Bring Back the Statue

No disrespect intended to any past or current members of a Dreadnought. Once upon a time, they won a contest and got a prize that has since never been offered up again: The Event Statue


It’s time to make this a thing again.

First, add a tab to the events page called “Hall of Fame” or “Past Champions” and give Dread their due. List the names of any teams that have won the statue and the years that they held it.

Second, create a new annual OR seasonal challenge for teams (not a repeat of the great content) to compete for…this could be for the total number of wars fought and won, total number of event points earned over a season, or some other universal metric that teams in any league could theoretically compete for.

Third, at the end of the season/year, give the winning team the statue and a few chests/sigils. Nothing more. No real advantage. Just bragging rights and a symbolic reward for being a hyper active team.


I think it’s been done and it will always be theirs … :slight_smile:

I think I prefer keeping it this way rather than force them to come out of retirement to get it again :joy::sweat_smile:


That’s the point of the Hall of Fame page. They deserve to be in the record books…but it doesn’t make sense to give one team the championship trophy, and then simply let them keep it forever. That’s not what they earned.

If this motivates Dread to return and reclaim it, then the PG business team will owe me a huge thank you. If Dread doesn’t return and new champion teams emerge, then also great.

The key here is going to be the universal metric. This is a prize for active, grinder teams. There’s no advantage that is gained…bragging rights and a few chests is all. It’s a prize for being crazy and fighting an insane amount of wars. This is all around good for the game, and costs PG almost nothing (art team developing some new statue skins).



Bringing back the PvP statue as a trophy for the top team has a lot of potential. I’d thought about this myself but I don’t have a good idea for how it can be executed, what metrics will be used, etc.

I don’t see a point in holding on to the past by keeping the Dread statue around for an event held before I started playing. I know a lot of people have immense respect for Dread. Changing out the statue will not be detrimental to their legacy…they already have a permanent place in the game with the Dread profiles that every player can see. Plus there’s a forum thread dedicated to the Dread legacy.

WD, like any game, is subject to stagnation. Having a statue for an event long gone doesn’t help the perception that PG doesn’t care to (re)introduce new things to keep the player base (as a whole) engaged. When I was a WD newbie and found out the statue was for something long gone, my initial impression was “This is cool, but why was it one-and-done and why is the statue still there?”

One of my pet peeves for WD is that PG has done a lot of cool things that they’ve seemingly abandoned in favor of direct revenue impact. The biggest things being:

  • Lore is an afterthought. PG ditched the uncle and son conflict, which by the way was the reason why I kept playing for more than 10 minutes… PG turned original Ash into sexy queen Ash but without a personality. I never found out what the deal was with the undead Gustav in the Withermoon season, much less to say of the conclusion of the Withermoon saga. The only thing I could happen about what happened to Xul in the Celestial Rift was a side comment from PGGalilero saying that Xul was caught (explaining the Jalkaan spell).

  • Localization is either months behind or entirely skipped. I’ve used the Chinese language settings and there are too many instances of text strings (that aren’t dragon names) that aren’t localized. This includes very important things like spell and event explanations. If PG is wondering why their Chinese user base is so small, for all intents and purposes, PG seemingly doesn’t care about them. It was honestly sad to see a Chinese teammate say that they didn’t know how to fly a mythic they spent hard earned sigils on and I couldn’t even point to them localized spell explanations…because there WEREN’T any.

Not everything needs to be about direct revenue impact. One can look at what Riot did with Arcane, on top of their existing lore, and how it’s brought introduced a new audience to their League of Legends franchise.

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Your reply made me actually laugh out loud.

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I just want special portraits again :pleading_face:


Not one team can hold their ranks forever their will always be someone better than certain people just like certain teams. If War Dragons is changing let change come.