Bring back the old banking system


Yes they did. I was replying directly to your statement which was wrong. Just because you weren’t aware of a conversation doesn’t mean it wasn’t said. So coming on the forum and essentially saying I’m lying will lead to a straight out response calling you on it. Pg speaks to a lot of ppl on a lot of platforms eg the recent meeting at pg hq. Some things are discussed in gpf and some things on the atlas version thereof.

You don’t have to believe me / honestly I couldn’t give a damn what you believe or not. I was simply stating a fact, wishing it is or isn’t so won’t change it.

So feel free to continue wasting time bemoaning something that’s a done deal. I’ll be spending my energy working towards improvements on the new system so it can be tweaked so that is more player friendly.

Have fun in the game, come say hi sometime


Some people love it, some people hate it.

Please improve the ledger.


Not that easy for some teams to be able to just kick players. There are too many teams and not enough players in this game which makes recruiting experienced players even for medium competitive teams difficult at best.




Our banks were never private. We shared with the team. We used the gold to upgrade infrastructure to better help the team. So I would never call my castle my private bank. I was just in charge of upkeep and building. The ability to set different taxes at each one is what I miss the most. If the hat regeneration rate was back to when elite first came out I might be fine with it but i don’t want to have to jump in game every 4 hours and do runs for gold. If it is all in the bank it can be sent out when needed.


Then donate and request out when you want it.

If the ledger gave a deposit and withdrawal amount in one single line item (per resource) it would be an easy comparison if you yourself were net positive or not.

Then just tell everyone to try and stay net positive on the team :slight_smile:


Yes, sometimes I think that people on the forums forget that there is more to the game than just diamond league.


Honestly it will take some adjustment to the way you do things in atlas. Our team has people assigned to each castle and such same as most. But it is way better to send into and out of. Hated having to find out from each governor what is in each to upgrade something. Liking this with each hour that goes by.


I will say that one thing this has made even more clear to me is that rss transfers need to be out of TC. Previously having castles with varying tax rates from 0% to 100% meant we didn’t need to see 100% of the gold being transferred in TC. Now, having opted for 0% tax so as not to punish players who play more often (whereas previously they had choices), it’s shutting down team chat hard core.

I do find it potentially problematic that such a massive change was made without seeing what teams were actually using the previous system were doing and why. The fact that people have been asking for an improved ledger prior to this, and that this change was made without fixing those issues, is classic PG garbage, as so much of what is wrong is about tracking (and different teams that have multiple newer castles that need leveling may have different tracking needs than perhaps those with most castles already having max or at least high level infrastructure) could have been avoided with a better weekly ledger (with tabs for at least the previous week as well, if not previous two weeks).

For what it’s worth, we have maintained our banking groups and now players do the tedious work that the ledger should be doing for us. They maintain the ability to upgrade the infrastructure of the castle they are assigned to, and we trust them to keep their donations as a group accuractely tallied to do so. It’s exactly what we did before but more work for everyone simply because the weekly ledger is not versatile enough to track donation by “branch” and doesn’t provide enough information on what went where.

Tl;dr: fix the ledger and put rss transfers in a separate chat.


What I find funny is how this elite group with all the insider information and by the looks of it PG preference are getting to call the shots regardless of what the majority of the people playing this game may have wanted.
So I guess the rest of us non cool kids will just have to suck it up and take it. It would be nice to have all this inside information and have our games all set up with plans in place to take advantage of upcoming changes this smacks of preferential and unfair game play to me but since my opinion doesn’t matter it’s seems I will just go back to my uncool table and stfu


I’m not a member of any of those things. I’m just some guy. I love the new banking system. I’d be ticked if they rolled it back. So would the majority of other players. (See? I can throw out unsubstantiated generalizations, too).


Count the numbers on this post alone it’s not unsubstantiated it’s over 2-1 in favor of the old system.


Not everyone posts in the forums :woman_shrugging:


Some people don’t like talking in circles for either side. :woman_shrugging:


I sincerely doubt this is possible. If we can’t have multiple skins of a map, I don’t believe we could have two banking systems, sadly.

Uhhh the banking system is just some code. The old banking code is still available if PG uses any sort of source control, which only but the most barbaric developers don’t use… It shouldn’t be any more than 30 min of competent developer time to add a check box in the UI for which system to use and some if statements. Eg:

if(bUseCentralBanking) {
   //new bank code
} else {
   //old bank code


I’m sorry if I hit a nerve seems like I did. The only way this new system will work is if they update other things along with it. Until then it’s a garbage change and it seems like I’m not the only one to think so. Please stop with the name calling and condescending remarks.


Some might say adapting to new challenges is the ultimate competition.

Im not saying lots of tools and adjustments don’t need to be made, but I do feel the old system was broken. Distributive delegation is only good for teamwork when the sum of the pieces have to work together. Unlike a budget at a company, the previous banking system allowed people to work without any cooperation as a team.

I feel like some tools for both reporting/tracking (ledger) and some reasonable controls/constraints will together provide better situations for all.

Those of us who managed our banks as one pool of resources to be used best for the team as a whole were disadvantaged before in management burden, now the burden has been shifted towards management via disjoint partitions

I can’t begin to tell you how much time and work has been saved in only having one ledger. How much waste was removed by pooling resource buffers across the system rather than being partitioned into many. How much time is saved by not having to juggle resources around constantly. How much time is saved in not managing outbound queues.

There is no right and wrong, it’s just different teams and different situations. I for one am glad to switch it up some, and I’m not unhappy in the reduced burden for me. I’m sure if I felt strongly about the old system, I’d be happy to overcome new burden if it gave me a competitive advantage over other teams. (Every difficulty is an opportunity)


The change was rolled out in a rather quick and impactful way with not much time to come up with a new plan.

If I was a game maker, I doubt I would have done similarly, but if anyone here is surprised about this, you must be new to the game. Just think of all of the times the massive changes didn’t impact you and do your best with it. I sympathize for the challenge it has on some teams.

I can tell you with high confidence that simplistic improvements are definitely read and considered both by pg and earlybirds members. As Gox stated, the best to do is to look for important quality of life improvements which go with this change rather than against it.

Improved ledger is definitely one that they have said they will give us. What that means is anyone’s guess, but I think we all have a great ability to impact it to be really successful.

I for one think it needs to sort by sent to rather than sender, even if it gets rid of rather than supplements the sender.

I think it needs to go back more than a week. Ideally 3+ weeks that can be summarized one week at a time. And ideally a month summary too.

I think which bank things are sent to and from ideally should still exist and be used for reporting for those who want to.

I think taxes should have more options. Ideally a max flat rate where it stops collecting if defined. Maybe letting each player chose their tax within a min and max. Maybe continue to let each castle have their own.

I think some config choices for the leader to optionally restrict what a govenor or banker can do, be it a global quota/budget or to just disable the ability to change the team bank.

I think if atlas elite necessitates 100% taxes there is an issue that exists which is not the ability to have 100% tax on demand, and we should instead look into the root cause and adjust for the real problem rather than continuing the existing work arounds.

I think the global ledger/contributions page (accessed from the side bar) needs to either go away (gold wise) or get serious improvements. (I can’t for the life of me tell you why it should show last months data for someone who hasn’t farmed for a month)

I think gold availability in general needs to be considered.


Sounds like your problem isn’t the banking system. It’s the people on your team…

I find people thinking it’s THEIR bank hilairous. So when you leave the team, does the bank come with you? Don’t think so.

Everyone talks about having their own bank. What about the teams that only have one island? This system is much more universal and requires people to work…as a team. Shocker. I love when people talk about things like they are the pinnacle of excellence and thats why their system works best. Unless you’re number 1, someone probably has a better system than you. Just saying.

I think the teams that struggle the most with this system are actually the subpar teams that can’t handle working with their teammates and they talk about them like they’re some foreign entity trying to steal from them. Once again, I would point this out as probably one of many reasons why you aren’t number one. Or even close really…

Rather than spout about how something was better without comprehending the mechanics of the system OR what makes a better team, perhaps look at what your team is doing wrong.


In every location banking is referenced. Add ui elements, docs, and tests. Continue testing both systems for eternity and adjusting all future changes to work with both. There are reasons many developers would balk at something like this, and that’s before we consider whether the code was good enough, stable enough, and would work well with the new system of taking 10% of total gold when a castle is conquered, which might not be fair to make toggleable.

Maybe they had reasons beyond the upsides of central banking, like they thought this was too great a feature to have without some cost or risk. Something like that is why I doubt we’ll see changes to individual tax rates too. Having total control over where your gold goes with almost no downside? If they wanted that, why would they cap the amount of rss we can transfer?