rates when necessary and we don’t give much faq about who puts more into the bank and tales more from the bank as all of us pay taxes, donate, and take resources including gold outa banks when wanted or needed.

The old ways only needed to distribute resources to the castles with 0% tax rates from the 100%s. So that we can store more efficiently. -as my team never really had any leachers, we never really had to check for ledgers though officers kept checking that anyways.-

I do admit that it is easier to keep track of leachers with the new centralized banking system, but as we didn’t have any and still don’t, we don’t really feel the ease from it.

Now, to farm gold with 100% tax rates to avoid gold being stolen while farming, one must ask the team if there is any leader, officers, governors or bankers online to change the tax rates to 100%. Mostly at least half a dozen of them are online, but it is an extra workload that they have to deal with. Especially when I could just change homes and farm golds with 100% or 0% anytime I wanted before the new banking system.

TL;DR there were and still are many teams that use the bank as an enlarged storage with no risk of resources being stolen. -though there still is a risk as castles can be conquered.-

So I don’t think having 100% or any high number of tax rates is necessarily about punishing.


And thats why it won’t come back


I do think this new banking system is easier but not for tracking withdrawals. As a top 30 team this is may be something you are not concerned with as you probably have long standing members who you can trust.

For those still having some occasional member changes, or having some that have certain ‘weaknesses’, tracking what a player has received is now increasingly more difficult.

I have asked in a few post if a received column will be added and as of yet my question to pg has gone ignored so I created a topic this morning with just that question. Just wondering your thoughts for lower teams that need to be able to track withdrawals.


PG won’t even be at work yet so they won’t respond quickly. They’ve said changes are being worked on but probably won’t provide exact details until it’s almost ready for release


Yes I realize they are not in the office at the moment. I have asked a few times over the past week and not received any type of response.

I did miss them saying changes are being worked on. Thank you.


Idk. I think it gives an incentive for non-atlas players to become a p2w. Grow faster, join a team with atlas, you get to have a giant safe that has a 20 mins delay in exchange for no risk of rss losses unless the castle itself is conquered. Nothing wrong by PG’s book with the idea of using bank as a safe.

Anyways, back to the topic.

If this changes were made to ease the difficulty for players as they say, they should change only the certain parts back while maintaining the other parts of the current system.

It surely is easier to upgrade infrastructures as the inflow of the gold is much faster to reach the amount needed for an infrastructure to be upgraded.

And the leader and officers don’t have to distribute gold from the ‘richer’ castles to ‘poorer’ castles to store more gold.

And I personally think a single ledger is much easier to read as I don’t have to jump around castles just to check if there’s any leechers, though I occasionally have some troubles with the bugs

But the tax rates… I’d much prefer separate tax rates, so that I can just change my home from a castle to another and put the gold I farm straight to my storage or the team’s bank depending on the circumstances. This way, even if the whole team does not agree with a certain rates, people can just move their homes to the castle with preferred tax rates without having to call the whole team for a temporal or permanent agreement each occasion of tax rate changes.

So, yeah. I don’t know about fully going back to the way it was though I wouldn’t stand against that, but I also can’t agree staying just as it is now.


This is something we want too, actually. That everyone wants. I really hope it’s added soon.


We just found an error in our weekly log. A deposit was made at 5:20pm pst Saturday night and is not reflected in the weekly ledger but reset happens at 5pm pst now :cry:


The same thing can be accomplished with transferring gold after you have collected that can be accomplished by having a 100% tax castle.

Nobody can see your gold to “steal” it from you so that should not be an issue. The problem is that you are holding an ass load of other RSS while you are collecting gold. Get rid of that and you shouldn’t have a problem while you are trying to collect gold. Know your limitations in transfers and play to your limitations. That is what playing the game is all about.

Now if you hold on the the gold for an extended amount of time, well that’s on you. Can’t fix stupid.

The one thing they could do (although any time you ask PG to do something they fuck the game up) is allow the team to set a minimum tax rate, and the player to set an additional tax rate if they so wish. I don’t know the complexity of putting that in game, and it is sure to fuck something up along the way.


not sure about the whole rez’ing old banking but id want the separate tax rates… for sure. :sweat:


Other than for pseudo transferring of gold to the bank what other purpose would there be for separate tax rates? Just curious because I don’t see it. For all we know part of the change in banking was because people were skirting the transfer system by using 100% tax castles (not that PG would ever admit that).


It’s a know bug with no eta on resolution

Between Saturday 5 pm Pacific and midnight Pacific that night, those transactions don’t show on either summary.


They all went to the Bank of Echo. :see_no_evil:


It shows on detail tab just not included in total on weekly tab.