Bring back the old banking system


Yup that’s why I said summary




If we are stuck with this banking system I would like to see a month tab. To who is really putting the time in and not just having their hands out asking for rss. It was easier to see with the old banking system.


It’s easier to transfer resources but harder to track. The weekly summary does work well but it would be better for officers to track, if there is a monthly summary. Also at times ppl do need more resources eg near end of feed/build/troops events. It may be good if officers can control how much members can take. Eg officers able to set overdraft of certain % of what they had banked in. If members need more, officers can override that and give temporary excess overdraft, say for a day or 2. That might work better for the officers to control and track.


I totally agree transfers are easier but not the tracking


I mean it’s not actually a bad thing, but that may lead to greed and mistrust, esp when the weekly summary resets. Being that officers can control, it might be better for the teams.


Options are always better, choices for people that play the game differently make it adaptable and sustainable.

  1. Allow the team leader to choose for their team which banking system to use - centralized vs decentralized.
  2. Allow a player purchasing Atlas Elite to choose between the old regen rate and the new regen rate.

This isn’t that hard.


It is probably harder than you are thinking. Not to mention would likely break the game even more.

See what many have failed to come to realization yet is that the change that we can affect in the game is very little. Players didn’t want atlas…we have atlas. Players wanted a slow down to the pace of releasing new content…same pace. Players wanted token missions to be scaled…we got a slap in the face.

If it doesn’t make them money they are not going to do it. As long as people keep buying the Atlas elite they will keep trying to change it to leverage the most sales. As long as people keep doing atlas runs and transferring gold they will do what they want with the banking system. They might listen and implement parts of suggestions to give the illusion that they are listening, but those are just half truths. The parts of the suggestion that might net them more income.

It is their world we just pay to be in it. If that is not a suitable outcome then there is no point in sticking around.


You all know this one, so feel free to sing along…

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A solution could be an opt (in/out) and carry both methods in code.
Opt In to global banking system
Opt Out and retain by island banking system.

A big feature we need is better unified reporting, bank, transfers, and island status.
Bank ledger, donations, taxes seem ok now, for distributions, need transfer initiator, recipient, amount.
For summaries, have by player, donated/withdrawals.

Island maintenance, unified view of all islands, island level, tower levels, upkeep due, element, hi-lite any upgrades in progress. (Would make QOL much much better)


I understand both sides to this discussion and of course everyone is entitled to their opinion wether large or small team, but I don’t think this is ideal for both, for example smaller teams don’t have the players to do spreadsheets or for that matter the desire to, as a officer of a higher team only benefit to us is the bigger transfer amount which can also cause problems if you get players not paying attention and send to much, Am I a fan of new system no but the ledger is the thing they need to fix absolutely which would benefit all teams at least in my opinion , I’m sorry I love war dragon but I’d also like a life :joy: and I didn’t come here to be a bookkeeper or a management company it’ takes away from time we could be flying and puts more stress on leaders and officers Making us wonder what happened to our fun war game


Which is precisely why I am not a leader or an officer any more.(even before atlas)


I like the new banking system, besides, if you can not trust your members to be honest about their transfer, do you really want them in your team? :eyes:


@Arelyna Any word on a fix for the weekly ledger as far as not recording deposits made between 5PM PST and midnight?


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