Bring back the old banking system


still in adjusting process… still don´t like the system but trying to adjust.

This whole centralized bank system made castle assignments obsolete.
Isnt the “Banker” also obsolete now? I mean if PG has such a drastic change in banking system I´d say get rid of bankers and give officers the chance to determin which member can access rss and which can´t. My goal behind that is basically that with the following two ideas EVERY member of the clan should be able to send rss, but with those two restrictions:

  1. I like the idea of @Gox1201 maybe simply add a “max daily transfer limit per player” for each RSS type?

  2. maybe just add a toggle-box for officers like “player can´t pull out more then he put in” that way no one needs to track any numbers and no one starts taking too much


So you want them to be 100% safe extentions of personal storage?

Not sure that is their intent to be frank, I think they are more about team collaboration and helping out the team as a whole during events.

We used to have fierce competitions each week to see who could donate more gold and RSS to the banks to keep all of our upgrades going when the expedite cost was reasonable (it’s ballooned up significantly so that’s now the limiting factor).

Team > me


I also think the ledger needs to be changed to at least add another view which would include ALL team members names and three columns (wood/food/gold) for deposits and 3 for receivals (not withdrawals you sent to someone else). Then from a glance you can see how much someone has been sent that week.

Setting a max RSS per day would be a fabulous idea as well, and would work well to be able to grant more bankers the ability to transfer out without the risk of some teams giving up too much control to newer playrs.


@TheRedDelilah simple answer cause all would become greedy or who knows what happens if I keep all my banker/governnors

so since everyone is asking why, I have one question too :



It was, especially when I had to screenshot more than one castle. Now it’s one.

Sounds like a team problem. Not trying to put you down, but it doesn’t sound like a bank problem here.

Pros and cons to everything. They already said running two maps as optional is hard, so imagine a bank system like that. I think if they improve the ledger, it will help.


seriously ? why tracking 49 ppl in ledger when u can have 25 castles with 2 ppl banker/governor there that you dont have to track ?? is that too hard to understand ?? ppl running their own banks and rss was the best solution . and me or my officers didnt have to deal that stuff. that was team harmony .


Please bring back the old version. For those teams with a few castles, its not ideal


I definitely agree with that, but they should have implemented the better ledger before the bank system change… it was not so difficult forecast that it become a necessity, moreover it would avoid you to wake up at 3:00am!


totally agree with that. And I think ppl here who support the new banking are just confusing the advantages like the transfer cap or amount with the banking-gorverning issue .


on this side the new bank system do not change anything: if they was able to arrange themselves without complain with you or the officers probably they will be still able to do it also with a centralized bank…

the problem here is to have a tool that can easy provide a picture of the situation in case of “litigations”, for this reason I am insisting about the better ledger…
they should (always IMHO) bring the old system back, develop a better ledger and then introduce the centralized bank system…


sure it does cause now they have access to all team rss not only theirs


right but if they was “honest” with just one bank in theory they should be honest also with the centralized one… the problem will be when (not “if” but “when”) they will be not honest!


honest or not they had only their rss to deal with .


I def agree with that


There is zero difference in monitoring.

If you had 10 banks and 5 ppl per bank, just keep the same pairs and have them monitor each other as they were.

Unless of course you want to admit that they didn’t monitor each other, in which case the central bank wouldn’t make a difference




Have 2 people monitor each other. Look for just one another.


Thats even easier.

We are a tad more successful than you at atlas and the new banking is much easier.

Perhaps if you improved your teamwork you might even do better at team aspects … Like winning something sometime maybe. Actually who are we kidding here…


Honestly, complain about tracking. I think the ledger needs some help, so make suggestions and lists on what you’d like to see. Suggestions will help everyone. Since everyone has a different perspective, everyone making positive suggestions on what they would like to see happen for the ledger will help us all.

To the people complaining that you no longer have an easy and private bank to protect 100% of your stuff (be it wood, gold, or food) - stop. PG has stated they don’t want them to be personal banks, so they won’t be personal banks. The more you beg for them to be, and the more you state that is the only way you see them vs. team banks, the more likely they are to take this perk from us. Would you rather them make a new currency for infra and completely remove the ability to store wood, gold, and food? I didn’t think so.


you are still at another point of view now .