Bring krelos back 😂

I know this wont make any difference but krelos was a big and good legendary dragon, it would be nice to see it again on higher tiers
Good for resurrection and atlas


Better yet, it would be nice to see Krelos removed from atlas.

Krelos absolutely ruined atlas for a large faction of players. Atlas is often unplayable for me JUST because I don’t have Krelos.


I think they should transfer Krelos over to become an Eldrich lineage dragon so that everyone has the option of getting him upon reaching that stage of the game.

Krelos was and is a great QoL dragon


Krelos was a fail that should have never happend.


Kerlos is a sad attempt to make a faltering class viable in a meta where speed is king and the hunter reigns supreme…
Perfect example of meta imbalance and krelos is the result of using class imbalance and speed is king to drive revenue!
The end result of class imbalance is only the hunter class is viable and we end up with dragons like kerlos that further imbalance the meta and further support speed is king and monetization of competitive play!
Sorry pay to play is bad but pay to compete is not any better!
Both kill player retention especially in tactical games that are long term…… :man_shrugging:

Kerlos needs to fade into the meta along with the whole concept of speed is king!


Because you missed claiming it… :eyes::joy:

Joking aside, Krefeeble was/is a joke.


Along with every new player in the game who started after its release :man_facepalming::boom:
Pure imbalance :man_shrugging:
Kerlos the fun sponge :sponge: lol

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Krefeeble isn’t as bad as ppl keep going on about. It’s not like it can be used over and over again, plus it requires someone online that can access enfeeble.

Krelos should be released for everyone and added to the tier. Not just about atlas but as a QoL dragon. Speeding up shard and gold farming and even egg mission farming (kill 18 orrerrys :face_vomiting:).


As much as I loved the dragon for efficiency’s sake. I think unless it’s limited to non-pvp flights it can’t come back.

The fact that people want it so much for gold runs maybe suggests gold runs should be made less tedious. Or faster. Or both.


I’m waiting for the day my base can’t be beaten with krelos without enfeeble.


No, it really shouldn’t be. People worried about the small amount of time Krelos saves on invaders have the option to raid (yes, I understand it involves Diamonds) or just put on autobattle and let your dragon do the work.


Do you think it’s fair then that some have a t while others do not? I’m not talking about making it higher level. But added to the tier it currently is for others to get.


That’s not really a viable or worthwhile trade if you aren’t an elite player. Elite, sure that works. But that does nothing for f2p players.

AFK time still means you can’t do anything with the phone or the game

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Actually yes, just like other seasonals. Just because PG made the resurrection a thing, doesn’t mean everything needs to be brought back.

Which would still be the same if you’re using Krelos. It just speeds it up a bit.


This :point_up_2:
Because while helping offset the senseless burden of play kerlos also degrades competitive play! :man_shrugging:


I’m misunderstanding this. How sare two things of different speeds the same

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Whether you’re using a dragon on autobattle while keeping an eye on it so you can go again when the battle is over or using Krelos, you still wouldn’t be able to do anything else on your phone or the game. The only thing Krelos does is speed it up a bit. That’s my point in regards to your comment they both tie up your game-Krelos simply speeds up the battle a bit and saves some time but those without Krelos can just put their phone on auto battle while they go about their day.

If you’re unhappy with the current ways to farm gold, and raiding isn’t efficient for you, propose something that wouldn’t tie up your game. But Krelos isn’t a necessity.


Actually, bring it back. Gift it to every player in the beginning of every season (you only get the stones you don’t have yet.) But first, disable it in all pvp battles or limit it to the invader base only.

And no, I don’t have a krelos.


I have before a fair few times for the last year. Give people the ability to burn multiple gold multis in a single run for a penalty. Take 5-10% of the gold and let me burn all 20 multis in one run. If people want to maximise earnings they can run all of them. If they want it done to move on, then let them get it done.

He isn’t. But he sure as hell speeds it up. And in pvp atlas fights at the same tier those with krelos win. There is no competing with it. That’s a problem.

I am all for speed dragons for resource farming. Or for resource farming to not be obnoxious (preferably this. And for the solution to apply in a way that doesn’t lock out non-spenders for ONCE). Speed dragons in a game where who ends first is what matters, not who hits best, are a problem


But he isn’t like other seasonals. I’m against the whole resurrection lines.

But krelos is a massive QoL improvement. He isn’t overpowered and would struggle killing anything even on tier (just like other resurrection dragons). But he speeds up gold farming, speeds up PVE bases in PvP events, speeds up egg farming missions, speeds up shard farming, speeds up chest farming.
And yea it also puts teams on even footing when it comes to krefeeble (every 10 mins which isn’t exactly a big deal).

He isn’t a game breaker. But he is a massive QoL change to players without him.

If it wasn’t for him I’m not sure id still be playing as the game is so time intensive now that every second saved counts.

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