Bring Back the XP Event

The XP Event was an old event that preceded the now-defunct Feeding Event, before the XP Event transmuted and became what was not a very wholesome or well-received experience (the Feeding Event).

The object of the event was to gain XP on dragons for points. To accommodate this task, healing times were fully terminated for the duration of the event, and XP multipliers were increased accordingly.

The XP Event coalesced and melded into the grisly Feeding Event as a result of complaints that players raised of how unjust it was due to the edge that it put on higher-level players over beginning players, but I believe that the concept overall is healthy as it facilitates more activity and engagement in the game. It would be thrilling to see this event back in action.


Seriously :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth::face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth::face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: so invader runs with krelos now will have to max an event ? This is worse than repetitive rainbow stone threads.



No. Multipliers run out, so rushing through with Krelos would not be an operable approach. I also acknowledge that Krelos is problematic in this game, but I do not think that is a viable counterargument.

Sorry, I disagree here. Years ago, back when we had feeding, sure. Now, I really don’t see the point. I don’t think it will foster the kind of activity you’re hoping for and will just end up as another stale event people want to see removed.


That’s a respectable view, but I think it would have nearly as much potential now as before. Respectfully, I doubt that a time barrier would change its viability as an event, but to each their own.

The nature of the event is/was that you attack for points. Attacking equals engagement, and engagement equals activity. Thus, you have a more active and dynamic playing environment.

Perhaps you’re right, but just about anything that we see or almost see now in this game fits this bill. Players burned down the XP event before, which was the reason for its disappearance; all the more reason to advocate for its return, and even less of a reason to object it.

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I’d much rather them focus on new, more exciting events than rehash old ones, except for maybe KOTH, that one was retired too soon.


That’s also a reasonable position to hold, and I agree with it. However, the XP Event is one of only a few old events that there would be no harm or monotony in rehashing. It could synergize just as well, if not better, with the Breeding Event as it could have with the Feeding Event.

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I’m going to assume this was before Atlas and Invader bases. Today this would be an awful event. Just multiple runs on invaders.


I believe so. I can’t remember, but I was here to participate in it.

Although I am aware of the mechanisms used in Atlas, I do not think that this is a viable counterargument to refute the suggestion due to the abundant methods in place, both in the core game and in Atlas, that players can use to accumulate XP. Furthermore, this could easily be solved by disallowing XP in Atlas to be converted into event points, so that things would be as they were before. XP has also become much more accessible over time due to changes that were made to the system, so there wouldn’t be much difference in XP gain between now and then.

People sitting on 200% xp boosts , who needs multipliers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Really cause that is the easiest way to get xp in 52 seconds

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Then why should they add an event where there’s no competition

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I think that if this proposal were to be followed through with, 100% and 200% XP boosts should be factored out, and not contribute to event points. So we can agree there.

When I said that it would not be an “operable approach”, I was referring to the way that multipliers can run out, so exploiting Krelos just for his speed in completing an attack would not be a viable way to get around this system, because Krelos would run out of multipliers with each attack completed, as any dragon would.

Every player would play at their own level, as is the case in pretty much every other aspect of the game. Competition would not play a part in this event; at least not on a large scale. It’s about progression.

XP event was a major event. It was actually “log XP” where XP was scaled by level.

The problem was this event and The Blackbloods were two major events that didn’t use energy packs.

I suspect this is why both events were scratched (along with feed)

I actually liked having major events that didn’t need energy packs, blackbloods was my all time favourite event.

The good thing with log XP is that it encouraged you to fly with your team for the bonuses so it was quite social.

These days there is no need to fly with anyone in your team ever outside of Team Dungeons and even then you can solo them anyway.

For a multi player game its a terribly solo game. Log XP did a good job of getting everyone to fly together.


Using or not krelos does not have any effect on scoring rather than speed . Any dragon that can auto-battle will just do points .

The more I dig into your proposal the more I don’t think is doable or worth it .

Anyone above vanguard tier will have an easy maxed event . And even low tiers could get back up to max an event without effort or rss spent . I doubt the other events will have these statistics . Is basically freeeeeeee stuff.

I remind you the xp event was hard at an era where getting xp was mission impossible . Thanks god we’re past that era.

And guess what They kinda added better event to reward flying , such as Assault and Dungeons at some extent .

It is called Atlas and glory event is kinda similar to an xp event using troops a very important rss to win stuff .

Yes, the exact same way it is with Fort and Breeding Events. There’s essentially no change there. The higher-ups will always have an edge over the beginners. That’s the harsh reality of how progression works. There is always a bigger fish.

I openly doubt this.

Sure, but Assault and Dungeons are designed to be mini-events, hence their minimal (yet extremely beneficial) prize choices.

Atlas has little to do with main-game.

In essence, probably; in reality, probably not. One operates on a substance that is gained through another that a player has to constantly look over and maintain (and can be exhausted if said player runs out of what is necessary to gain it), while the other operates on a substance that is always readily accessible and can be accumulated without much effort.

Troops can be exhausted; XP lives on forever. Much more goes into the process of launching an Atlas attack than launching a main-game attack; you have gold to account for, and are limited by the hospital space. Virtually everything in Atlas that allows attacking is exhaustible. Conversely, XP is always accessible as long as food is accessible; therefore, XP is always accessible, and much more so than glory in Atlas.

For low level / inactive players this suggestion may indeed facilitate more activity and engagement.
For everyone else this would be just a mindless grind, made easier by flying on auto. Maybe I’m being shortsighted, but cannot see where the thrills would be coming from.

We already have enough mindless grinding; beasts, pve bases, egg missions, chest hunting, etc. How would this be any different?

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getting those resources to do any of these events is a result of so many gameplay strategies each individual players . Your event uses only runs and no effort

Then I can openly say you don’t have a clue what game mechanics come in play here .

Assault rewards more gold chests than any other event and a good amount of useful resources .

It was a comparison . If we gonna play a word game just cause you’re convinced pg should bring an event to win free stuff then we’re done discussing here .

Low levels such as <100 can benefit from an event like this for their own progression . I have seen other game base their events on player levels , but the higher the player got the harder the events .

And yes Jalen’s idea is just a win free stuff with no effort . Glad we agree

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Ok I see atlas is not a topic that you’re well acknowledged with