Bring back the old banking system


I don’t understand why we can’t have a choice to use the central bank or not to use it. It should be an option the leader can choose what works best for their team then everyone is happy


Red I got respect for ya, but I can’t possible see what it is about this system you find so appealing with the way they introduced it.
Maybe you can enlighten us all as to why you think it’s better in terms of fair and equitable RSS dispersement/tracking with a half assed ledger (as it currently stands) cuz I sure don’t see it


It might just be with the way my team does our banking and resource distribution.


God yes please have exportable files.


As a top 10 team in Atlas, we hate it. Alot.


Coming from a very successful team in atlas, this change is a step backwards. My greater concern is the fact that people who change the taxes also change the tax on every castle.

This feature is broken it should only be one castle not every castle. One minute I’m doing runs and the second raid I get no gold because someone else wants to upgrade infra. This is broken.


My point was that not all top teams hated this. We all have different ways to do banking. This is bad for some, great for others.


I’d love to hear how you do banking.


On first look here, it seems like teams who run Atlas as a team endeavor will like the simplified system, while teams who seem to be running Atlas as a cluster of individuals dislike the fact that they cannot be kings of their own castles anymore.

I can see both sides. I cannot see a way to make all people happy. After all, it’s Atlas, not pizza.


Level 300 storage incoming. 240 days per upgrade. Brace yourself.


Oh noes :upside_down_face:


This Central banking is fantastic,and why does it matter who gets what? Long as the rss is refilled between events,who cares if person A put in more than person b? Atlas banks are for the team not individual personal banks.


Gold’s the only RSS I’d complain about :laughing: the food and wood are easy to come by outside of RSS events.


May I ask how you guys did your banking prior to this update that it’s now less work? :thinking: Or would you have to kill me if you told? LOL.

Separately from that reply, I find this to be just as tedious as I predicted, based on how we previously did our banking. We are not a top team; we don’t have enough castles for everyone to be a banker or governor, but we do have enough that small group assignments made sense, and made for a lot less work (this is something that could be fixed with a truly functional ledger…why is there no credit/debit section in the weekly ledger, only the individual one? That’s ridiculous). I want a return to the old system, or at least some aspects of it. Being able to track donation to castle, for example, and the ability to set more than one tax rate. I do like that governors and bankers aren’t limited to their castles anymore.


I wouldn’t put it that way. More individualized banking takes a load off officers and it doesn’t mean you don’t operate as a team.


We worked in teams to level an island used our clocks to build infrastructures we used rss as each team within the team needed we could also transfer rss to other islands that needed help. Just say my island mate needs a den cap lifted we agree all wood goes to him from our island same thing if a critical dragon needs leveling we farm for it and decide which of us needs what and help each other. Each team pays up keep on that island etc. it takes some pressure off officers that are calling and planning wars planning events etc. when an officer said we need x amount of gold for this island we gave it or clocks we did work as a team but it spread the upkeep and tedious things like transfers around to individual teams within the team. It worked there were no issues I don’t know why anyone would want to change it.


Personaly I like the idea of the new banking system but it has some flaws, obviously the ledger is one problem, the other problem is access. Previously a single bad banker or governor could cause minimal damage, where as now, you could empty your teams entire bank in a matter of minutes. Maliciously into overflow oblivion, or into another teams garrison
We all know sometimes people get upset and act poorly. The old system allowed for trust, but with constraints. Now it’s all or nothing. I think the solution is to add back constraints to the new system.
Leader, Officers, Govenors, and Bankers should have separate configurable limits to maximum transaction size and maximum number of pending transactions. That way a team with lots of garrisons can still delegate power and responsibility to their whole team without handing everyone unlimited power.


The biggest issue from my point of view is Gold.

Lumber and Food can be centralized since it is a free-to-get ressource of the game.
But Gold is something where some people pay REAL money for Elite and some don´t… those get mixed up now.

Another downside from my point of view (maybe officers like it though): even if you set your home in NML the clan-tax applies. So there is no way of gaining gold directly untaxed if you need it fast. Not sure if that was intended or not (I don´t like it but I also see why this might be considered useful).

So my idea would also be:
EITHER bring back old banking system OR introduce a much simpler way to see “balance” of individual players (and/or castles). Can´t be that a game forces you to copy a ledger, type it to xls and do the math… that´s ridicioulos


Thank you PG for listening to the community and giving us centralised (or centralized in America) banking, as was requested multiple times in multiple QoL posts over the last year.


the person A cares…and he/she will complain with the officers if there will be not enough resources during the training events or making troops events