Bring back the old banking system


IMHO PG should implement a master book that consider the entire game… in this way there will be less problems/works for the officers/leaders to keep under control the requests.
have just one week in the ledgers is absolutely not enough…
they already do it for the gold mined, why do not implement it in general for all transactions?
on development side there should be only a consolidation of the weekly books in a master records.


Since I was asked, this is the basic run down we have:

Anything put into the bank without prior communication is immediately team resources. If you’d like to “deposit” some gold for further withdrawal, you just poke the right person, they approve it, and then you can get it all out once you’ve deposited it all. Minimum donations are tracked each week as needed (I’m not sure if we even have to track it anymore).

For food and wood it’s pretty simple and something we’ve been doing, well, the whole time we’ve had atlas with few changes. Fortification has a limit of 1 max transfer (your full storage amount) per day, and as much food as you need for your mills without problem. Wood is then open to free for all usually on Sunday, sometimes on Saturday. Food can go to anyone who requests it for a “war worthy dragon” (your top dragons per player) or to anyone for mills. Feeding event is similar, but flipped - meaning 1 max transfer a day and then free for all later in the event. Breeding has food for breedable dragons as a priority in the team, and for ONLY dragons that need to get breedable if our stores drop below 50%.

We all put resources back in constantly, some more than others. If you make a request, we have the expectation that you’re hunting until that request lands and you help contribute in some way back. Some people can contribute more (like our lower levels during resource heavy events like fort) than our high levels due to what is available to raid. We do it all together, and the banks are always maxed out shortly after resource intense events end.

This new bank system, for us, means that our most active banker won’t run out of wood this weekend while we have wood in another set of banks, we won’t have to transfer gold around to make room in certain spots, we don’t have to keep a spreadsheet to track how much of every resource we have, teammates don’t have to look for the bank that has room to deposit, less castles to look at the weekly ledger for, etc. Is it perfect? No no. The ledger needs more work (which I’m certain they are doing), but for us this has removed so much tedious work for officers and bankers it’s lovely.


If the bank is full then there is plenty for everyone. There is no I in team,no matter how much $ a person spends they’re not gonna own land,and castles by themselves. I farm millions of gold a day,and put most of it in the bank as I do extra rss. Sometimes I wish I was in a higher league,but seriously with all this me me me stuff. I’ll stick to platinum.


many do that and that´s noble.
Question I have for you is: How do you feel if you put millions in the bank and once you need it for leveling prims or massive troop revival there is not enough gold for you?


maybe all the teams of the players that said “it is a good way to manage the banking system” are “ideal” and all 50 players are very active and honest…but it is not the case for the most part of the teams…
there will be always someone that do not put rss in the bank but ask for help during fortifications/feedings/training events. as officer I want to guarantee an equity for my team, having just one “basket” mixed with all rss of the team I will have hard time to supervise the transactions…


if the bank is always full there is nothing to discuss…but I guess it is not so common have always the bank full of gold, is it?


Well first I’d raise hell about slackers ,then I’d farm more gold. We try to keep our banks full. Not everyone can afford atlas elite or chooses not to buy it. Oh we also set different tax rates for different events.


For those who mentioned level of trust , if u read well I already specified that I had all my players assigned in my castles that were dealing their own rss . It is much easier that way tbh . With the new banking I have to engage my officers be bankers all time which is awful .


The way I see it at the end of the day it’s just a game,and we own Jack shit in it. Perhaps in the future when these silly tos are beaten in court things will change.


it is a game, ok, but also in gaming (expecially if someone spend money, real money) there should be equity… and guarantee the equity is what is requested to leaders/officers to do not have 50 complainings persons at your door!
without any segregation and a very bad arranged ledgers it become a job… as you said it is a game, also for officers…


Dunno we’re doing just fine with the new banking system. We keep it full but do request everyone put in what they take out. I’m little,but lemme join a diamond team I’ll farm gold ,just let me have the eggs. :joy::joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl:


Why can’t your bankers still be bankers?


This is the straw that will break the camels back for a lot of players …people who spend on this game support those who don’t if no one spends this game will surely die …what about people who are at work they plan their troop builds and atlas hits so they can log on quick do one run with good gold payout and build troops with the hat regeneration now less it’s even more important to plan your builds accordingly. Now they have to wait for an officer ask for gold wait 20 min for it to land and build many people cannot waste that time while at work for a game …these changes are killing this game


Why is this different? If you had bankers before, you still have bankers now. I fail to see how the banking system has influenced this.


Set tax to 0% ask members to donate all left over gold.problem solved.


because of all players are mixed together in the weekly ledger…so it doesn’t make any sense have many bankers… they are usefull only to send rss if the officers are not online but on the management side you need one poor guy that fill up a spreadsheet to maintain a minimum of order.
moreover please consider the timezone differences: here in italy the ledger will be resetted on sunday morning…can you feel the pain??!


But more bankers = more people to send

To see…what people are sending? That’s all easy on the weekly ledger.

Umm yes. The ledger resets at 3am for me.


Either trust players to donate all spare rss and gold for the benefit of the team or kick them.


more bankers = more people that will have a “false” ledger due to the fact that the rss sent to another player appears in the same way as the rss received for personal purposes.

correct…so you have only one week of data…in the past week I sent 24kk of gold to the bank why do we should not consider that anymore? because the world is beautiful and we are all friends? yeah but you found 50 peoples that think in that way? it means you are very lucky especially in higher leagues…

and you have an alarm to wake up and make the screenshots?


So you could just track what they send in a sheet. It’s still the same amount of work if you feel the need to track every piece of wood, food, and gold.

Or just screenshot it at a time that works good for you. We stopped tracking because we just didn’t need it anymore. Otherwise we screenshot once, add it to the ledger. Done.

I use to, yes.


I buy an Atlas Elite I spent on gold I should be able to use it as I see fit give it when I want to before there were 2 people giving and taking rss and gold we worked together and helped each other and the team when we have excess. Now I have to keep a running list of every damn stick of wood or food or gold I put into this stupid system as to not take or ask for more than I put in it’s beyond stupid for me for the officers doling it all out all day and night it’s just the dumbest thing they ever did I won’t be continuing to play much longer myself if it stays this way. I don’t want to ask for anything I want to use what I put in when I want like it was before.