Bring back the old banking system


People saying the new bank system is good definitely never even HAD a proper system within their team before. :roll_eyes: Blindly transferring is not a bank system.

There was nothing wrong with the old system at all. Good teams developed mechanisms around the old bank system changing this now makes no sense whatsoever.


This is just too funny :joy:

It’s amazing how many people here had their own super primitive little thing worked out and are now unable to deal with the change.


What do you think the people paying for elite without their own private castle have been doing lol? That.

Edit. In fact actually, the people I know just gave it to the team and didn’t whine about it because they’re playing a team game…


3 biggest issues from my side:

1)Same tax at safe zone-it’s absolutely annoying,because I need to get gold ASAP! I’m dismotivated to build troops at all (I’m a great gold contributor,but I can sit and play only at night.i can’t be tied to game or track when gold will arrive at my day time)

2)Now there is no way to see which rss someone taking.For example,I can’t say my teammate “take my gold/wood/food” anymore. Because In a ledger it will shown,like he took extra

3)now I need to calculate how much food/wood/gold I can use.
Earlier I could have just go and took it.
Now I need to calculate it and it’s annoying.

I’m general,I’ve been trying very hard don’t be too picky,but I hate waste time for things.which I could avoid
So my playing time have been cutted a lot.

I’m not sure how exactly it changed to better game for smaller teams and what exactly they needed to transfer.
When I had mini team we own 3 castles and each had Governor and Banker
It was always full with rss
So we just needed to press upgrade button and that’s it

+1 to this

It’s kinda opposite of thing which we had
And it will discourage ppl from growing up bank and other infra I believe
Especially those,who spend enough,thinking,that they are growing their stuff.
It must be right,wrong,but they did it,because they were allowed to :woman_shrugging:t2:


Not sure what you mean by primitive. If a fundamental mechanism in the game was changed drastically, one that teams developed strategies around for months, how would you feel?

There are good points with the new bank system, what sucks is the inability to track without spending 10x (literally) the time. Let me spell it out for you.

Before if a team had 10 castles, that would be 5 players sharing a bank each. 10 bankers/officers Managing and monitoring 5 players in/output is infinitely easier than managing 50 players in a single centralized bank.

Just because you didnt have an efficient system in your team before that leveraged the fact of multiple separate banks doesn’t give merit to this new bank deal thrown at us


We have specific mechanisms of farming rss as well
Now we going back to simplifyed system which won’t help us work as team,because now everyone need to track themselves only and can’t work in a pair with mate


Why can’t you still do that exactly? It’s one location but the team members are the same


Before you’d just need to track 5 players (assuming 10 castles). Now it’s tracking 50 players…


Not if you still divvy it up into groups. As long as the groups don’t waver outside of their members then the advocated people just monitor the set members surely


Damn it must suck being in a higher tier team. If leadership is that worried about tracking. Set tax to 0 either members all do their share or the bank dries up.


Obviously this will suit some teams better than others, my view is they fixed something that wasn’t broken, and broke it in the process. Please include a new column in the summary ledger so we can see how much each player has been sent, not just how much they donated. This would solve all of our issues with the new system including how to tax, since we can’t have an allocated tax bank anymore, which was our teams personal preference.
I don’t think it helpful for any team to say their way is best, just keep it so teams can use systems similar to those they’ve been previously successful with.


This would make sense - how much each player has been SENT. Not who taps on the “send rss to team mate” button lol what good does that do


Hahahaha. Nah, we love it and we have a system which works brilliantly for us. I get that others don’t like it - that’s fine. There are always pros and cons to things, but to blindly say this bank change is horrible is not looking at the whole picture.

The bank system is fine. The ledger system needs work to make sure teams can manage this in different ways.

Edit: I do agree with @Dari that having multiple possibility for tax would be nice to keep.


Id be interested to see how long it actually takes to get gold for training troops. Doesn’t seem that long to me. About 5 mins.

Not sure that its such a mountain to climb.

Changes I want

  1. cap lumber and food and gold transfer amount to recipient cap.
  2. make ledger improvement

Then color me happy


Why can’t teams choose what they want I don’t do coding don’t know the first thing about it but people who do seem to say it’s not that big a deal to let it be a choice made by the leader if it’s in the coding to allow it then everyone could be happy?


I sincerely doubt this is possible. If we can’t have multiple skins of a map, I don’t believe we could have two banking systems, sadly.


Tbh,gold isn’t a big issue
So…just leave food and wood on our islands and gold in Central bank
But I doubt that’s it’s possible now


I’m not a fan of the new banking system at all. My team is one of the teams that was added to atlas back in July, so we definitely don’t have every player with their personal castle. However, having one officer responsible for distributing resources out of each castle worked really well for us. We haven’t had a chance to assign bankers and governors yet. Unfortunately in platinum league it is difficult enough to find decent recruits, let alone good recruits who also are online often and are trustworthy. Now if we want a banker or governor to help take the load off of our shoulders we have to let them handle 100% of the teams resources, instead of starting them off small at one bank.

I can already see that by making this change, as a leader, my workload if I want to properly track everything is going to at least double. My officers are great but they don’t treat the game like a job (and I encourage them not to). So that leaves me to take care of everything related to tracking the resources, instead of before when I could simply have an officer take care of one castle each.

It’s not the end of the world, we will get used to it. I am certainly not willing to put more work into this game than I already do (it’s supposed to be fun afterall :joy:) so the new system has done nothing for our team but make things less organized. I don’t understand why PG is so hell bent on forcing out updates that break the game and make gameplay worst. But this isn’t the worst thing PG has done recently, at least.


sounds like a job for you, isn’t it?

very bad, thanks for asking… we divided the effort of keeping track for the number of the castles owned. now it is become just one single, big work…


I have a castle that I am in charge of. With this stupid new regen rate I like setting tax at 100% and sending myself the gold when I need it. I get all or most of my gold runs out of the way in the morning. Now if I set the tax to 100% I will piss off a few teammates. I don’t like holding on to gold to long more chances it can get raided. Bring back the old system. Castles are nothing more than now.