Bring back the old banking system


we run our team in base of what fits to us , If I want my ppl run a bank is my decision to do it , that is why most of the teams have 2 ppl assigned per castle and it worked perfectly so far . now is made even worse . why should I get back at tracking when things were way better


Do you want them to remove food and wood storage all together?
Just curious :slight_smile:


of course not , lets not get out of the main subject


So adapt and move on.

Its not changing back, rather make inputs on what would improve it.

A simple ledger tweak for one
A handful of additional officer tools (eg set caps on what certain “ranks” can transfer, etc


Because of this.


adapting will be a big suprise for all


You dont actually know it’s not changing back if enough people complain they will eventually cave just like they did with the stand with red stuff. She felt one way while others felt a different way if someone has enough backing and good reason it can and would change back.


Loving the new banking system😀


Suggestions to improve the new banking system that I would like to see:

  1. Have the weekly summary show the deposits from each player (it already does this) along with withdrawals that are made to that player’s storage hut (it currently only shows who took the rss out, not who received it in the weekly view).
  2. The ability for individual players in a team to choose any tax rate they desire between the minimum tax rate set by the team and a 100% tax rate. (I.E. if your team had taxes set to 20% you would be able to choose any tax you like between 20% and 100%. You would not be able to go below the 20% tax rate set by your team.)
  3. Additional weekly total tabs. I would like to see a current weekly total and a previous weekly total. Maybe even a weekly total for 2 weeks ago. It might also be nice to have a total for the current month.
  4. It would be cool if leadership were able to select players to put into groups. Then players could toggle between the view of the entire guild and their own specific group. (Don’t know how small PG would be willing to make the groups. I think a 5 person minimum, but maybe have the division be based on some mathematical number of castles owned.)

Maybe there was something else by my train of thought derailed. I’ll add it in later if I can recall it…


nice suggestion


I second this post!


With the new update to banking do new teams without a castle have access to banking? I thought I heard someone talking about that but can’t find any info.


I do actually know its not changing back… If enough people continue to bitch and moan like 3 year olds then they will simply give atlas an unique resource for upgrading infra and then you will have zero food and lumber capacity in banks.


I read this as well. My alt is on an atlas team with no castle though and I can’t figure out how to access the level 0 bank.


Glad I’m not the only one.


Me too. I was feeling like a big dummy. I know I saw it in the release notes discussion. :stuck_out_tongue:


Has pg posted saying that it won’t? If not you have no credible information to state otherwise. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and what they would like to see happen no need to be snide and rude. The forums have always been a place to complain about things they dont agree with. Maybe you should do some growing up as well. I’m not a fan of the new system but if things are tweaked it might be ok. Otherwise it’s a pain to track everything.


You know that there are groups out there which have private conversations with PG right?


Yes I do know but if pg has not publicly stated it and there is a non disclosure in effect there is no concrete evidence just hearsay. That is my point if pg comes out and makes a statement saying it will never go back to the way it was then so be it otherwise people are going to keep pushing for it to get changed back. Theres no need for people to be rude about things.


There isn’t one. When you conquer a castle it has no bank, you have to build it. But the castle still has a basic storage facility so that you can build the infrastructure